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6 Feb2017

Aplicar a geoengenharia às mudanças climáticas

Published by Negócios

Mesmo os activistas do clima cada vez mais reconhecem que a retórica sobre o acordo mundial para reduzir as emissões dos gases de efeito de estufa, concluído em Paris há um ano, não vai ao encontro das actuais promessas que dizem respeito às temperaturas. Isto deveria levar-nos a pensar em soluções alternativas e inteligentes. Mas tal alternativa, a geoengenharia, é uma solução que muitas pessoas recusam. Geoengenharia significa manipular deliberadamente o clima na Terra. Parece algo saído da ficção científica. Mas faz todo o sentido pensar nisso enquanto política de segurança acessível e...

5 Feb2017

Bjørn Lomborg: Oxfam har fel om ojämlikheten

Published by Svenska Dagbladet

Det är en i dag vanligt förekommande - och felaktig – uppfattning att ojämlikheten ökar obevekligt. Oxfam har nyligen bidragit till detta missförstånd genom att hävda att världens åtta rikaste personer äger lika mycket som hälften av jordens befolkning. Oxfam mäter nettoförmögenhet, inte inkomst. Det är viktigt att notera att det innefattar ”negativ” förmögenhet, vilket innebär att 5 % amerikaner med studielån eller negativt eget kapital i sina hus räknas till jordens fattigaste - fattigare än tre fjärdedelar av alla afrikaner. Det innebär att till och med de mest utfattiga människor man kan...

4 Feb2017

Kronik: Trump knuser vores bedste håb om at nedbringe fattigdommen

Published by Borsen

En global handelsaftale for hele planeten ville reducere antallet af mennesker, der lever i fattigdom, med 145 millioner på 15 år Med et pennestrøg har Præsident Trump udslettet et af de vigtigste tiltag for reduktion af fattigdommen, der ville...

2 Feb2017

A ‘Green Leap Forward’ in China? What a Load of Biomass

Published by Wall Street Journal

Excitement crackled through the environmental movement when China’s National Energy Administration announced last month that the country will spend at least $360 billion on green energy through 2020. Green elites are now toasting the communist country: While President Trump threatens to end costly climate policies, Chinese President Xi Jinping promises his nation will continue to fight climate change. It’s an interesting narrative, but the facts tell a different story. China’s announced investment works out to around $72 billion a year, much less than the $103 billion the...

27 Jan2017

Funding Wind and Solar Energy Is Inefficient

Published by The Huffington Post

We constantly hear how solar and wind energy is already cheaper than fossil fuels. A few months ago, Bloomberg Business declared that “wind power is now the cheapest electricity to produce in both Germany and the U.K., even without government subsidies.” If renewable energy is cheaper than dirty fossil fuels, why isn’t everyone adopting them? Are we so irrationally addicted to polluting energy sources that we won’t even embrace cheaper and cleaner alternatives?

26 Jan2017

The tragedy of killing TPP

Published by Boston Globe

With a stroke of the pen, President Trump has eliminated one of the most significant poverty-reduction measures that would have been enacted this decade. Negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership took half a decade and covered 40 percent of the world’s economy. While the agreement was already on death row thanks to a lack of support from Congress, President Trump’s executive order withdrawing US involvement sends a clarion signal about his administration’s outlook on trade. Supported by Presidents Obama and George W. Bush, the TPP would have been overwhelmingly positive...

23 Jan2017

Pandy trzymają się mocno

Published by Listy Z Naszego Sadu

Pandy wielkie należą do ulubionych zwierząt świata, stając się sensacjami na filmach w Internecie, po prostu przez kichnięcie lub urocze tarzanie się po ziemi. W roku, w którym niewiele jest powodów do radości, są dobre wieści dla wszystkich, którzy kochają pandy. Te wieści przyszły, kiedy International Union for Conservation of Nature usunęła je z listy gatunków zagrożonych – zmniejszając ocenę grożącego im niebezpieczeństwa do gatunku „narażonego”. Niebezpieczeństwa zagrażające tak celebrowanym zwierzętom, jak te, często są wykorzystywane w kampaniach aktywistów obrony środowiska, by...

18 Jan2017

Geoengineering Climate Change

Published by Project Syndicate

Even climate activists increasingly recognize that the lofty rhetoric of the global agreement to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, concluded in Paris just over a year ago, will not be matched by its promises’ actual impact on temperatures. This should make us think about smart, alternative solutions. But one such alternative, geoengineering, is a solution that many people refuse to entertain. Geoengineering means deliberately manipulating the Earth’s climate. It seems like something from science fiction. But it makes sense to think of it as a prudent and affordable insurance policy...

17 Jan2017

Oxfam's upside down inequality study

Published by USA Today

Today there is a commonplace — and wrong — impression that inequality is inexorably rising. Oxfam just contributed to the misunderstanding by claiming that the richest eight people own the same amount as half the world’s population. Oxfam measures net wealth, not income. Crucially, it includes ‘negative’ wealth, meaning the 5% of Americans with student loans or negative equity in their houses are considered among the world’s poorest — poorer than three-quarters of all Africans. This means that even the most impoverished soul you could imagine —...

16 Jan2017

The Paris Climate Agreement Won't Change The Climate

Published by PragerU

The Paris Climate Agreement will cost at least $1 trillion per year, and climate activists say it will save the planet. The truth? It won't do anything for the planet, but it will make everyone poorer--except politicians and environmentalists. Bjorn Lomborg explains.