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6 Dec2012

Lomborg interview - Global warming: hype or fact

Published by Voice of Russia

Interview for The Voice of Russia by Yekaterina Kudashkina, 6 Dec, 2012. Global warming is real, it is man-made and it is an important problem. But the way it is often being portrayed as the cause of the vast majority of extreme weather incidents is simply unfounded.If we look at a lot of the catastrophes that we’ve seen over the last years and that have been very well published, they are by far mostly driven by social factors...

4 Dec2012

Lomborg: Vi skal tro på rationaliteten igen

Published by Dr

På P1 Eksistens, 03. december 2012 "Jeg kunne godt tænke mig at vi kom tilbage til en verden, hvor vi igen troede på rationaliteten, hvor vi igen troede på at det giver mening at stille de hårde spørgsmål, og også turde høre svaret", siger Bjørn Lomborg der i sidste uge blev udnævnt til at være blandt de 100 største globale tænkere...

26 Nov2012

Interview with Lomborg, Radio 24syv

Published by Radio 24SYV

26. november 2012 - kl. 15.05 Vi fortæller dig, hvad der er sket, siden du kørte på arbejde. Følger op på dagens store nyheder og begivenheder, analyserer den seneste politiske udvikling og giver dig de nyeste tal fra business-verdenen. Katrine Brahl Petersen, Ulrik Aarhus og Esben Kjær. Bjorn Lomborg from 37. minute

18 Oct2012

Ignoring 'Fantastic Opportunity' of Gas Is Foolish

Published by Bloomberg

Lomborg answers questions about fracking, nuclear power, GMOs and organic food f rom Bloomberg News reporter Alex Morales: Bloomberg: You've been looking at the benefits of fracking. Tell me what you've found. Lomborg: Fracking in a U.S. context has dramatically lowered U.S. carbon emissions, about 400 to 500 million tons, compared to the entire impact of the EU and Kyoto Protocol of about 250 million tons. So the U.S. has inadvertently lowered its carbon emissions by about twice as much just by making cheap gas available. We've actually managed to find a technology that's...

28 Aug2012

Podcast: Geo-engineering: fixing climate for just US$6 billion

Published by ZDNet

By Stilgherrian for Patch Monday 27 August, 2012 Dr. Bjorn Lomborg and Dr. Casper Hewett talk about geo-engineering.

27 Aug2012

4BC radio interview with Bjorn Lomborg

Published by 4BC radio

Greg Cary speaks with Professor Bjorn Lomborg about global warming, the unnecessary panic caused and carbon tax. 24. August 2012, Australia

24 Aug2012

ENEREN - Interview med Bjørn Lomborg

Published by Appetize

En af verdens 100 mest indflydelsesrige mænd tog rent faktisk sin studentereksamen i Aalborg. Camilla Miehe-Renard har været i audiens hos den tidligere chef for Institut for Miljøvurdering. Det blev til en god snak om ungdomstiden i Aalborg, om at være i vælten som ivrig miljødebattør og om at skille sig ud fra mængden. Mød en ener, mød Bjørn Lomborg…...

22 Aug2012

Датският политолог и скептичен еколог Бьорн Ломборг: Без паника за климата

Published by Capital

Capital, Bulgaria Aug 17, 2012. Бьорн Ломборг: Без паника за климата Датският политолог и скептичен еколог пред "Капитал" Bjorn Lomborg: Don't panic about the climate Danish political scientist and skeptical environmentalist to "Capital" Най-сериозните последици от климатичните промени вероятно няма да бъдат почувствани още години. Но все пак, ако сега вие трябва да планирате мерки за тяхното преодоляване, откъде бихте започнали? Има някои прости решения на предизвикателствата на климатичните промени. Да вземем например нивото на океаните. Нека си представим, че в...

22 Aug2012

Sky News TV interview with Lomborg

Published by Sky News TV Australia

Sky News TV, Australia. Aug 21, 2012. What can we learn from Australia's carbon tax? Is the Australian policy of a carbon tax, or a price of carbon, a good policy? What is the likelihood that the rest of the world will move in the same direction? Bjorn Lomborg joined Peter Van Onselen and Paul Kelly at Sky News Australian Agenda for a discussion. BL - If you ask any climate economist, they will tell you; yes, a low carbon tax is actually an academically correct argument. But it is politically incredibly divisive, and it won’t actually do very much. It is really barking up the wrong...

22 Aug2012

Business Spectator interview

Published by Business Spectator

Business Spectator - Australian business news Why the carbon tax doesn't work Robert Gottliebsen Published 21 Aug 2012 length of video: 10min:17 There is a small problem with all the efforts the world has undertaken to reduce carbon emissions – they are not working to reduce emissions to any where near the amount the carbon community believes is necessary to avoid global warming. A group of Nobel Laureates and other top experts who combined to form the Copenhagen Consensus believe that the world’s emphasis on emissions reductions via carbon pricing and similar mechanisms, is...