Bjorn Lomborg

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9 Feb2014

Interview in Norwegian: "Mannen som advarer mot klimaporno"

Published by Bergens Tidende

2014-02-09 Bjørn Lomborg advarer mot klima-alarmister og «vanvittige» subsidier til fornybar energi. Selv tror han teknologi og fakta vil seire over symbolpolitikk og følelser...

4 Feb2014

Ökonomen, die die Welt retten wollen

Published by Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

2014-02-04 Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Germany's newspaper of record, profiled Copenhagen Consensus and Dr. Lomborg in their series on economists influencing the global debate. The wide-ranging interview addresses both climate change and the approach of the Copenhagen Consensus Center to make the world a better place...

8 Oct2013

Portrait: The Resilient Environmentalist

Published by Cosmos

2013-10-07 Australian science magazine COSMOS features a 5-page portrait of Bjorn Lomborg in its October/November edition.

27 Sep2013

Världen mår allt bättre

Published by Katternö

2013-09-26 Swedish/Finnish Katternö journal features a 6-page cover story on Bjorn Lomborg.

26 Jul2013

Radio interview with Sergio Sarmiento

Published by Radio Red FM

El Dr. Bjorn Lomborg “El Ecologista Escéptico”, presidente de The Conpenhagen Consensus Center, comentó respecto al el obsoleto Protocolo de Kioto, el calentamiento global, la manera en que se está enfrentando y las fallas...

17 Jun2013

Bjorn Lomborg: «Le réchauffement climatique n'est pas la fin du monde»

Published by Le Figaro

2013-06-17 INTERVIEW - « Écologiste sceptique », le statisticien danois invite le monde à investir massivement dans les énergies « vertes ». LE FIGARO - Comment pouvez-vous dire, comme vous l'avez fait récemment dans le Sunday Times, que le réchauffement a plus d'avantages que d'inconvénients? Bjorn LOMBORG - Le changement climatique est un problème pour le futur mais, pour l'instant, il est bénéfique dans beaucoup de régions du monde. Des températures plus élevées signifient, par exemple, moins de dépenses pour le chauffage et moins de morts à cause du...

24 May2013

Blaming Oklahoma tornadoes on global warming is simply wrong

Published by CNN

2013-05-23 Bjørn Lomborg was interviewed on Piers Morgan Live, CNN's primetime talk show, discussing the alleged connection between climate change and extreme weather. He also issued a statement about the claims that global warming was to blame for the Oklahoma tornadoes: Numbers show downward trend even as temperatures have increased Reacting to statements by prominent US politicians, Bjorn Lomborg today said, “Blaming global warming for natural disasters such as this week’s tornado in Oklahoma is simply wrong." Dr. Lomborg, author of The Skeptical Environmentalist and...

30 Apr2013

Smart Solutions for a Better World

Published by SOFW

Interview with Bjørn Lomborg "An approach to doing good for the world, based on cost-effectiveness considerations – for some people this means a contradiction in terms, for others it is a possible tool for shifting the switches for present and future scenarios. In every case, Bjørn Lomborg, the Director of the Copenhagen Consensus Center and adjunct Professor at Copenhagen Business School will give rise to lively debates with his key-note lecture in Barcelona. Interested attendees of CESIO 2013 can find some extracts of his general ideas in this interview."...

23 Apr2013

Helping The Environment Realistically

Published by KDKA 1020

2013-04-23 Robert Mangino and Matt Pitzarella host the Range Resources Marcellus Shale hour, they are joined by President of the Copenhagen Consensus Center and author Bjorn Lomborg. Talk kicked off with expanded use of natural gas, some trucking companies are buying big rigs that run on natural gas. These natural gas powered trucks run further after fill up than diesel trucks, but cost more to produce. Lomborg discussed what we can realistically do to better our environment, asking, “Where can we actually do some good?” America has the benefit of caring about our environment, as...

19 Feb2013

Bjørn Lomborg, un escéptico del pesimismo ecologista que busca salvar el planeta

Published by La Nacion

La Nacion 2013-02-17 Polémico e influyente, este activista danés cree que la excesiva atención puesta sobre la causa verde quita foco a necesidades más urgentes. Lea el artículo aquí o en el pdf a continuación.