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26 Dec2016

War 2016 das beste Jahr überhaupt?

Published by Project Syndicate

Der allgemeinen Auffassung nach war 2016 ein furchtbares Jahr. Viele Länder sind von entsetzlichen Terroranschlägen erschüttert worden. Die Syrien-Krise hat Zehntausende von Menschenleben gefordert. Die Türkei hat Selbstmordattentate und einen gescheiterten Putsch überstanden. In über 70 Ländern ist die Freiheit eingeschränkt worden. Zu den politischen Schocks zählten der Brexit und Donald Trumps Sieg bei den Präsidentschaftswahlen in den Vereinigten Staaten – beide wurden weder von den Medien, noch von der politischen Elite vorhergesehen. Das Zika-Virus wurde zur gesundheitlichen...

26 Dec2016

Byl rok 2016 vůbec nejlepším?

Published by Project Syndicate

Podle všeobecného názoru byl rok 2016 příšerný. Řadu zemí zasáhly strašlivé teroristické útoky. Krize v Sýrii si vyžádala desetitisíce životů. Turecko zažilo sebevražedné útoky a nezdařený pokus o převrat. Ve více než sedmdesáti zemích došlo k omezení svobody. Mezi politické šoky se zařadily brexit i vítězství Donalda Trumpa v prezidentských volbách ve Spojených státech – média ani politická elita tyto události nepředvídala. Zika byla označena za ohrožení veřejného zdraví mezinárodního významu. A rok 2016 byl pravděpodobně nejteplejším rokem v dějinách měření. Při četbě názorových...

26 Dec2016

Was 2016 the Best Year Ever?

Published by Project Syndicate

According to popular wisdom, 2016 was a terrible year. Horrific terror attacks struck many countries. The Syrian crisis claimed tens of thousands of lives. Turkey withstood suicide bombings and a failed coup. More than 70 countries experienced a decline in freedom. Political shocks included Brexit and Donald Trump’s victory in the United States’ presidential election – both unforeseen by the media or political elite. Zika was declared an international public-health emergency. The year is likely to be the warmest ever measured. Reading the opinion pages, there is a sense that...

23 Dec2016

China’s thriving pandas are proof that economic growth is good for the environment

Published by South China Morning Post

Giant pandas are among the world’s favourite creatures, becoming viral video sensations simply for sneezing or rolling around cutely. In a year with seemingly little cheer at times, there was good news for all who love the bears. That came when the International Union for Conservation of Nature ­removed them from the endangered species list – reducing their threat status to “vulnerable”. Perils facing iconic animals like these have often been used by environmental campaigners to deliver an alarming message: the planet is going to hell in a handbasket. We shouldn...

23 Dec2016

Los pandas están de regreso gracias al crecimiento económico

Published by Forbes Mexico

Los pandas gigantes son uno de los animales favoritos de todo el mundo, es frecuente que se conviertan en protagonistas de vídeos virales que causan sensación simplemente por el hecho de estornudar o rodar de forma totalmente adorable. En un año que parece haber tenido pocas alegrías hubo una buena noticia para todos los amantes de estos osos, cuando la Unión Internacional para la Conservación de la Naturaleza les quitó de la lista de especies en peligro de extinción, rebajando su estado de amenaza al grado de “vulnerable”. Todavía no debemos considerar que están completamente a...

15 Dec2016

Green energy a real solution to climate change

Published by China Daily

Thanks to the election of Donald Trump as the next United States president, diplomats and governments around the world are wondering what to expect from the next four years. When it comes to climate change, many environmental campaigners are alarmed, which is understandable because Trump has sent mixed signals and the world does not know anything about the incoming US administration's plans in other areas. But there could be cause for hope, and even a potential opportunity for China. Climate change is real and mostly man-made. On the presidential campaign, Trump said he would dump the...

12 Dec2016

Don’t blame climate change for extreme weather

Published by Boston Globe

Climate change means more extreme weather: This is a simple, powerful claim that has been pounded into our consciousness for a decade. From Greenpeace to President Obama to Scientific American, scarcely a weather event happens without someone pointing the finger at global warming and calling for action. But there are big problems with this simple statement, which are exposed starkly in recent peer-reviewed analysis in the journal Weather, Climate and Society by University of Manchester scientists Vladimir Jankovic and David M. Schultz.

10 Dec2016

India, Trump and climate change: There may be unexpected opportunities that lie ahead

Published by Times of India

The unexpected election of President Donald Trump has prompted diplomats and governments around the world to question what to expect from the next four years. When it comes to climate change, many environmental campaigners are alarmed. This is understandable: Trump has sent mixed signals, and we have much to learn about the new administration’s plans. But there is cause for hope, and even a potential opportunity for India...

5 Dec2016

Økologisk mat er ikke bærekraftig

Published by Aftenposten

Vi er mer opptatt av maten vi spiser enn noen gang. Og overalt oppfordres vi til å velge økologisk: Vi får høre at det er mer næringsrikt, det gir bedre dyrevelferd og er miljøriktig. I virkeligheten er det meste en markedsføringshype. I 2012 utførte senter for helsepolitikk ved universitetet i Stanford den største sammenligningen som er gjort mellom økologiske og tradisjonelle matvarer og fant ingen signifikante bevis på at økologisk mat er mer næringsrik. Ved en nylig vurdering ble funnet bekreftet: «Vitenskapelige studier viser ikke at økologiske produkter er mer næringsrike eller...

4 Dec2016

Un potencial freno al cambio climático

Published by El Comercio

La elección de Donald Trump y de las mayorías republicanas en ambas cámaras del Congreso de Estados Unidos tiene aterrorizados a los defensores del medio ambiente y a los activistas del cambio climático, quienes han declarado que los próximos cuatro años serán un “desastre”. El miedo es comprensible, todavía tenemos mucho que conocer acerca de los planes de la nueva administración. Pero tal vez, sorprendentemente, lo poco que sabemos ofrece motivos para la esperanza...