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22 Apr2021

There’s a better way than Biden’s unrealistic, expensive climate pledge

Published by New York Post

For the past 30 years, the global approach to climate policy has been making grand promises and later mostly failing to live up to them. At his World Leaders Climate Summit, President Biden promised to cut about twice as much carbon as what Obama promised, which was hailed as decisive and bold climate action. This is equivalent to decreasing an additional 1.5 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas annually by 2030 beyond Obama’s commitments. But what would this achieve? Let us assume that Biden and future presidents manage to get emissions cut as promised by 2030. And let us assume miraculously...

22 Apr2021

Lad os tage en pau­se fra kli­maa­lar­mis­men til for­del for smar­te­re løs­nin­ger

Published by Borsen

På Jordens dag høres der dramatiske advarsler om klimaændringer alle vegne. Og der er ingen tvivl om, at USA’s præsident Biden på sit klimatopmøde vil sige endnu engang, at den globale opvarmning u...

21 Apr2021

Pausar el alarmismo climático en favor de soluciones más inteligentes

Published by Milenio

En este Día de la Tierra, las dramáticas advertencias sobre el cambio climático serán omnipresentes. En su cumbre sobre el clima, el presidente estadounidense Joe Biden repetirá sin duda que el calentamiento global representa una “amenaza existencial”.

21 Apr2021

If US is only country to cut carbon emissions, it would achieve ‘almost nothing’: Climate expert

Published by FOX Business News

openhagen Consensus President Bjorn Lomborg provides insight into President Biden’s expected climate plan.

20 Apr2021

Política climática contra países em desenvolvimento

Published by O Globo

À medida que aumentam os custos da política climática, os países ricos pressionam os mais pobres a pagar essa conta por meio de tarifas de carbono. O Reino Unido tem esse objetivo como prioridade de sua presidência do G7, e a União Europeia avança com seus planos de uma taxa de carbono própria. Já os países em desenvolvimento estão irritados com a ideia.

12 Apr2021

Rige landes klimapolitikker skader udviklingslandene

Published by Berlingske

Når de rige lande lover at tackle fremtidens klimaændringer, kan det ende med at se sort ud for udviklingslandene. Den nuværende Parisaftale kommer eksempelvis til at tvinge flere mennesker ind i fattigdom inden 2030, end ellers ville have været tilfældet.

28 Mar2021

A plot against the poor: Beware the carbon tariffs that’ll act as back-door protectionism for rich countries

Published by The Times of India

To tackle climate change, rich nations are promising to end fossil fuel use in 29 years. As this becomes excruciatingly costly, the G7 is now thinking about making the world’s poor pay for it. That’ll go badly. The rich world has seen an incredible development on the back of enormous increases in mostly fossil fuel energy. A couple of hundred years ago, most available power came from backbreaking human work. Even by the end of the 1800s, human labour made up 94% of all industrial work in the US. Today, it constitutes just 8%. If we think of the energy we use in terms of “servants”, each with...

24 Mar2021

Kostsam väg till det fossilfria samhället

Published by Svenska Dagbladet

Att lägga tusentals miljarder på enorma, hastigt genomförda utsläppsminskningar är en ohållbar, ineffektiv och västvärldscentrerad lösning. Vi borde istället göra de gröna alternativen billigare än de fossila, skriver Bjørn Lomborg.

24 Mar2021

Los pobres del mundo no deberían pagar por costosas políticas climáticas

Published by Milenio

Para hacer frente al cambio climático, los países ricos siguen prometiendo que dejarán de utilizar combustibles fósiles en 29 años. Pero a medida que esto se vuelve insoportablemente costoso, el G7 está pensando en hacer que los pobres del mundo lo paguen. Y va a salir mal.

22 Mar2021

Instead of panicking, fight climate change with innovation

Published by China Daily

Across the world, politicians are going out of their way to promise fantastically expensive climate policies. US President Joe Biden has promised to spend US$500 billion each year on climate policies-about 13 percent of the entire federal revenue. And the European Union has vowed to spend 25 percent of its budget to combat climate change. Most rich countries now promise to go carbon neutral by the middle of this century. Shockingly, only one country has made a serious, independent estimate of the cost: New Zealand found it would optimistically cost 16 percent of its GDP by then, equivalent to...