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5 Aug2021

Climate Change Doesn’t Cause All Disasters

Published by Wall Street Journal

Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it. That old quip, often attributed to Mark Twain or his friend Charles Dudley Warner, now guides most news coverage of severe weather. The media say that natural disasters are a result of climate change and we need to adopt radical policies to combat them.

4 Aug2021

Allegra Stratton is Right About Electric Cars

Published by The Telegraph

Saying out loud what many people already think about electric cars, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s climate spokeswoman, Allegra Stratton, has received a lot of green flak. She says she’s not yet willing to trade in her old diesel car for a sparkling new electric, because it is inconvenient for her driving needs. In her honesty, Ms Stratton has highlighted the elitist illusion of much green thinking. The hard truth is that electric cars won't "save the world." Even if all nations achieved all of their ambitious EV targets, emissions will be reduced by about 0.1% by 2030. If this...

25 Jul2021

Önsketänkande och dubbeltänk om klimatet

Published by Svenska Dagbladet

George Orwell kallade viljan att tro på motstridiga påståenden för ”dubbeltänk”. Men om vi ska lyckas lösa klimatproblemen, behöver vi ärlighet.

20 Jul2021

The Net-Zero Debate Turns Orwellian

Published by Forbes

Our current climate conversation embodies two blatantly contradictory claims. On one side, experts warn that promised climate policies will be economically crippling. In a new report, the International Energy Agency (IEA) states that achieving net-zero in 2050 will likely be “the greatest challenge humankind has ever faced.” That is a high bar, surpassing World War II, the black plague and Covid. On the other side, hand-waving politicians sell net-zero climate schemes as a near-utopia that every nation will rush to embrace. As John Kerry, US President Biden’s climate envoy, told world leaders...

18 Jul2021

Hőhullámok miatti halálozás: sokkal többen halnak meg a hideg, mint a meleg miatt

Published by Portfolio

Szalagcímek szerte a világban arról számolnak be, hogy több százan haltak meg a Kanadában és az USA északnyugati felén az utóbbi időben tomboló hőhullámok miatt. Ezek a cikkek egytől egyig a klímaváltozást teszik felelőssé a halálesetekért, és sürgős lépésekre szólítanak fel a klímavédelem terén. Ezek az írások azonban a legtöbb esetben arra adnak példát, hogy a klímaváltozásról szóló egyoldalú, riasztó beszámolók mennyire nem adnak teljes képet a kérdésről.

14 Jul2021

More people die of cold: Media’s heat-death climate obsession leads to lousy fixes

Published by New York Post

Headlines from around the world tell us of hundreds of deaths caused by recent heat waves. The stories invariably blame climate change and admonish us to tackle it urgently. But they mostly reveal how one-sided climate-alarmist reporting leaves us badly informed. The stories contain a kernel of truth: Global warming is a real, manmade problem that needs addressing. As temperatures increase, so will the frequency and severity of heat waves. But the media fail to report the full story and thus lose focus on the most effective ways to help.

13 Jul2021

Muertes por calor y frío: el enfoque climático unilateral nos desinforma

Published by Milenio

Los titulares de todo el mundo nos cuentan que cientos de personas han muerto tras las recientes olas de calor en Canadá y el noroeste de Estados Unidos. Las noticias culpan invariablemente al cambio climático y nos instan a afrontarlo con urgencia. Sin embargo, en su mayoría revelan cómo los reportes alarmistas y unilaterales sobre el clima nos dejan mal informados.

12 Jul2021

Det ensidige klimafokus på varmedødsfald er enormt vildledende

Published by Berlingske

Stigende temperaturer reducerer også kuldebølger og kuldedødsfald, hvilket ignoreres næsten totalt af politikerne og medierne. Det giver et skævt billede af, hvad vi skal gøre for at forhindre konsekvenserne af klimaforandringer.

26 Jun2021

Climate change coverage ignores heavy impact of heat on cold deaths

Published by USA Today

Lomborg points out that almost everywhere cold deaths outweigh heat deaths. Fortunately, heat deaths are declining in countries with good data, likely because of ever more air conditioning. This is abundantly clear for the United States, which has seen increasing hot days since 1960 affecting a much greater population. Yet, the number of heat deaths has more than halved.

26 Jun2021

Wir brauchen eine drastische Erhöhung von Investitionen in Innovationen für grüne Energie

Published by Handelsblatt

Zur Bekämpfung des Klimawandels braucht es Ehrlichkeit. Die derzeit anvisierte Klimapolitik wird unglaublich teuer. Trotz des großen Nutzens werden die Kosten deutlich höher sein, meint Björn Lomborg.