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26 Apr2010

Lomborg in Folha

Published by Folha de Sao Paulo

Céticos do clima falam a ruralistas em SP Climatologista americano e estatístico dinamarquês ressaltaram mudança na opinião pública após fiasco de Copenhague Pat Michaels deu palestra com emails do "climagate", enquanto Bjorn Lomborg contou que vai gravar um filme em resposta a Al Gore...

26 Apr2010

Interview with Lomborg in Policy (CIS-Australia)

Published by The Centre for Independent Studies

In January 2010, Lomborg was interviewed by Joel Malan, an Australian now living in Copenhagen. JM: The Skeptical Environmentalist drew on your background in statistics to reach a more holistic interpretation of existing research. I understand you are not a climatologist as such, but what contribution can statistics make to the climate change debate? BL: It’s about looking at what are the actual and aggregated impacts. Very often, we look at only specific instances such as more heat-wave deaths, which are absolutely true, but we fail to remember that fewer people will be dying from cold...

8 Mar2010

Lomborg in WSJ interview with India's environment minister

Published by Wall Street Journal

...The question is, what comes next? The author of the Copenhagen Consensus (not to be confused with December's Copenhagen summit), Danish economist Bjorn Lomborg, has talked about a "third way" forward: acknowledging that climate change is real, but pursuing a cost-benefit approach that would commit countries to projects that yield the greatest benefits for the greatest number of people. "I've read Lomborg," Mr. Ramesh says with a smile. "I don't think you should dismiss Lomborg the way climate evangelicals have dismissed him. He makes reasonable points...

8 Mar2010

Lomborg in El Comercio

Published by El Comercio

El danés que salvará al mundo by Martha Meier enviada especial

10 Feb2010

Lomborg in VEJA magazine

Published by Veja

Podemos fazer melhor O principal representante dos céticos diz que o combate ao aquecimento global tem de se basear em tecnologia, e não em mudanças no consumo. O cientista político dinamarquês Bjorn Lomborg, de 44 anos, não tem carro. Usa bicicleta ou metrô para se deslocar em Copenhague. Lomborg é um dos mais respeitados entre os pesquisadores céticos em relação aos efeitos catastróficos do aquecimento global. Seus livros e artigos provocam a ira de ambientalistas, mas seus argumentos afiados também são ouvidos com atenção pelos cientistas. Sua descrença se dá em torno da histeria criada...

15 Jan2010

Lomborg in Hindustan Times

Published by Hindustan Times

6)Star Statistician: Bjorn Lomborg Why: He would have appeared on CNN’s “Larry King Live” by the time you read this. In the run up to Copenhagen, the professor at the Copenhagen Business School has written for Time, Newsweek and the Hindustan Times, and his views are sought by everyone from the Economist to the government of Mali, which wants him to advise them on how to spend money they might receive to tackle the effects of climate change. So the Playstation addict and author of two books (“Have you played Uncharted 2?” he asks a HT reporter, who hasn’t)...

12 Jan2010

Lomborg in Epoca-Entrevista

Published by Epoca

"Só vim trazer bom-senso" O economista cético dinamarquês não acredita que um acordo funcione contra o aquecimento global. Nem acha isso prioritário ALEXANDRE MANSUR, DE COPENHAGUE O dinamarquês mais famoso na área do meio ambiente que circula pela conferência do clima em Copenhague não acredita que um acordo resolverá o problema do aquecimento global. Nem que o clima seja uma prioridade para o mundo. Ao contrário. Para o economista Bjorn Lomborg, o prejuízo de começar a cortar as emissões à força seria maior que a ameaça climática. É por isso que ele afirma que os países não...

15 Dec2009

Lomborg on NPR

Published by NPR

Economically Speaking Is Climate Change A Priority? by DAVID KESTENBAUM December 15, 2009 Bjorn Lomborg, author of The Skeptical Environmentalist, is roaming the halls of the U.N. climate talks in Copenhagen. While Lomborg believes climate change is real, he thinks the approach being taken to fight it is doomed to failure. Lomborg also famously led a team of economists who ranked climate change low on a list of priorities when compared to things like combating disease. Needless to say, Lomborg is not a popular figure at the talks. Listen to the interview online

2 Dec2009

Interview with Lomborg in Polska Times

Published by Polska Times

Ekologiczny szczyt to dla klimatu nie nadzieja, lecz przekleństwo 2009-11-30 Propozycje, jakie padną w Kopenhadze, są nierealne - mówi Agatonowi Kozińskiemu znany duński ekolog Björn Lomborg Jest Pan bardzo sceptyczny, tymczasem wygląda na to, że świat naprawdę potrzebuje szybkich działań. Autorzy właśnie opublikowanego raportu "Copenhagen Diagnosis" przewidują, że do końca tego wieku temperatura na świecie wzrośnie aż o 7 stopni Celsjusza. Nie brzmi to zachęcająco. Zgadzam się z tymi uwagami, ale tylko częściowo. Rzeczywiście, stan środowiska naturalnego na świecie ciągle się...

30 Nov2009

Lomborg: Under heat, climate-change contrarian won't wilt

Published by The Globe and Mail

Interview with Bjorn Lomborg. John Allemang From Saturday's Globe and Mail Published on Friday, Nov. 27 2009 Under heat, climate-change contrarian won't wilt. The controversial Bjorn Lomborg doesn't deny global warming. But he believes it's ‘an incredibly bad deal' to spend so much money on cutting carbon emissions, he tells John Allemang. Former Danish statistics professor Bjorn Lomborg created a storm of controversy when he published The Skeptical Environmentalist , a 1998 work that was denounced by scientists for its cost-benefit critique of the Kyoto Protocol but...