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4 Apr2018

Bjørn Lomborg om den globale klimaløsning: “Det kommer aldrig til at ske”

Published by Raeson

"Tænk, hvis man endte med ikke at sætte et barn i verden, fordi man var sikker på, at det hele ville ende rigtig grimt – når sandheden er, at det højst bliver en lille smule værre i en i øvrigt meget, meget bedre verden”

6 Mar2018

“Tagliare la CO2 costa e serve a poco”. Intervista a Bjorn Lomborg, ambientalista scettico

Published by Ottimisti & Razionali

Noto al pubblico come l’ambientalista scettico dall’omonimo fortunato titolo del suo best seller di 17 anni fa, Bjorn Lomborg non è un negazionista climatico ma piuttosto una voce dissenziente sulle politiche per mitigare gli effetti del riscaldamento climatico.

6 Feb2018

Dicke Luft

Published by KfW

Wie lässt sich die Erderwärmung bekämpfen? Dr. Bjørn Lomborg, Autor von „Apocalypse No!”, und Dr. Jörg Zeuner, Chefvolkswirt der KfW Bankengruppe, diskutieren über den richtigen Umgang mit dem Klimawandel und eine effektive Entwicklungshilfe.

24 Jan2018

Is climate change to blame for world hunger?

Published by News Talk 4BC

Climate expert Bjorn Lomborg has called the UN out for this, pointing out the consequences of fighting global hunger with climate policy. “Hunger is a big problem, and for a long time, we have solved it. Mr Lomborg tells Chris Smith climate change policy and labelling world hunger as a result of climate change is the most costly and least effective way to help.

22 Sep2017

The Economist Caught Between Climate Deniers and Alarmists

Published by WNYC's The Takeaway

"Climate change has been a key issue at the United Nations General Assembly this week. Meetings at the U.N. about the topic have been taking place during a season of calamitous weather events, including a series of devastating hurricanes. While he believes that world leaders cannot ignore climate change, Bjorn Lomborg, president of the Copenhagen Consensus Center, says he is concerned that precious resources are too often squandered on ineffective solutions, and that aid money could be spent on better interventions that do the most social good."

30 Aug2017

After Harvey: Are record-breaking storms the new normal?

Published by France 24

In order to help future victims of hurricanes, focusing on climate change is the most expensive way to help the fewest people. Instead, we should focus on better infrastructure, porous surfaces, drainage, levees and dams, better building codes, and better zoning, as Lomborg explains on France24.

30 Aug2017

The Economist asks: Bjorn Lomborg

Published by The Economist Asks

Bjorn Lomborg joined The Economist's podcast The Economist asks to discuss the question: "Poverty, health, education or climate change: where should governments spend their money?" Within each of these areas, some solutions are better than others: shouldn't we do the smart ones first?

2 Aug2017

Earth Overshoot Day: How Can We Create a Sustainable Future?

Published by France 24

As Lomborg explains in an TV interview with France24, that instead of panicking over unrealistic prophecies of unsustainable footprints, we should focus on pulling millions more out of poverty while funding the sort of innovation that will eliminate future risks of pollution and make our land more productive.

13 Jun2017

Bjorn Lomborg: Trump was right to leave Paris climate deal

Published by Greg Gutfeld Show

Bjorn Lomborg to comment on the Paris Treaty on the Greg Gutfeld Show. He explained that the promises in the Paris Treaty were never enough to get anywhere near the 2°C target.

8 Jun2017

Bjorn Lomborg: Paris Agreement matters a tiny bit, but not very much

Published by The Bolt Report

Bjorn Lomborg to comments on the Paris Treaty on The Bold Report. He explained that the promises in the Paris Treaty were never enough to get anywhere near the 2°C target.