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24 Apr2013

The End of the EU's Cap-and-Trade Affair

Published by Wall Street Journal

2013-04-21 For some time, a divorce has been on the horizon. For years these sweethearts have soaked up the limelight on the international stage, but the sordid reality has sunk in. On Tuesday, a vote in the European Parliament confirmed that the love affair between the European Union and its climate policy may be well and truly over. This could turn out to be very good news for the world's climate...

24 Apr2013

Earth Day's good news

Published by USA Today

2013-04-22 USA Today Year after year, we are treated to a message of environmental doom and gloom and admonitions on Earth Day. On the back of this sentiment in wealthy countries, governments have invested billions of dollars in inefficient, feel-good policies such as subsidizing solar panels and electric cars. But there are far better ways to improve environmental prospects for humanity and our planet. On Earth Day, we need more fracking, more wealth, smarter investments and fewer inefficient subsidies. Read the full commentary here

23 Apr2013

Helping The Environment Realistically

Published by KDKA 1020

2013-04-23 Robert Mangino and Matt Pitzarella host the Range Resources Marcellus Shale hour, they are joined by President of the Copenhagen Consensus Center and author Bjorn Lomborg. Talk kicked off with expanded use of natural gas, some trucking companies are buying big rigs that run on natural gas. These natural gas powered trucks run further after fill up than diesel trucks, but cost more to produce. Lomborg discussed what we can realistically do to better our environment, asking, “Where can we actually do some good?” America has the benefit of caring about our environment, as...

17 Apr2013

'Un día el automóvil eléctrico será un gran producto, pero no ahora'

Published by El Tiempo

2013-04-17 Durante décadas, la idea de un automóvil eléctrico ha conquistado la imaginación de innovadores -incluidos desde hace más de un siglo Henry Ford y Thomas Edison. Celebridades, expertos y líderes políticos han proyectado estos vehículos como la apoteosis de un futuro responsable con el medioambiente. La canciller alemana, Ángela Merkel, anunció que habría un millón de automóviles eléctricos en la Autobahn para 2020. Del mismo modo, el presidente Barack Obama aseguró que habría un millón de autos eléctricos en los Estados Unidos -pero cinco años antes. En efecto, algún día el...

11 Apr2013

The Electric Car’s Short Circuit

Published by Project Syndicate

2013-04-11 Someday, the electric car will, indeed, be a great product – just not now. It costs too much; it is inconvenient; and its environmental benefits are negligible (and, in some cases, non-existent)...

2 Apr2013

Are electric cars improving?

Published by BBC

BBC Radio 4, Today programme Few things polarise opinion more than the electric car. It is either a great way to save the planet or a really bad way to get from A to B? The Today programme's Evan Davis wanted to find out more, and took a ride in one with an enthusiast and a sceptic. Bjorn Lomborg, the so-called Sceptical Environmentalist, having written a book of that name, has made a career attacking what he thinks are the irrationalities of the green movement. He is not a fan of electric cars. Ian Hobday, who runs Liberty Electric Cars, took Evan and Mr Lomborg for a ride...

31 Mar2013

The joy of global warming

Published by The Sunday Times

2013-03-31 Bjorn Lomborg's article in The Sunday Times As I fly into a snow-bound Britain, I realise that you might be asking where global warming has gone as you shiver in the coldest March for 50 years and wonder what you will do if gas has to be rationed. I have been involved in the climate debate for more than a decade, but I am still amazed at how wrong we get it. Let us try to restart our thinking on global warming. Yes, global warming is real and mostly man-made, but our policies have failed predictably and spectacularly. (...)...

27 Mar2013

Oślepieni światłem

Published by Racjonalista

2013-03-22 Wieczorem 23 marca 1,3 miliarda ludzi będzie bez światła o 20:30, o 21:30 i o 22:30, jak też przez resztę nocy — jak w każdy inny wieczór o każdej porze roku. Bez dostępu do elektryczności ciemność po zachodzie słońca jest dla tych ludzi codzienną rzeczywistością...

26 Mar2013

First, Make Green Energy Cheap

Published by Wall Street Journal

2013-03-26 We've been tackling global warming badly for 20 years. And for a very simple reason: because we essentially try to tell people, "Could you please stop with all that fossil-fuel stuff?" The problem, of course, is fossil fuels are what power pretty much everything we like about civilization. We're not burning fossil fuels to annoy Al Gore. We're burning them because it makes us rich. Trying to tell people not to do that is a hard sell. (...)...

23 Mar2013

Cegos pela luz

Published by Negocios

2013-03-23 A Hora do Planeta diz-nos que lidar com o aquecimento global é fácil. No entanto, ao apagarmos as luzes, a única coisa que estamos a fazer é ficar com mais dificuldades em ver.