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11 Mar2013

Green Cars Have a Dirty Little Secret

Published by Wall Street Journal

2013-03-11 Electric cars have garnered a reputation as “zero emissions” vehicles --- but Bjorn Lomborg presents facts and figures that demonstrate the exact opposite. He shows that electric cars are hugely carbon intensive to manufacture. They have an extremely short driving distance, which means they are unreliable – so most consumers have not been interested in purchasing them (even with a generous tax credits of up to $7500). Added to all of this, the cars barely differ from conventional cars as measured by their carbon emissions...

7 Mar2013

Bjorn Lomborg's testimony to Congress

Published by US Congress

2013-03-07 Bjorn Lomborg was asked to testify before the House Subcommittee on Environment of the Committee on Science, Space and Technology on March 6, 2013. Unfortunately, the hearing had to be postponed because of snow, but you can read his presentation about "Policy Relevant Climate Issues in Context."...

20 Feb2013

Cool down and shore up our cities

Published by Zocalo Public Square

2013-02-19 Zócalo Public Square asked scientists an important question: "Assuming climate change is irreversible, what’s the best thing we can do now to prepare ourselves for a warmer world?" Read Bjorn Lomborg's answer online or in the pdf below...

19 Feb2013

A Golden Rice Opportunity

Published by Project Syndicate

2013-02-15 SÃO PAULO – Finally, after 12 years of delay caused by opponents of genetically modified (GM) foods, so-called “golden rice” with vitamin A will be grown in the Philippines. Over those 12 years, about eight million children worldwide died from vitamin A deficiency. Are anti-GM advocates not partly responsible?...

24 Jan2013

Climate-Change Misdirection

Published by Wall Street Journal

2013-01-24 Read Bjorn Lomborg's reaction to the description of global warming in President Obama's inaugural address. Lomborg argues that global warming is indeed a problem that needs fixing. However, exaggerating the threat concentrates resources in the wrong areas and often distracts us from simple, cheaper and smarter solutions...

23 Jan2013

Sir David Attenborough wrong on "human plague"

Published by The Telegraph

2013-01-22 Bjorn Lomborg challenges Sir David Attenborough's notion of humans being a “plague on the Earth” and insists that the planet can sustain a much bigger population thanks to innovation. "He argues that new technologies mean that humans need less land to produce food. Therefore the population can grow without harming wildlife and as people become richer it may even be possible to return degraded land to wildlife." On his Facebook page, Bjorn analyses that “we are not running out of ‘places to grow food for this enormous horde.’ Actually, FAO...

18 Jan2013

Enthusiastic solar energy story on American ABC

Published by ABC News

2013-01-18 Bjørn Lomborg cautions the enthusiasm, pointing out that yes, solar could cover much of our energy future, but it needs to be much cheaper and we need to have fixed storage first.

17 Jan2013

John Stossel Show with Lomborg

Published by Fox Business Channel

Bjørn Lomborg was on the John Stossel show Jan 10, 2013. For the transcript of the conversation, see PDF.

15 Jan2013

Корреспондент: Паровые котлы Америки. США превращаются в лидера по производству сланцевой нефти и газа

Published by

2013-01-15 Новые технологии производства сланцевой нефти и газа превращают Америку в сверхмогущественного мирового лидера по их добыче, остужая углеводородные амбиции России и перекраивая прочий мир, - пишет Александр Голубов в № 1 журнала Корреспондент от 11 января 2013 года Когда речь идет о государствах-нефтедобытчиках, в первую очередь всплывает образ нефтяных монархий Ближнего Востока. Тем временем мировой энергетический рынок вступает в новую эру, в которой тон будут задавать не арабские шейхи, а предприимчивые американские бизнесмены, утверждают эксперты. (...) Read the article with...

14 Jan2013

The End of Pasta?

Published by Project Syndicate

Op-ed by Bjørn Lomborg in Project Syndicate, 13 Jan, 2013. PRAGUE – Scare stories have been an integral part of the global warming narrative for a long time. Back in 1997, Al Gore told us that global warming was making the El Niño winds stronger and more severe. That has not happened. Greenpeace and many others have told us for years that we will see more violent hurricanes. In fact, over the last six years, global hurricane energy has dropped to its lowest level since the 1970’s, while the United States has had the longest absence of severe hurricanes ever (Sandy was a “...