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2 Nov2021

Climate change is not an ‘existential threat’

Published by The Washington Post

At the Glasgow climate conference, President Biden declared climate change an “existential threat to human existence as we know it.” No, it’s not. Climate change is not a meteor hurtling toward Earth to destroy humanity. Rather, it is a chronic, manageable condition humanity can live with. So argues Bjorn Lomborg, author of the book “False Alarm: How Climate Change Panic Costs Us Trillions, Hurts the Poor, and Fails to Fix the Planet.”

2 Nov2021

Björn Lomborg: Ny billig grön energi är det enda som kan rädda klimatet

Published by Kristianstadsbladet

Världsledarna som nu träffas på COP26 i Glasgow måste investera mycket mer resurser på forskning och utveckling.

2 Nov2021

World leaders push doomsday rhetoric around climate change

Published by America's Newsroom

Bjorn Lomborg interview with Sandra Smith on America's Newsroom. Bjorn Lomborg, president of the Copenhagen Consensus Center, emphasizes the need for smart, not fear-driven solutions to address climate change.

2 Nov2021

Cop26. Basta con le promesse campate in aria, investite in ricerca sull’energia pulita

Published by Tempi

Scommettere sull’innovazione è la sola via percorribile perché la conferenza di Glasgow non sia l’ennesimo inutile vertice sul clima pieno di impegni che nessuno manterrà

1 Nov2021

Björn Lomborg: kliimavõitluse mõju on olnud olematu

Published by Postimees

Meil on vaja palju tugevamat fookust rohelise energia uuringutele. Kui maailm suudaks uuendada rohelist energiat nii, et see muutuks fossiilkütustest odavamaks, lahendaks me globaalse soojenemise, kirjutab mõttekoja Copenhagen Consensus president ja Stanfordi Ülikooli Hooveri instituudi külalisteadlane Björn Lomborg.

1 Nov2021

Glasgow climate summit is an elite farce — innovation is the solution

Published by New York Post

At the UN Climate Summit in Glasgow (COP26), President Biden is projecting the image of a climate trailblazer: “The United States is not only back at the table, but hopefully leading by the power of our example.”

1 Nov2021

Bjorn Lomborg - Adam Carolla Show 11/1/21

Published by Adam Carolla Show

Author Bjorn Lomborg returns to the show to talk about the current state of Sweden’s COVID tactics and the media’s response. The two also chat about world leaders failing to attack climate change issues. Additionally, they go over various energy options including nuclear, wind, and solar. Lastly, Adam asks if Bjorn has noticed a shift in the way society has accepted his thoughts on these issues.

1 Nov2021

G20 leaders reach climate agreement, set carbon neutral goal for 'around mid-century’

Published by Fox News Channel

Lomborg also discussed the cost of carbon neutrality on the Fox News Channel.

30 Oct2021

The Biden-Europe Climate Summit

Published by Journal Editorial Report

Lomborg discussed the necessity of designing policies that work for the world's poor in order to seriously tackle global warming with Wall Street Journal editor Paul Gigot on the Journal Editorial Report.

29 Oct2021

The great ecological delusion: Costly heat pumps that barely work, electric cars recharged by diesel generators... but what if the cash spent on flawed schemes went on new green tech that REALLY worked?

Published by Daily Mail

Today, 120 world leaders and 30,000 delegates will start arriving in Glasgow for the Cop26 climate change conference. Watching from afar will be Bjorn Lomborg, the former Greenpeace activist who, in his acclaimed 2001 book The Skeptical Environmentalist, concluded that the costly measures being dreamed up by politicians, scientists and businessmen have proved next to useless. Here, he explains why little has changed.