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26 Jun2011

Interview with Lomborg in I-CIO magazine

Published by I-CIO

“We need to ignite an energy tech revolution,” says controversial environmentalist Bjørn Lomborg Posted by Kenny MacIver 24 Jan 2011 Al Gore issues strict, clear instructions when he finds himself speaking at the same climate-change conference as Bjørn Lomborg: along the lines of, “Make sure I don’t share the stage or speakers’ room with that guy.” (...)

26 Jun2011

Interview with Lomborg on South African E-News channel about Green Jobs

Published by E News Channel (ZAF)

Green Jobs : Jobs Week Exclusive eNews Channel From: enewschannel Apr 14, 2011 On the 8th of April 2011, the eNews channel hosted a debate regarding the creation of 'green' jobs. Anchor, Joanne Joseph hosted the discussion between Earthlife representative, Muna Lakhani and author of "The Skeptical Environmentalist", Bjorn Lomborg.

26 Jun2011

DK: Lomborg interview in Raeson

Published by Raeson

2011 June Lomborg: Dan Jørgensen sidder fast i Kyoto-fortiden ”Hvis det ikke var alvorligt, var det jo komisk: Hvis EU gennemfører 2020-politikken, vil det koste 250 mia. dollar om året og reducere temperaturen med 0,05 grader. Får Dan Jørgensen sin vilje, og sætter reduktionen helt op til 30 %, vil det koste 400 mia. dollar om året, men kun reducere temperaturen til 0,06 grader; kun yderligere én hundrededel grad.” Det siger Bjørn Lomborg til RÆSON. Al Gore har skabt en panikangst, der har ført til 20 års fejlslagen klimapolitik: ”Der er en reel risiko for, at klimadebatten...

20 Jun2011

Lomborg op-ed: How to Set Goals

Published by Project Syndicate

2011-06-14 How to Set Goals COPENHAGEN – At this century’s start, leaders from every country agreed to pursue the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals. The ambition was to improve significantly the lot of the planet’s most disadvantaged citizens before 2015. (...) Read it online BL Op-ed 2011-6 June How to set Goals.pdf

14 Jun2011

Lomborg's article in Newsweek: A Roadmap for the Planet

Published by Newsweek

A Roadmap for the Planet How we live today is clearly unsustainable. Why history proves that is completely irrelevant. by Bjorn Lomborg June 12, 2011 From the 18th through the mid-19th century, whale oil provided light to much of the Western world. At its peak, whaling employed 70,000 people and was the United States’ fifth-largest industry. The U.S. stood as the world’s foremost whale slayer. Producing millions of gallons of oil each year, the industry was widely seen as unassailable, with advocates scoffing at would-be illumination substitutes like lard oil and camphene. Without...

9 Jun2011

Lomborg on Go Morgen

Published by TV2

May 27, 2011 Ny film om Bjørn Lomborg Der er kommet en ny film om den indflydelsesrige og kontroversielle klimaforsker Bjørn Lomborg.

9 Jun2011

Lomborg's article in USA Today: 'Earth Hour' won't change the world

Published by USA Today

By Bjorn Lomborg Updated 3/23/2011 Copenhagen's central square hardly competes with New York's Times Square for glitz, but it is prime commercial space in my home of Denmark. Now there's a new advertiser among the neon signs: a brightly lit billboard exhorts everyone to participate in "Earth Hour," the 60 minutes on Saturday night in which the whole world is urged to dim the lights to cut greenhouse emissions. (...)

8 Jun2011

Lomborg on Letterman

Published by CBS

Watch Late Show with David Letterman – Ricky Gervais, Bjorn Lomborg, Foo Fighters Apr 12, 2011 Air date: 11:35 pm, 11:35 pm TV Network: CBS

7 Jun2011

Венцислав Савов

Published by Manager

Трябва да насочим усилията си към производство на зелена енергия на по-ниска и по-достъпна цена, смята Бьорн Ломборг, световноизвестен писател и еколог Автор: Венцислав Савов Прочетете го онлайн

7 Jun2011

Politiken TV: Miljødebattens enfant terrible er gået til filmen

Published by Politiken TV

2. jun 2011 Kilde: Miljødebattens enfant terrible er gået til filmen Bjørn Lomborg vil ikke bare tale til hjernen, men også hjernet med sin film 'Cool it'. Se den online