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19 Jun2012

Equívoco no Rio

Published by Negocios

2012-06-19 Milhares de pessoas reúnem-se, neste momento, no Rio de Janeiro para participar na Cimeira da Terra das Nações Unidas. Os participantes, que vão desde políticos cansados a activistas entusiasmados, pretendem recuperar as preocupações globais com o meio ambiente. Infelizmente, o mais provável é que esta cimeira seja uma oportunidade perdida.

18 Jun2012

Lomborg in Der Standard: "Weniger zahlen und viel mehr erreichen"

Published by Der Standard

Der Standard. INTERVIEW ERIC FREY, 15. Juni 2012 Bjørn Lomborg, Kritiker der Klimaschutzpolitik, sieht den Kampf gegen CO2-Emissionen und Subventionen für alternative Energie als Geldverschwendung

18 Jun2012

Verbohrt in Rio

Published by Die Welt

2012-06-18 "Grüne Ökonomie" ist das neue trendige Thema des UN-Gipfels in Brasilien. Aber kann man die todernsten Probleme der Welt mit den Luxusrezepten der reichen Länder kurieren?

16 Jun2012

Empecinados en Río

Published by El Tiempo

2012-06-16 Copenhague. Pronto se reunirán decenas de miles de personas en Río de Janeiro para la Cumbre de la Tierra de las Naciones Unidas. Los participantes, que van desde políticos cansados hasta personas que hacen, entusiastas, campaña, deben reavivar la preocupación mundial por el medio ambiente. Lamentablemente, lo más probable es que la cumbre sea una oportunidad perdida. (...)

16 Jun2012

Fareed Zakaria GPS : Lomborg on environmentalism

Published by CNN

2012-06-17 CNN Fareed Zakaria GPS: Lomborg on environmentalism. Lomborg on the UN's conference on sustainable development.

14 Jun2012

Lomborg: Research Is The Way Ahead for Preserving Biodiversity

Published by Forbes India

Biodiversity campaigners should push the case for more R&D, rather than putting out alarming figures or pictures of endangered cuddly animals Forbes India By Bjorn Lomborg.Jun 14, 2012 Disappearing biodiversity has increasingly received mainstream media attention in the past few years. Often, biodiversity campaigners have attempted to capture our attention with pictures of cuddly endangered animals, or alarming figures about the rate of disappearing species.They use cuddly animals because people are much more inclined to care more about so-called “charismatic animals” (larger...

14 Jun2012

The Debate: Should we be doing more to combat climate change?

Published by The Independent

The Independent. Read the opinion of Bjorn Lomborg and Tony Jupiter. By Laura DavisWednesday, 13 June 2012 Fifty years ago, few people cared about pollution, deforestation, whaling or the Ozone layer. But even with an increasing awareness of issues concerning the environment, there is still a long way to go. This week The Independent is looking at the successes and failures of the Green Movement at 50, with a series of blogs and features centred around the question: “Has the environment movement been a success?”

14 Jun2012

Bjorn Lomborg - Huffpost Voces

Published by Huffington Post

Huffpost Voces. Bjorn Lomborg y el ranking de los principales retos de la humanidad, ¿preocupaciones equivocadas? Publicado: 09/06/2012 El desempleo, la crisis de la vivienda y la baja calidad de la educación pueden ser los grandes desafíos que enfrentamos en Estados Unidos y otras naciones desarrolladas, pero no son los grandes problemas del mundo actual. ¿Y el calentamiento global?. Es un problema, pero tampoco es el más importante que enfrenta el mundo moderno.

13 Jun2012

Lomborg's article: Wrongheaded in Rio

Published by Project Syndicate

Project Syndicate2012-06-13 Bjorn Lomborg Project Syndicate Tens of thousands of people will soon gather in Rio de Janeiro for the United Nations Earth Summit. The participants, ranging from weary politicians to enthusiastic campaigners, are supposed to reignite global concern for the environment. Unfortunately, the summit is likely to be a wasted opportunity.

4 Jun2012

Article in the Guardian: Ignore the heart-wrenching pictures and focus on the benefits of aid

Published by The Guardian

Posted by Bjørn Lomborg. Monday 4 June 2012 09.00 BST Targeted financial assistance offers a middle path between the arguments for and against higher development spending. Despite tough recession budgets, the UK has decided to let development spending increase. The international development secretary Andrew Mitchell described spending on aid as "not only from the British people but for the British people", contributing to "a strong, more prosperous and safer world". USAid is reducing or cutting programmes because of budget shortfalls. Australia's Labour government is...