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10 Feb2022

Vi spaventano i prezzi dell’energia? Con la transizione green andrà molto peggio

Published by Tempi

I costi dell’energia aumentando in maniera incontrollata in tutto il mondo. Negli Stati Uniti i prezzi del gas si impennano. Il rincaro delle bollette del riscaldamento ha fatto sprofondare l’Europa in una crisi energetica.

10 Feb2022

Vi spaventano i prezzi dell’energia? Con la transizione green andrà molto peggio

Published by Tempi

Bjørn Lomborg contro la follia di perseguire l’obiettivo delle zero emissioni a prescindere da qualunque valutazione economica e tecnologica

7 Feb2022

Facebook, other tech giants censor inconvenient facts about climate change

Published by New York Post

The online world has become a free-speech battleground. Tech platforms have sided with illiberal regimes to censor posts while flagging “misinformation” in free countries. We all share a legitimate interest in avoiding outright falsehoods, but much censorship today — whether at dictators’ behest or in the name of eradicating “misinformation” — ultimately is about restricting discourse to a narrow corridor of the politically acceptable. That makes it harder to identify smart policies.

6 Feb2022

Are electric cars the new 'diesel scandal' waiting to happen? They generate polluting particles just like petrol vehicles, are not even that cost-effective and, as one expert finds, will not save the planet

Published by Daily Mail

While diesel cars tend to be more fuel-efficient with lower emissions, they also emit greater quantities of other pollutants that damage air quality and health Now, electric cars could be the future for many as BJORN LOMBORG explains

18 Jan2022

50 años de pánico no han resuelto el cambio climático

Published by La Tercera

La reciente cumbre de la ONU sobre el clima celebrada en Glasgow fue calificada, como era de esperar, como nuestra “última oportunidad” para hacer frente a la “catástrofe climática” y “salvar a la humanidad”. Casi todas las cumbres sobre el clima han sido calificadas como la última oportunidad. Establecer plazos artificiales para llamar la atención es una de las tácticas medioambientales más comunes. Se nos ha dicho continuamente durante el último medio siglo que el tiempo está por agotarse. Este mensaje es espectacularmente erróneo y conduce al pánico y a las malas políticas.

18 Jan2022

Vijftig jaar paniek heeft klimaat niet geholpen

Published by De Telegraaf

Een halve eeuw klinken voorspellingen dat mens en aarde ten dode zijn opgeschreven als er niet snel drastisch wordt ingegrepen. Bjorn Lomborg relativeert de 'absurde waarschuwingen'.

12 Jan2022

The Truth About Climate Change, Climate Realism & Alarmism, with Bjorn Lomborg & David Wallace-Wells

Published by Megyn Kelly Show

Megyn Kelly is joined by Bjorn Lomborg, author of "False Alarm," and David Wallace-Wells, author of "The Uninhabitable Earth," for a wide-ranging conversation and debate about climate change - realism and alarmism. Topics include the worst and best case climate change scenarios, whether climate change is the most important challenge facing humanity or not, America's impact vs. China and India's impact, debating our tangible climate future, celebrity hypocrisy, whether extreme weather events can be connected to climate change, what average Americans can do vs. what governments need to do, the...

6 Jan2022

Komiczne krzyki o klimatycznej Apokalipsie –— 50 lat nieuzasadnionego siania paniki

Published by Listy z naszego sadu

Niedawny szczyt klimatyczny ONZ w Glasgow był zgodnie z przewidywaniami nazwany naszą „ostatnią szansą” poradzenia sobie z “katastrofą klimatyczną” i „uratowania ludzkości”. Podobnie jak wielu innych, specjalny wysłannik USA ds. klimatu, John Kerry, ostrzegał nas, że pozostało nam tylko dziewięć lat na zapobieżenie “katastrofalnemu” globalnemu ociepleniu.

5 Jan2022

Today’s Soaring Energy Prices Are Only the Beginning

Published by Wall Street Journal

Energy prices are soaring, and it’s likely a sign of things to come. The rise can be blamed on a variety of things, including the demand rebound after the lockdowns ended, a drop in renewable electricity output from a lack of wind in Europe during most of 2021, and increasingly costly climate policies. But while the pandemic will end and the wind will blow again, climate policies to achieve “net zero” emissions will keep hiking prices.

1 Jan2022

Största möjliga nytta är det bästa nyårslöftet

Published by Göteborgs-Posten

Vid årets slut funderar vi ofta på vad gott vi vill uppnå i världen under de kommande tolv månaderna. Vi ger nyårslöften om personliga mål, som exempelvis att träna mer, hålla vikten bättre, eller ordna en bättre ekonomi – och somliga av oss lovar att bidra till samhället och människorna runt omkring, genom volontärarbete och gåvor till välgörenhet. Det är ett bra tillfälle att tänka på hur vi gör gott i världen, men också på hur vi kan göra så mycket gott som möjligt, inte bara lokalt utan även globalt.