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7 Sep2009

Lomborg's op-ed in The Australian: Cut the carbon later on

Published by The Australian

Cutting future emissions is much cheaper than slashing present ones, argues Bjorn Lomborg AT its heart, much of the debate over climate change deals with just one divisive and vexing question: How big should cuts in carbon emissions be? This narrow focus makes the debate unconstructive. Everybody wants to prevent global warming and the real question is: How can we do that best? We should be open to other ways to stop warming, such as cutting carbon emissions in the future instead of now or focusing on reducing emissions of other greenhouse gases. Global warming will create significant...

7 Sep2009

Lomborg op-ed: Atmospheric engineering may help reverse global warming

Published by The Daily Star

In The Daily Star. Saturday, August 15, 2009 Global warming will mean that more people die from the heat. There will be a rise in sea levels, more malaria, starvation and poverty. Concern has been great, but humanity has done very little that will actually prevent these outcomes. Carbon emissions have kept increasing, despite repeated promises of cuts. We all have a stake in ensuring that climate change is stopped. We turned to climate scientists to inform us about the problem of global warming. Now we need to turn to climate economists to enlighten us about the benefits, costs, and possible...

2 Sep2009

Lomborg in Business Insider Green Sheet

Published by Business Insider

Bjorn Lomborg: We Need To Spray Water Into The Air To Cool The Globe Jay Yarow|Aug. 7, 2009, 12:52 PM In the Financial Times, climate pundit Bjorn Lomborg reiterates his argument that the current policy tacts for combating climate change are expensive and unlikely to do much. So what's a better alternative? The FT says Lomborg advocates, "tackling sources of climate change other than carbon dioxide, such as methane and soot; investing in new tech­nologies; adapting to the effects of climate change; planting more forests; and weighing up whether emissions cuts are cheaper to do...

21 Aug2009

Cool it, Une thèse rafraîchissante. By Baptiste Marsollat

Published by Societal

Dans son premier ouvrage – L’Écologiste sceptique, le véritable état de la planète1 –, Bjørn Lomborg analysait les évolutions et les données actuellement disponibles concernant le climat, la démographie, l’énergie ou encore la biodiversité, pour conclure, à rebours de la doxa environnementaliste, que la prospérité sans précédent de l’humanité à notre époque n’était pas menacée, malgré des déséquilibres réels et des problèmes sérieux, par un péril imminent. L’engouement et la controverse planétaires suscités par ses thèses semblent avoir conforté le...

20 Aug2009

Article in New York Times: Rhetorical excess undercuts the case against global warming

Published by New York Times

Rhetorical excess undercuts the case against global warming. By John Vinocur.

20 Aug2009

Did the Poznan climate talks produce more than a lot of hot air?

Published by Reuters

The Reuters article about Poznan quotes Lomborg's article that was published one day before in Forbes: (...) Meanwhile, Bjorn Lomborg, author of the "Sceptical Environmentalist" writes in the business magazine, Forbes, that rather than wasting money on meetings to decide global agreements which will inevitably be ignored, the world's poorest would be better served by improvements to their living conditions now. "Interventions like improving malnutrition and child health in the Third World deserve a much higher priority than carbon cuts to battle climate change," he...

13 Aug2009

Dejte mi 1900 plachetnic, a zachráním svět, tvrdí Bjorn Lomborg

Published by E15

Český prezident Václav Klaus se na něj při boji proti zastáncům rychlé akce, která by zabránila globálnímu oteplování, už nejspíše nebude odvolávat. Celebrita v debatě o klimatické změně, dánský akademik Lomborg, změnil dres. Globální oteplování nyní považuje za akutní problém, který však může jako kapitán flotily plachetnic hravě vyřešit. (...)

7 Aug2009

When it comes to global warming, talk of treason is in the air

Published by The Daily Star

Op-ed by Bjorn Lomborg Thursday, July 16, 2009 Discussions about global warming are marked by an increasing desire to stamp out “impure” thinking, to the point of questioning the value of democratic debate. But shutting down discussion simply means the disappearance of reason from public policy. In March, Al Gore’s science adviser and prominent climate researcher, Jim Hansen, proclaimed that when it comes to dealing with global warming, the “democratic process isn’t working.” Although science has demonstrated that carbon-dioxide from fossil fuels is heating...

27 Jul2009

Review of Cool it

Published by Kijk

Een koele kijk op het klimaat

27 Jul2009

Mr. Gore, Your Solution to Climate Change is Wrong

Published by Esquire

The plan we are most likely to adopt to address climate change will cost far too much and do next to nothing. The fight over the science of warming is over, yes. But the debate over the solution to global warming hasn't even begun.