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17 Oct2018

The “No-Growth” Prescription for Misery

Published by Project Syndicate

From their ivory towers, nearly 240 academics have declared that economic growth is bad for Europe and the planet. In two months, they and global supporters of the “no-growth economy” have held conferences in Mexico City, Malmö, and Brussels. Their efforts herald a return to an earlier, thoroughly debunked form of alarmist environmentalism that is detached from reality and disdainful of billions of the world’s people. The campaigners claim we must stop economic growth because the planet is crossing environmental boundaries, and inequality between humans is increasing.

15 Oct2018

¿Son los hijos los causantes del calentamiento global?

Published by El Tiempo

En todas las culturas, criar un hijo se considera una de las acciones más gratificantes para una persona. Sin embargo, un coro de activistas, científicos y periodistas sugiere que todos deberían pensar dos veces antes de procrear. ‘The Guardian’ aconseja a sus lectores: “¿Quiere usted luchar contra el cambio climático? Tenga menos hijos”. Y ‘The New York Times’ advierte que tener un hijo es la peor acción ambiental que cualquier persona podría llevar a cabo. Asegura que una hipotética mujer estadounidense que tras tener un hijo comienza a usar un automóvil eficiente en combustible, conduce...

14 Oct2018

Fight Tuberculosis Not Climate Change To Save Lives

Published by The Australian

Global leaders recently swept into New York for the United Nations General Assembly, trailed by thousands of media, activists and protestors. During the high-level get-together, two very different meetings held at the exactly same time revealed much about their priorities—and their flawed approach to the planet’s biggest problems. At a glittering gala event, the heads of the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Google, and the world's largest asset manager BlackRock joined leaders from Denmark, France, New Zealand and beyond to pledge support for the acceleration of the implementation of...

14 Oct2018

Os custos globais da violência doméstica

Published by Jornal de Negocios

custo da violência doméstica chega a uns impressionantes 5,2% do PIB mundial todos os anos. Ainda assim, a quantidade de investigação e financiamento destinados a resolver o problema é pequena se comparada com o que é gasto na busca da paz internacional.

13 Oct2018

Climate Change: The Final Call?

Published by BBC Scotland

Scientists are describing it as the final call: the most extensive warning yet on the risks of rising global temperatures. The Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change report earlier this week predicted that global temperatures were set to rise to 3 degrees above pre-industrial levels - the IPCC says urgent and drastic action is imperative to keep the rise at one and a half degrees or less. George Monbiot the Environmental campaigner and Guardian columnist and Bjorn Lomborg who is the director of the environmental think tank, the Copenhagen Consensus Centre discuss how should we approach...

10 Oct2018

Don't panic over U.N. climate change report

Published by USA Today

The new United Nations report is being talked about as though it portends the end of the world: To avoid catastrophe, we must instantly transform the entire economy no matter the costs. This is unjustified. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), in its latest major global analysis, estimated that the total impact of unmitigated climate change from extreme weather, changes in agriculture, rising sea levels and so on would be equivalent to reducing the average person’s income by between 0.2 and 2 percent in the 2070s.

10 Oct2018

U.N. Ignores Economics Of Climate

Published by Wall Street Journal

The global economy must be transformed immediately to avoid catastrophic climate damage, a new United Nations report declares. Climate economist William Nordhaus has been made a Nobel laureate. The events are being reported as two parts of the same story, but they reveal the contradictions inherent in climate policy—and why economics matters more than ever. Limiting temperatures to 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit above preindustrial levels, as the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change urges, is economically and practically impossible—as Mr. Nordhaus’s work shows. The IPCC report...

9 Oct2018

Permettre aux filles de maîtriser leur destin

Published by Le Quotidien D' Oran

À la loterie de la vie, naître femme dans un pays pauvre vous expose à un double handicap. Dans les pays pauvres, le nombre de personnes pauvres est plus important chez les femmes que dans tout autre groupe démographique, et les femmes y sont aussi en moins bonne santé, ont plus difficilement accès à l’éducation, et ont plus de chance d’être victimes de violences. L’inégalité des sexes – résultant de la discrimination au travail et des inégalités de rémunération – coûte au monde l’équivalent exorbitant de 15,5 % du PIB global. En refusant aux femmes les possibilités de déployer leurs talents...

29 Sep2018

El panorama actual del desarrollo: un mundo mejor está aquí

Published by El Tiempo

Es muy fácil formarse la visión de que el mundo moderno se está desmoronando. Nos enfrentamos a una arremetida de negatividad: titulares alarmantes, hallazgos de investigación alarmantes y estadísticas miserables. De hecho, hay muchas cosas en el planeta por las que deberíamos estar preocupados. Pero fijarse en las historias de ‘terror’ significa que perdemos el panorama completo.

26 Sep2018

Global warming did not cause Hurricane Florence

Published by Fox Business Channel

Copenhagen Consensus Center President Bjorn Lomborg discusses how President Trump didn’t mention climate change during his speech at the United Nations and why global warming isn’t responsible for Hurricane Florence.