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4 May2014

Lomborg on MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry's show

Published by MSNBC

A problem, not armageddon Media around the world asked Bjorn Lomborg to comment on the latest IPCC reports.On MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry, Bjorn Lomborg discussed the effects of climate change on hunger , why we don't need to fear a global food shortage , and what will really help the poor adapting to a changing climate. You can watch the video by clicking on the MSNBC logo to the right...

23 Apr2014

The Right Health Investments

Published by Project Syndicate

COPENHAGEN – West Africa’s Ebola epidemic has dominated headlines for much of the last year. But, as devastating as that outbreak has been, its death toll of less than 20,000 people is dwarfed by that of preventable diseases such as AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria, which together caused more than three million deaths in 2013, hitting the world’s poorest people the hardest. This need not be the case; indeed, addressing these diseases would be an extraordinarily good investment.

17 Apr2014

Global Warming’s Upside-Down Narrative

Published by Project Syndicate

NEW YORK – When politicians around the world tell the story of global warming, they cast it as humanity’s greatest challenge. But they also promise that it is a challenge that they can meet at low cost, while improving the world in countless other ways. We now know that is nonsense. CommentsView/Create comment on this paragraphPolitical heavyweights from US Secretary of State John Kerry to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon call climate change “the greatest challenge of our generation.” If we fail to address it, Kerry says, the costs will be “catastrophic.”...

8 Apr2014

Fox Business shows host Lomborg

Published by Fox Business

Fox Business channel's Varney & Co. and The Independents asked Lomborg about the UN IPCC reports' findings on climate change and how to tackle global warming smartly. View the appearance on Varney & Co. by clicking the Fox logo to the right. The video for the Independents is available here ...

20 Mar2014

India’s GM crop success

Published by National Post

2014-03-20 It's time to retire the myth that Bt cotton is to blame for farmer suicides in India. Opponents of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) claim that the proliferation of GM crops like Bt cotton has placed enormous financial strain on India’s smallholder farmers, driving them to suicide. But detailed studies on the ground indicate that, far from failure, Bt cotton has been a boon for Indian farmers, raising yields per acre by nearly one-quarter and raising smallholder profits by one-half, and lowering health-care costs by helping avoid millions of cases of pesticide...

17 Mar2014

The Poverty of Renewables

Published by Project Syndicate

2014-03-17 MIAMI – According to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, “Climate change harms the poor first and worst.” This is true, because the poor are the most vulnerable and have the least resources with which to adapt. But we often forget that current policies to address global warming make energy much more costly, and that this harms the world’s poor much more. Read the article online...

17 Mar2014

Germany’s energy policy is expensive, harmful and short-sighted

Published by Financial Times

2014-03-17 Germany is a showcase for how-not-to in green energy. It is pumping hundreds of billions of euros into subsidies for ineffective and unreliable solar panels and wind turbines that leave poor people struggling to pay their electricity bills and do almost nothing for the climate.

24 Feb2014

Lomborg delivers speech at Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Published by Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Bjorn Lomborg gave a speech at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusettes on 24 February 2014. The talk, entitled "Prioritizing Our Greatest Problems Versus Prioritizing Our Efforts to Find Solutions," discussed the smartest ways to tackle today's most pressing global issues. According to WPI, "the University Lecture Series provides a forum for speakers of national and international importance to enhance scholarly and scientific learning and to stimulate the intellectual climate of the university and surrounding communities." Find out more on WPI's...

15 Feb2014

The Davos Apocalypse

Published by Project Syndicate

2014-02-14 FORT LAUDERDALE – At the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos last month, leading participants called for a rapid shift to cleaner energy to tackle climate change. There is something unsettling about the global power elite jetting into an exclusive Swiss ski resort and telling the rest of the world to stop using fossil fuels. (...)...

10 Feb2014

Obama energy policy hurts African poor

Published by USA Today

2014-02-08 Is it fair to use climate policies to keep poor people poor? It is great to electrify Africa. But not with renewables. If Obama spends the next $10 billion on gas electrification, he can help lift 90 million people out of energy poverty. If he only uses renewables, the same $10 billion can help just 20 million-27 million people. Using renewables, we will deliberately choose to leave more than 60 million people in darkness and poverty.