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1 Oct2010

Lomborg interview at W Radio

Published by W Radio

Bjørn Lomborg, escritor, profesor y ambientalista danés La W Radio Septiembre 21 de 2010 Julio Sanchez Cristo

1 Oct2010

Eu não mudei de ideia. Lomborg in Estado Sao Paulo

Published by Estado Sao Paulo

‘Eu não mudei de ideia’, diz o cientista político dinamarquês Bjorn Lomborg Em novo livro, ex-cético recua da tese de que mudança climática não deve ser prioridade O cientista político dinamarquês Bjorn Lomborg ficou famoso dez anos atrás ao publicar O Ambientalista Cético. No best seller, acusava ONGs de manipular dados para que governos investissem pesado no combate às mudanças climáticas. O termo cético virou moda, mas Lomborg recuou. Em Smart Solutions to Climate Change (Soluções Inteligentes para as Mudanças Climáticas), elege o tema como prioritário. Ressalta, porém, que a...

29 Sep2010

Lomborg in La Razon: La respuesta política al calentamiento global no funciona

Published by La Razon

Bjørn Lomborg Para el ambientalista danés, no todo es blanco o negro. «No estoy de acuerdo ni con los que dicen que el calentamiento global es un invento ni con los que aseguran que es el fin del mundo» Le llamo. Está en plena conversación telefónica, así que me pide que lo haga en cinco minutos, que se convierten en diez. Y esto tras un par de días cambiando la hora de la entrevista. Es normal. Desde que aparecieran unas declaraciones suyas en «The Guardian», en las que afirmaba que es necesario invertir 79.000 millones de euros al año para resolver el problema del...

29 Sep2010

Bloomberg news: Lomborg Sees No U-Turn

Published by Bloomberg News

Lomborg Sees No U-Turn in Renewable Energy, Carbon Tax Support By Gelu Sulugiuc - Sep 20, 2010 Bjoern Lomborg, the Danish social scientist known for his opposition to efforts to cut emissions, said taxing carbon dioxide and raising investments in renewable energy are the best ways to limit global warming. The author of the best-seller, “The Skeptical Environmentalist,” in a new book advocated global spending on developing renewable-energy technologies of about $100 billion a year and new carbon taxes instead of cap-and-trade programs. (...)

22 Sep2010

Lomborg's article in Wall Street Journal: U-Turn On Global Warming? Hardly

Published by Wall Street Journal

U-Turn On Global Warming? Hardly. Being skeptical of Al Gore's solution doesn't make me a 'denier.' WALL STREET JOURNAL September 15, 2010 By Bjorn Lomborg After years of being accused of believing something I didn't believe—or, more accurately, not believing something I really did—I made headlines last month for changing my mind even though I hadn't. Confused? Imagine how I feel. It's worth explaining what happened to me because it tells us something important about why the global warming debate has produced so little in the way of results. (...)

17 Sep2010

Lomborg in Le Monde: Le changement climatique est une réalité

Published by Le Monde

Le statisticien danois Bjorn Lomborg, 45 ans, a connu la notoriété mondiale en 2001 avec son livre The Skeptical Environmentalist (L'Ecologiste sceptique, Le Cherche Midi, 2004). Cet ouvrage entendait démontrer que nombre de problèmes environnementaux - dont le changement climatique - étaient exagérés. Ses thèses ont été combattues par de nombreux écologistes et scientifiques, mais soutenues par des personnalités comme Claude Allègre, qui a préfacé la traduction française de l'ouvrage. (...)

17 Sep2010

Lomborg's article in Forbes India

Published by Forbes

Bjorn Lomborg: Get Real, Make Green Energy Cheaper Cutting carbon emissions is not the right solution, we must seriously ramp up our commitment to green-energy development I would single out the idea that policymakers should pay more heed to economic science — and less to hyperbole and alarmism — when they are formulating solutions to the world’s biggest problems. (...)

16 Sep2010

Lomborg's PS op-ed: Two Cheers for China’s Climate Obstruction

Published by Project Syndicate

COPENHAGEN – Since the Copenhagen climate summit’s failure, many politicians and pundits have pointed the finger at China’s leaders for blocking a binding, global carbon-mitigation treaty. But the Chinese government’s resistance was both understandable and inevitable. Rather than mustering indignation, decision-makers would do well to use this as a wake-up call: it is time to consider a smarter climate policy. China is unwilling to do anything that might curtail the economic growth that has enabled millions of Chinese to clamber out of poverty. This development can be...

16 Sep2010

Lomborg's PS op-ed: Climate Science or Climate Evangelism?

Published by Project Syndicate

COPENHAGEN – As George W. Bush and Tony Blair learned the hard way, the public does not take kindly to being misled about the nature of potential threats. The after-the-fact revelation that the reasons for invading Iraq were vastly exaggerated – and in some cases completely fabricated – produced an angry backlash that helped toss the Republicans out of power in the United States in 2008 and may do the same to Britain’s Labour Party later this year. A similar shift in global public opinion is occurring with respect to climate change. (...)

16 Sep2010

Lomborg's PS op-ed: Stumbling in the Dark

Published by Project Syndicate

SAO PAULO – As well-intentioned gestures go, Earth Hour is hard to beat. At the stroke of 8:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 27, nearly a billion people in more than 120 countries demonstrated their desire to do something about global warming by switching off their lights for an hour. In a show of official solidarity, the lights also went out at many of the planet’s most iconic landmarks, from the Opera House in Sydney to the Great Pyramid at Giza, not to mention Beijing’s Forbidden City, New York’s Empire State Building, London’s Big Ben, Paris’s Eiffel Tower,...