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9 Jan2013

Experts cool on global warming: Weather office cuts temperature predictions by 20% in ‘return to humility’

Published by National Post

2013-01-08 Read Bjørn Lomborg's commentary in an article by Joseph Brean in National Post. "Global warming has stalled and will not raise world temperatures over the next five years, according to a new prediction from the British national weather service. The updated computer model of the planet’s climate lowers by about 20% an earlier prediction of how much hotter the coming few years will be than the long-term average since 1971."...

7 Jan2013

"Rethink HIV" selected among the Best Books of 2012 on Africa, ranked by Foreign Affairs Magazine

Published by Foreign Affairs

Nicolas van de Walle, professor in the Department of Government at Cornell University selects the most important books on Africa published during the last year.

18 Dec2012

The Tale of Two Treaties

Published by Project Syndicate

Op-ed by Bjørn Lomborg in Project Syndicate. The Doha meeting continued 20 years of failed climate negotiations, since the original Earth Summit in Rio in 1992. There, countries pledged to cut greenhouse-gas emissions to 1990 levels by the year 2000; the OECD countries fell short by almost 9%. The Kyoto Protocol from 1998 has almost entirely failed. And the effort intended to save the world in Copenhagen in 2009 collapsed spectacularly.

17 Dec2012

How to tackle global warming - and how not to

Published by CEVRO Institute

Bjørn Lomborg's talk at the CEVRO Institute in Prague, 11 Dec, 2012. Length: 1h 33min...

14 Dec2012

Lomborg Interview on fracking; Newshour on BBC World Service

Published by BBC

2012-12-13 Spirited disagreement with Friends of the Earth UK. As available as MP3 download

6 Dec2012

Lomborg interview - Global warming: hype or fact

Published by Voice of Russia

Interview for The Voice of Russia by Yekaterina Kudashkina, 6 Dec, 2012. Global warming is real, it is man-made and it is an important problem. But the way it is often being portrayed as the cause of the vast majority of extreme weather incidents is simply unfounded.If we look at a lot of the catastrophes that we’ve seen over the last years and that have been very well published, they are by far mostly driven by social factors...

1 Dec2012

Solutions to consider on Worlds AIDS Day - Lomborg's article in Quartz

Published by Quartz

Economics of a virus Solutions to consider on Worlds AIDS Day: Send more girls to school and circumcise boys By Bjørn Lomborg — November 30, 2012 On World AIDS Day, we hear considerable rhetoric about the importance of stepping up the fight against HIV. But the reality is that donor fatigue and tougher economic conditions have caused external HIV/AIDS funding for Africa to stagnate. This puts at risk recent dramatic progress, including a dramatic expansion of treatment (although universal treatment remains out of reach), and promising reductions in mother-to-child transmission. It also...

26 Nov2012

Lomborg named Top 100 Global Thinker 2012 by Foreign Policy

Published by Foreign Policy

The FP Top 100 Global Thinkers Foreign Policy presents a unique portrait of 2012's global marketplace of ideas and the thinkers who make them. 58 BJORN LOMBORG For taking the black and white out of climate politics. Director, Copenhagen Consensus Center | Czech Republic The climate-change debate's most consistent iconoclast continued to go after environmental sacred cows this year, dismissing the Rio+20 summit as a "wasted opportunity," warning against "policy by panic" efforts to connect this summer's droughts to global warming, and celebrating hydraulic...

18 Nov2012

La moraleja de Sandy

Published by El Tiempo

2012-11-18 Cuando la 'supertormenta' Sandy golpeó la costa oriental de los Estados Unidos el 29 de octubre, no solo inundó el metro de Nueva York y se convirtió en el factor más importante para el 15% de los votantes estadounidenses (the most important factor for 15% of US voters) en las elecciones presidenciales de la semana siguiente, sino que también resucitó la aseveración injustificada que señala que el calentamiento global es el culpable de este tipo de eventos, junto con el argumento moralmente irresponsable acerca de que debemos ayudar a las futuras víctimas de huracanes...

14 Nov2012

The Moral of Sandy

Published by Project Syndicate

Hurricane Sandy isn't about reducing CO2 emissions. It's about better disaster-preparedness. Op-ed by Bjørn Lomborg in Project Syndicate. When “superstorm” Sandy hit the east coast of the United States on October 29, it not only flooded the New York City Subway and became the most important factor for 15% of US voters in the presidential election a week later. It also resurrected the unwarranted claim that global warming was to blame for such events, together with the morally irresponsible argument that we should help future hurricane victims by cutting CO2 emissions...