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8 Mar2012

Lomborg in HLN: Jane Velez Mitchell

Published by Headline News

Lomborg is on air on CNN Issues With Jane Velez Mitchell, 7pm ET on March 6. Int BL 2012-03-06 CNN Velez-Mitchell.pdf

25 Feb2012

Lomborg on the John Oakley Show

Published by 640 AM Toronto

Febr 23, 2012. Bjorn Lomborg - Danish Author - Environmental Writer and Author of "The Skeptical Environmentalist." Bjorn and John discuss the solar and wind projects in Europe. The John Oakley Show - Talk Radio AM640 John Oakley is widely considered to be one of this country's pre-eminent talk-radio hosts. Check daily for the Interview of the Day, and listen to the John Oakley Show on AM640 Toronto Radio...

25 Feb2012

Interview with Lomborg on CBC Ideas

Published by CBC

HOST: Max Allen This is a two hour series, one hour each of the nights of March 12 and March 19. If you want to hear the shows LIVE TO AIR (as they are being broadcast across Canada): Go to Look way up (right above our Host Paul Kennedy's head!) and you will see the word FREQUENCIES. Click on that and follow the links to the time zone you desire. IDEAS is broadcast at 9:05- 10 pm EST. If you want to hear the shows STREAMED: On the main page you will see the promotional copy for the shows (on both March 12 and again, on March 19). Click on the title DEMON COAL and you will...

24 Feb2012

Sables bitumineux: une étude critiquée. Lomborg interview in La Presse

Published by La Presse

Mathieu Perreault La Presse 24 février 2012 L'immensité des réserves de carburants fossiles est l'aspect qui a le plus retenu l'attention de Bjorn Lomborg, le célèbre statisticien danois qui a publié L'environnementaliste sceptique en 2001. «On voit noir sur blanc qu'il y a abondamment de carburants fossiles», dit M. Lomborg en entrevue depuis Copenhague. (...)...

21 Feb2012

Interview with Lomborg on Talk Radio 702 Cape Town

Published by 702 Talk Radio Cape Town

Talk Radio 702 - The Best Of Jenny Crwys Williams Talk Radio 702 - The Podcasts 2012-02-20 The sceptical environmentalist In the Going Green feature Jenny chats to international author and climate change skeptic Bjorn Lomborg. Time Magazine declared the founder of the Copenhagen Consensus Centre one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2004 and recently Foreign Policy’s listed him in their Top 100 Global Thinkers...

11 Feb2012

Lomborg interviewed at the Monica Crowley Show

Published by Monica Crowley Show

Febr 11, 2012 (recorded on Febr 9 Thu) Newstalk Radio 777 WABC Monica Crowley Show

9 Feb2012

Lomborg on Stossel: Whom can you trust?

Published by Fox Business

Whom can you trust? Posted by John Stossel | February 09, 2012 Re-Airing on FNC Saturday @10PM

30 Jan2012

Don’t Invest in Current Clean Energy, Back Future Technology

Published by Bloomberg Briefs

30 Jan, 2012 in Bloomberg Briefs Interview with Bjørn Lomborg Lomborg tells Siobhan Wagner of Bloomberg New Energy Finance there is too much focus on cutting carbon-dioxide and clean-tech subsidy funds would be better spent on research and development.

16 Dec2011

Lomborg interview in Tehelka magazine India

Published by Tehelka

End of Kyoto would mean nothing for the climate Dec 24, 2011 Shonali Ghosal Q: You are known to be critical of the Kyoto Protocol. Does the Durban agreement offer more hope than Kyoto? A: There’s virtually nothing but empty promises. The Kyoto Protocol will be a symbolic act to continue. As for the Green Climate Fund, they have provided the structure but there’s no money, which has always been the problem. The real meat of the Durban deal, the idea of getting a binding agreement in 2020, is basically just delaying tactics. They said that in 2007 with the Bali roadmap that they...

10 Dec2011

Lomborg interview in AkzoNobel magazine

Published by AkzoNobel

2011-Dec-10 Is global warming just a load of hot air? Climate change is clearly a burning issue, but who to believe? We spoke to three experts with differing views on the subject in an effort to determine what’s really going on. Words: Jim Wake According to Katharine Hayhoe, a climate scientist on the faculty at Texas Tech University, taking action to prevent a catastrophe as the Earth warms up is long overdue. If you talk to Benny Peiser, director of the London-based Global Policy Warming Institute, he’ll tell you we don’t know nearly enough about what is going on to embark...