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25 Jul2016

Bjorn Lomborg na stage

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"Rozhovor s ekonomem a enviromentalistou Bjornem Lomborgem na MELTINGPOT v rámci Colours of Ostrava."

18 Jul2016

U.N. Development Disconnects

Published by Wall Street Journal

Bjorn Lomborg stopped by the Wall Street Journal’s Opinion Journal to speak with Mary Kissel, WSJ Editorial Board Member. Watch the entire interview in which Bjorn discusses how the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Agenda could have the biggest bang-for-the-buck by spending just little bit more of the development aid on the smartest targets.

18 Jun2016

Climate change is bad, but it comes with benefits too

Published by Canada Broadcasting Corporation

Jim Brown of CBC's The 180 interviews Dr. Bjorn Lomborg. "There are generally two schools of thought when it comes to climate change: it is bad, or it doesn't exist. But Bjorn Lomborg wants that to change. He says it's important to recognize that there are some benefits to climate change, and to come up with more innovative ways to tackle the negatives. He points out that the UN Climate Panel found that climate change is not a negative right now, but will be in the future: "and that means we can ease up a little bit, we can stop trying to do stuff right now, rather...

8 Nov2015

Interview: »Global opvarmning er ikke enden på verden«

Published by Politiken

Når Dansk Industri og Connie Hedegaard beklager de grønne nedskæringer er det bare fordi, klimakampen er blevet en pengemaskine og et politisk budskab, der gør os godt tilpas, siger Bjørn Lomborg.

17 Jun2015

Opinion Journal: Bang for the Development Buck

Published by Wall Street Journal

Copenhagen Consensus Center Director Bjorn Lomborg explains how the United Nations can set rational goals for its next antipoverty agenda.

20 Mar2015

Cut $548 billion of fossil fuel subsidies to alleviate poverty: Lomborg

Published by ABC

Bjorn Lomborg first grabbed world attention in 1998 as 'the sceptical environmentalist', questioning global action on climate change. He's currently in Australia for his fourth visit, this time to talk about global poverty and development, more so than climate issues. In recent years, he's been an advocate for using cheap fossil fuels to alleviate poverty. But he now says abolishing $548 billion of global fossil fuel subsidies would be a 'smart' sustainable development goal for the United Nations to adopt later this year.

7 Mar2015

'We should save ten people before we save one person'

Published by The Daily Star

Bjorn Lomberg (BL): The UN, with its 2015-2030 process, is going to set the global goals for the next 15 years in September, following the success of the Millennium Development Goals. Since these could end up determining a large part of the period's $2.5 trillion development aid, it is important we pick targets more effectively. The Copenhagen Consensus has engaged in a project to determine which targets will deliver the most good per dollar spent. We have commissioned in-depth research and cost-benefit analyses on 22 diverse topics of development, ranging from education to gender and energy...

2 Oct2014

Fixing the World, Bang-for-the-Buck Edition: A New Freakonomics Radio Podcast

Published by Freakonomics podcast

"Here’s $2.5 trillion. You have 15 years to spend it. How do you distribute this money in a way that will achieve the most good for the world?" Bjorn Lomborg just did a podcast with Freakonomics on his think tank's "Post-2015" project on the Sustainable Development Goals. It is the podcast for the #1 selling Freakonomics book, a #1-ranked podcast, with more than 5 million monthly downloads. One of the comments the listeners left reads: "FASCINATING Freakonomics podcast this week. With so much bad news lately, it was heartening to hear that people are spending so much time and effort to fix...

22 Sep2014

Forecasts: Hopes and Fears About Climate Change

Published by New York Times

New York Times recently interviewed Lomborg (among two dozen scientists, authors, and world and national figures) about two questions: What is your greatest worry about climate change? What gives you hope? Here's his answer: Global warming is real and a problem, but we need better, more effective solutions. What troubles me most is that we keep focusing on making old-fashioned promises to cut CO2 [even though] these promises have failed to curb emissions rises for more than 20 years. Why don’t they work? Because cheap power is the foundation for economic growth. There is an almost one-to-one...

14 Aug2014

Lomborg interview in Lifestyles magazine

Published by Lifestyles Magazine

The Green Monster - Bjorn Lomborg on the biggest environmental problem in the world. (Hint: It's not climate change.) Written by Kimberly Greene From LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE - SUMMER 2014 Download the entire article at the link below: