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14 Nov2012

The Moral of Sandy

Published by Project Syndicate

Hurricane Sandy isn't about reducing CO2 emissions. It's about better disaster-preparedness. Op-ed by Bjørn Lomborg in Project Syndicate. When “superstorm” Sandy hit the east coast of the United States on October 29, it not only flooded the New York City Subway and became the most important factor for 15% of US voters in the presidential election a week later. It also resurrected the unwarranted claim that global warming was to blame for such events, together with the morally irresponsible argument that we should help future hurricane victims by cutting CO2 emissions...

8 Nov2012

In Africa, we must do the most good with each pound spent on Aids-HIV

Published by The Guardian

Article in The Guardian by Bjørn Lomborg. With donor money to fight HIV and Aids falling, spending in sub-Saharan Africa must be targeted to get the best results. There are few global issues more urgent or devastating than the toll of HIV and Aids in Africa. Sub-Saharan Africa has 10% of the world's population but is home to 70% of those living with HIV and Aids. The problem is neither beaten nor going away: new infections continue to outpace the number of people put on treatment. Across Africa, the disease is estimated to have reduced average national growth rates by 2-4 percentage...

6 Nov2012

Climate Course Correction

Published by Foreign Policy

The world has spent two decades developing policies to combat global warming -- and we have little to show for it. By Bjørn Lomborg in Foreign Policy Whether Barack Obama or Mitt Romney finds himself working from the Oval Office over the next four years, he will face the problem of tackling global warming without breaking the bank. He will have to realize that ignoring the problem will not make it go away -- but will also have to accept that the policies of the past 20 years have not worked.

27 Oct2012

Fox News Reporting: Behind Obama’s Green Agenda

Published by Fox News

Fox interview with Bjørn Lomborg. Watch it online (only available from the USA)

18 Oct2012

Ignoring 'Fantastic Opportunity' of Gas Is Foolish

Published by Bloomberg

Lomborg answers questions about fracking, nuclear power, GMOs and organic food f rom Bloomberg News reporter Alex Morales: Bloomberg: You've been looking at the benefits of fracking. Tell me what you've found. Lomborg: Fracking in a U.S. context has dramatically lowered U.S. carbon emissions, about 400 to 500 million tons, compared to the entire impact of the EU and Kyoto Protocol of about 250 million tons. So the U.S. has inadvertently lowered its carbon emissions by about twice as much just by making cheap gas available. We've actually managed to find a technology that's...

11 Oct2012

Scary Pictures

Published by Project Syndicate

Oct 10, 2012 in Project Syndicate By Bjørn Lomborg Campaigners on important but complex issues, annoyed by the length of time required for public deliberations, often react by exaggerating their claims, hoping to force a single solution to the forefront of public debate. But, however well intentioned, scaring the public into a predetermined solution often backfires: when people eventually realize that they have been misled, they lose confidence and interest.

11 Oct2012

TV Interview with Lomborg on SunNews Network, Canada

Published by SunNews Network

Check out the interview with Bjørn Lomborg on Ezra Levant's show, from October 9, 2012...

28 Sep2012

Not So Hot

Published by Foreign Policy

The new climate-change study getting all the headlines is deliberately misleading. Too bad so many in the media got fooled. By Bjørn Lomborg, in Foreign Policy September 26 was a triumph for public relations. An organization called DARA launched a report called "Climate Vulnerability Monitor 2nd Edition. A Guide to the Cold Calculus of a Hot Planet." The study, sponsored by 20 countries, projected some astoundingly large impacts from climate change, both on the number of deaths and the economic impacts. The report has produced a media heyday for climate alarmism, but is a house of...

25 Sep2012

Dobra Nowina

Published by Racjonalista

Autor tekstu: Bjørn Lomborg Tłumaczenie: Małgorzata Koraszewska Tego lata warunki pogodowe na całym świecie dostarczyły obfitej pożywki debacie o globalnym ociepleniu. Susza i fale upałów są zwiastunami naszej przyszłości, obcięcie emisji dwutlenku węgla jest bardziej potrzebne teraz niż kiedykolwiek, niemniej nie wdrożono sensownej polityki w tej sprawie.

24 Sep2012

Slunce a vítr selhaly, klima zachrání plyn

Published by

2012-09-24 Meteorologické podmínky panující během letošního léta poskytly po celém světě dostatek munice pro debatu o globálním oteplování. Sucha a vlny veder jsou předzvěstí naší budoucnosti, uhlíkové škrty jsou zapotřebí více než kdykoliv dříve, avšak smysluplná politika stále nebyla uzákoněna. (...) Read more