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22 Aug2012

Business Spectator interview

Published by Business Spectator

Business Spectator - Australian business news Why the carbon tax doesn't work Robert Gottliebsen Published 21 Aug 2012 length of video: 10min:17 There is a small problem with all the efforts the world has undertaken to reduce carbon emissions – they are not working to reduce emissions to any where near the amount the carbon community believes is necessary to avoid global warming. A group of Nobel Laureates and other top experts who combined to form the Copenhagen Consensus believe that the world’s emphasis on emissions reductions via carbon pricing and similar mechanisms, is...

14 Aug2012

Like Water for Climate

Published by Project Syndicate

2012-08-14. Like Water for Climate, by Bjorn Lomborg “Everyone knows” that you should drink eight glasses of water a day. After all, this is the advice of a multitude of health writers, not to mention authorities like Britain’s National Health Service. Healthy living now means carrying water bottles with us, sipping at all times, trying to drink our daily quota to ensure that we stay hydrated and healthy. (...)...

31 Jul2012

Green Domestic Product?

Published by Project Syndicate

Green Domestic Product? July 13, 2012 Project Syndicate By Bjorn Lomborg SANTIAGO – One of the recurrent themes at the United Nations’ spectacularly unsuccessful Rio+20 summit in June was the need to change how we measure wealth. Many argue that we must abandon our “obsession” with Gross Domestic Product and develop a new “green” accounting standard to replace it. In fact, doing so could be a serious mistake. GDP is really just an account of the market value of all goods and services. This sounds like a good indicator of wealth, but, as is frequently...

16 Jul2012

Ein grünes BIP schadet dem Fortschritt

Published by Die Welt

2012-07-16 Die Idee, "grüne" Indikatoren ins BIP mit einzubeziehen, ist gefährlich. Auch wenn die grüne Buchführung sicher eine Rolle spielen kann, dürfen wir nicht zulassen, dass sie die Entwicklung blockiert...

28 Jun2012

Lomborg: Feel-Good Environmentalism at the U.N. - The Wall Street Journal

Published by Wall Street Journal

Why do the global glitterati ignore water and air pollution? 20 June, 2012. By Bjorn Lomborg The United Nations environment summit in Rio this week is a great example of how good intentions can thwart real progress on global problems. What's the world's biggest environmental challenge? Ask the global elites at U.N. conferences, and they're likely to answer: "global warming." Global warming is indeed a concern, and we need smart solutions. But let's put things in perspective...

27 Jun2012

RIO+20: Earth Summit Negotiated the Size of the Zero

Published by Inter Press Service

Inter Press Service, 2012-06-07. RIO+20: Earth Summit Negotiated the Size of the Zero By Thalif Deen UNITED NATIONS, Jun 7 2012 (IPS) - Amidst much political fanfare, the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro concluded with the adoption of the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development and the landmark Agenda 21 blueprint for a sustainable future in the 21st century. Still, there was widespread disappointment over the final outcome of that conference – primarily because there were no firm funding commitments by the world’s rich nations. (...)...

22 Jun2012

Right sentiment, wrong problems, poor solutions

Published by The Telegraph

The Telegraph, 19 Jun 2012 By Bjorn Lomborg Rio+20: Right sentiment, wrong problems, poor solutions World leaders gathered in Rio for the Rio+20 Earth Summit are looking at the wrong problems, writes Bjorn Lomborg. It is great that world leaders are gathering in Rio de Janeiro for the United Nations’ ‘Rio+20’ Earth Summit. They definitely have the right sentiment, wanting to help the planet. Unfortunately, they will achieve little because they are focusing on poor solutions for the wrong problems. Ultimately, the summit is a missed opportunity to tackle the most important...

21 Jun2012

Environmental Alarmism, Then and Now

Published by Foreign Affairs

FOREIGN AFFAIRS 2012 July/August By Bjorn Lomborg. Forty years ago, humanity was warned: by chasing ever-greater economic growth, it was sentencing itself to catastrophe. Based on forecasts from an intricate series of computer models developed by professors at MIT, a slim 1972 volume called The Limits to Growth caused a sensation and captured the zeitgeist of the era: the belief that mankind's escalating wants were on a collision course with the world's finite resources and that the crash would be coming soon. The best-selling report told humanity that the only way to avoid a crash...

21 Jun2012

A Sound Bite on Limits to Growth

Published by BBC

BBC Radio 4's The Today 2012-06-19 Bjorn Lomborg BBC asked Dennis Meadows, co-author of Limits to Growth, to debate its predictions, but he said no sound bite would convince people who would listen to people like Lomborg. Yet, this debate is not about sound bites, Lomborg explains on the BBC Today program. It really is about a 40 year track record of spectacularly bad predictions. Limits to Growth set the agenda for worrying about the wrong problems with poor solutions...

16 Jun2012

Fareed Zakaria GPS : Lomborg on environmentalism

Published by CNN

2012-06-17 CNN Fareed Zakaria GPS: Lomborg on environmentalism. Lomborg on the UN's conference on sustainable development...