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8 Jul2019

Caldo, freddo e le strategie energetiche da adottare

Published by Il Sole 24 Ore

Un'ondata di caldo estremo si è abbattuta sull'Europa e si prepara a mietere vittime. Come accaduto di recente in India, le temperature estreme vengono strumentalizzate al fine di richiedere politiche ambientali più incisive.

8 Jul2019

Prioritising e-government procurement for vision 2021 and beyond

Published by The Daily Star

Transparency, fair competition and accountability are three defining features of an efficient public procurement system. Until 2011, the Bangladesh procurement process was paper-based and plagued by corruption and malpractices. Short bidding periods, nondisclosure of the selection criteria, pre-tender negotiation with bidders were some of the defining features of guiding Bangladesh’s public procurement activities. Although the World Bank recommended introducing e-Government Procurement (e-GP) system in 2002, it was not until the current government’s Digital Bangladesh agenda that gave fresh...

5 Jul2019

Empowering rural courts

Published by The Daily Star

Increasing access to justice at the grassroot level can directly protect human rights of the rural poor. It is estimated that nearly 4 billion poor around the world cannot access the protection of the law and justice system. A study by the Hague Institute for Innovation of Law (HiiL) and BRAC Human Rights and Legal Aid Services found that on average, 31 million people, mostly belonging to rural areas, experience legal problems every year.

3 Jul2019

Grön energi är svaret på klimatfrågorna

Published by Svenska Dagbladet

Extremvärmen har drabbat Europa och tragiskt nog kostat människoliv, något som nu blivit ett argument för mer kraftfull klimatpolitik. Tyvärr är det fel väg att gå – och det kan leda till fler dödsfall totalt sett.

26 Jun2019

Nazywanie zmiany klimatu ”katastrofalną” utrudnia znalezienie realnych odpowiedzi

Published by Listy z naszego sadu

Czy zauważyliście jak w ciągu ostatnich dziesięciu lat po cichu przestaliśmy mieć burze i zaczęliśmy mieć ”skrajne wydarzenia pogodowe”? Wydaje się, że żaden spadek temperatury lub sezonowa ulewa nie są zbyt małe, by media nadały im przerażające nazwy i wydawały ostrzeżenia minuta za minutą. Obecnie niektóre media i bojownicy kampanii próbują zrobić dokładnie to samo dla zmiany klimatu.

21 Jun2019

The trade war’s biggest losers: It’s poor people throughout the developing world

Published by New York Daily News

The trade war between the United States and China has prompted many commentators to focus on the economic pain that will be felt by the two sides: hitting U.S. consumers in the pocket, and causing pain for Chinese exporters. There are a small number of supposed winners, with production predicted to shift from China to countries like Vietnam, Cambodia or India. But there’s a far bigger concern, which is that decision-makers across the world have shifted sharply against the most powerful global economic development tool ever been discovered. Yes, free trade is good for rich countries: It has...

20 Jun2019

Why GDP Still Matters

Published by Project Syndicate

New Zealand is being lauded for introducing the world’s first Wellbeing Budget, which aims to shift the focus from GDP toward the “wellbeing of people.” Those with a grudge against the GDP indicator – in particular greens, who blame economic growth for harming the environment – see this as an exciting new opportunity to stop chasing dollars and start caring about people. The pursuit of higher GDP is easy to malign. The measure was invented during the industrial era, and includes many things that are obviously not beneficial. As Robert F. Kennedy pointed out a half-century ago, GDP “counts...

17 Jun2019

Sorry, banning plastic bags won’t save our planet

Published by Globe and Mail

Last week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a plan to reduce plastic pollution, which will include a ban on single-use plastics as early as 2021. This is laudable: plastics clog drains and cause floods, litter nature and kill animals and birds. Of course, plastic also makes our lives better in a myriad of ways. In just four decades, plastic packaging has become ubiquitous because it keeps everything from cereals to juice fresher and reduces transportation losses, while one-use plastics in the medical sector have made syringes, pill bottles and diagnostic equipment safer. Going without...

16 Jun2019

Energiewende: Mehr Geld für die Forschung

Published by Börse Online

Anfang des Monats erklärte das britische Parlament, der Planet stehe vor einem " Klimanotstand". Damit war Großbritannien, nach Städten wie Los Angeles, London, Vancouver und Basel, das erste Land, das sich derart drastisch ­äußerte. Dies ist ein gutes Beispiel dafür, was in der Klimapolitik falsch läuft: Politiker geben pompöse, Angst erzeugende Erklärungen ab, die von der wirtschaftlichen Realität völlig abgetrennt sind - und auch von der Lösung der Probleme, zu der sie angeblich beitragen sollen. Politische Rhetorik ist billig zu haben, aber deutliche Einschnitte bei den Kohlen­...

15 Jun2019

Politikere lever af at få det til at se ud, som om de redder alle mennesker i verden

Published by Altinget

Den kontroversielle politolog, klimadebattør Bjørn Lomborg har siden Kyoto-aftalen 1997 været en insisterende torn i øjet på landets klimaforkæmpere. Hans modstand over for den grønne omstilling har i 20 år bundet i økonomiske cost-benefit-analyser, hvor man ifølge Lomborg bruger alt for mange ressourcer på at omstille til sol- og vindenergi set i forhold til udbyttet.