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22 Aug2012

Sky News TV interview with Lomborg

Published by Sky News TV Australia

Sky News TV, Australia. Aug 21, 2012. What can we learn from Australia's carbon tax? Is the Australian policy of a carbon tax, or a price of carbon, a good policy? What is the likelihood that the rest of the world will move in the same direction? Bjorn Lomborg joined Peter Van Onselen and Paul Kelly at Sky News Australian Agenda for a discussion. BL - If you ask any climate economist, they will tell you; yes, a low carbon tax is actually an academically correct argument. But it is politically incredibly divisive, and it won’t actually do very much. It is really barking up the wrong...

22 Aug2012

Business Spectator interview

Published by Business Spectator

Business Spectator - Australian business news Why the carbon tax doesn't work Robert Gottliebsen Published 21 Aug 2012 length of video: 10min:17 There is a small problem with all the efforts the world has undertaken to reduce carbon emissions – they are not working to reduce emissions to any where near the amount the carbon community believes is necessary to avoid global warming. A group of Nobel Laureates and other top experts who combined to form the Copenhagen Consensus believe that the world’s emphasis on emissions reductions via carbon pricing and similar mechanisms, is...

17 Aug2012

El ecologista esceptico, in Paula Magazine

Published by Paula

Paula Magazine, Chile El ecologista esceptic, Bjorn Lomborg Por Barbara Riedemann. Aug 2, 2012. Autor de polémico libro que les baja el perfil a perocupaciones politicamenta correctas como el calentamiento global y la escasez de recursos naturales, el científico danés Bjorn Lomborg, estuvo en Chile invitado a la segunda Cumbre de Sustenabilidad realizada a principios de julio en Casa Piedra. (...)

1 Aug2012

De sexede løsninger er ikke altid de bedste

Published by Kristeligt Dagblad

Bjørn Lomborg og Copenhagen Consensus Center har sammen med forskere og økonomer undersøgt, hvordan de penge, der går til u-landsbistand, kan få mest nytteværdi og hjælpe flest mennesker. interview AF INOR DALE Bjørn Lomborg er kendt, og i nogle kredse berygtet, for sin tilgang til verdens udfordringer. Hans navn giver genklang i klimadebatten, hvor han har skabt sig både venner og fjender, men også et navn inden for samtidens forskning. Copenhagen Consensus Center 2012 er et projekt, som bærer præg af den efterhånden velkendte Lomborg-tilgang: Lad os se, hvad der kan betale sig. Read it...

9 Jul2012

Chile Publimetro - Lomborg entrevista

Published by Metro

Entrevista,Publimetro Chile. 2012-07-05, Andrea Sepulveda Bjorn Lomborg, el ambientalista escéptico llega a Chile El danés fue escogido uno de los hombres más influyentes del mundo (...).

27 Jun2012

RIO+20: Earth Summit Negotiated the Size of the Zero

Published by Inter Press Service

Inter Press Service, 2012-06-07. RIO+20: Earth Summit Negotiated the Size of the Zero By Thalif Deen UNITED NATIONS, Jun 7 2012 (IPS) - Amidst much political fanfare, the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro concluded with the adoption of the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development and the landmark Agenda 21 blueprint for a sustainable future in the 21st century. Still, there was widespread disappointment over the final outcome of that conference – primarily because there were no firm funding commitments by the world’s rich nations. (...)...

27 Jun2012

Interview with Lomborg in Zero Hora

Published by Zero Hora

2012-05-05, Zero Hora Rio+20 na balança diplomática JÚLIA OTERO Nada de sair plantando árvores, proibir o uso de carro ou cortar de vez a emissão de monóxido de carbono. As medidas que provavelmente serão acordadas na Rio+20, entre 13 e 22 de junho, apenas renovam compromissos sela- dos há pelo menos vinte anos. Mes- mo assim, desponta na conferência um provável vencedor: a diplomacia brasileira.Bjorn Lomborg, um dos maiores estudiosos do meio ambiente, reforça a tese de que o país sairá fortalecido.– O Brasil tem uma forte reputação ambiental. Sediar uma grande confe- rência recheada...

21 Jun2012

A Sound Bite on Limits to Growth

Published by BBC

BBC Radio 4's The Today 2012-06-19 Bjorn Lomborg BBC asked Dennis Meadows, co-author of Limits to Growth, to debate its predictions, but he said no sound bite would convince people who would listen to people like Lomborg. Yet, this debate is not about sound bites, Lomborg explains on the BBC Today program. It really is about a 40 year track record of spectacularly bad predictions. Limits to Growth set the agenda for worrying about the wrong problems with poor solutions...

21 Jun2012

Intervista a Bjørn Lomborg, famoso “ambientalista scettico”

Published by Tempi 2012-06-20: Intervista a Bjørn Lomborg, famoso “ambientalista scettico” Leone Grotti Oggi si apre a Rio de Janeiro la conferenza Onu sullo sviluppo sostenibile “Rio+20″: sono attese 20 mila persone e i più importanti capi di Stato per discutere sulle 49 pagine di accordi ambientali, da ratificare, intitolate “Il futuro che vogliamo”. «Il futuro che vogliono a Rio non è quello che vogliamo noi» afferma a Bjørn Lomborg, “l’ambientalista scettico” che non vuole cedere al «catastrofismo con cui viene sempre...

18 Jun2012

Lomborg in Der Standard: "Weniger zahlen und viel mehr erreichen"

Published by Der Standard

Der Standard. INTERVIEW ERIC FREY, 15. Juni 2012 Bjørn Lomborg, Kritiker der Klimaschutzpolitik, sieht den Kampf gegen CO2-Emissionen und Subventionen für alternative Energie als Geldverschwendung