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26 Jun2013

Obama should confront climate change fantasies

Published by USA Today

2013-06-25 President Obama's new climate policies outlined Tuesday include both brilliant and useless ideas. The confusion stems from Obama's unwillingness to confront three climate fantasies.....

18 Jun2013

The Limits to Panic

Published by Project Syndicate

2013-06-18 COPENHAGEN – We often hear how the world as we know it will end, usually through ecological collapse. Indeed, more than 40 years after the Club of Rome released the mother of all apocalyptic forecasts, The Limits to Growth, its basic ideas are still with us. But time has not been kind. Limits to Growth warned humanity in 1972 that devastating collapse was just around the corner. But, while we have seen financial panics since then, there have been no real shortages or productive breakdowns. Instead, the resources generated by human ingenuity remain far ahead of human...

17 Jun2013

Le libre-échange au secours de la croissance

Published by Media Part

2013-06-15 À la veille de la réunion au sommet du G8, qui aura lieu les 17 et 18 juin à Lough Erne, en Irlande du Nord, Bjørn Lomborg, souvent présenté comme le pionnier des “climatosceptiques” (il est l'auteur de The Skeptical Environmentalist), a confié à Mediapart (pour la France) un appel à une puissante libération des échanges internationaux, passant notamment par l'arrêt des subventions des pays riches à leurs agricultures, meilleur moyen de conforter la croissance et le développement. (...)...

17 Jun2013

How Free Trade Might Be the World's Best Option

Published by Huffington Post

2013-06-16 British Prime Minister David Cameron has rightly put free trade on the top of the G8 agenda. It is possibly one of the best ways we could help the world foster economic prosperity and development. Cameron writes that comprehensive free trade "could boost the income of the whole world by more than $1 trillion." As it turns out, this is likely a serious understatement. (...) Read it online...

14 Jun2013

Realistic remedies for the world - Clean, affordable energy - The rational approach

Published by Ezra Levant Show

2013-06-08 Check out these videos of Bjørn Lomborg on the Ezra Levant Show. Realistic remedies for the world Clean, affordable energy The rational approach Realistic remedies for the world Clean, affordable energy The rational approach

7 Jun2013

Obejmowanie płonącego drzewa

Published by Racjonalista

2013-06-07 Wszystkich nas wychowano, byśmy oszczędzali papieru, aby uratować drzewa. Dostajemy niezliczone e-maile: „Proszę, pomyśl o środowisku przed wydrukowaniem". Ruch ochrony przyrody zaczął się od wezwania do zachowanie lasów. Teraz jednak, w imię uratowania planety przed zmianą klimatu, środowiskowcy proponują olbrzymią globalną kampanię ścinania i palenia drzew i krzewów w celu zredukowania korzystania z paliw kopalnych. Można by wzruszyć ramionami na tę inicjatywę jak na jakąś dziwaczną ironię, gdyby nie szło tu o gigantyczne koszty, które obejmują zniszczenie...

30 May2013

How to Spend $75 Billion to Fix the World

Published by Huffington Post

2013-05-29 By Bjørn Lomborg, in Huffington Post. The UN is pondering which goals to set for the next decades to advance human development and sustainability. A high-level panel including Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and UK Prime Minister David Cameron will be making their recommendations this Friday. They could get a treasure trove of ideas from some of the world's top economists. In a new book, these economists summarize humanity's smartest ideas and best investments. Given that we have very limited funds, we need to...

28 May2013

Effizienterer Klimaschutz

Published by 3 SAT

2013-05-27 Lomborg fordert Effizienz statt "Feel-Good-Politik" Der Klimawandel werde derzeit falsch bekämpft, kritisiert der Statistiker Bjørn Lomborg. "Bisherige Lösungsansätze waren wirtschaftlich nicht attraktiv." Nur mit moralischen Appellen bekomme man den Klimawandel jedoch nicht in den Griff. Er fordert, jährlich 72 Milliarden Euro in die Erforschung alternativer Energien zu stecken. "Dann werden sie in 20 bis 40 Jahren billiger sein als Öl." Das Geld könne aus Staatshaushalten oder einer Kohlendioxidsteuer kommen. "Zurzeit investieren wir nur 1,5...

24 May2013

Blaming Oklahoma tornadoes on global warming is simply wrong

Published by CNN

2013-05-23 Bjørn Lomborg was interviewed on Piers Morgan Live, CNN's primetime talk show, discussing the alleged connection between climate change and extreme weather. He also issued a statement about the claims that global warming was to blame for the Oklahoma tornadoes: Numbers show downward trend even as temperatures have increased Reacting to statements by prominent US politicians, Bjorn Lomborg today said, “Blaming global warming for natural disasters such as this week’s tornado in Oklahoma is simply wrong." Dr. Lomborg, author of The Skeptical Environmentalist and...

21 May2013

Pomýlené objímání hořícího stromu

Published by Hospodářské noviny

2013-05-21 Vychovávají nás k tomu, abychom recyklací papíru zachraňovali stromy. V e-mailech dostáváme nespočet upozornění: "Před vytištěním prosím zvažte dopad na životní prostředí." Ostatně environmentalismus se zrodil právě z výzvy k ochraně lesů. (...)...