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14 Sep2019

Invertir en lucha contra la desnutrición infantil, un ‘buen negocio'

Published by El Tiempo

Es fácil pensar en la inanición como un reto que entró en la conciencia del mundo rico en los años 80 y se solucionó en gran parte gracias a conciertos de rock. Es cierto que el mundo ha hecho enormes avances en la lucha contra el hambre masiva en los últimos 30 años, principalmente como resultado del mejoramiento de las prácticas agrícolas. Sin embargo, a nivel planetario, la escasez de comida sigue matando a un niño cada tres segundos.

10 Sep2019

Prioritising Land Information Service Framework (LISF) for stronger e-Mutation service

Published by BD News 24

The government of Bangladesh is aiming for complete digitisation of its land record management system by 2020. Primarily, the deputy commissioner’s (DC) office at the district level is responsible for delivering land services, and the Assistant Commissioner (popularly known as AC Land) overlooks the mutation process with the help of the Union Land Assistant and other office assistants of Upazila (sub-district) or circle offices, such as Tahsildars.

7 Sep2019

Klimasortsyn forvrænger vores verdensanskuelse og kan føre til dårlig politik

Published by Berlingske

De fleste mennesker på Jorden vågner hver morgen med den opfattelse, at tingene bliver værre og værre. Det er der ikke noget at sige til i betragtning af det, de jævnligt læser i avisen eller ser i fjernsynet. Men dette sortsyn er et problem, for det fæster lid til skrækhistorier om, at klimaændringer vil ende i Ragnarok.

6 Sep2019

Climate Alarmism Isn't Rational

Published by PragerU

Don't believe the hysteria over climate change. It's more about expanding bureaucratic power than saving the planet. Bjorn Lomborg, Director of the Copenhagen Consensus Center, breaks down the facts about the environment and shows why the reality of climate change may be very different from what you hear in the media.

5 Sep2019

What AOC & co. get horribly wrong about Dorian and climate change

Published by New York Post

With Hurricane Dorian striking the Bahamas and the East Coast, the climate blame game is now in full swing again: Global-warming activists, newspaper columnists, TV commentators and politicians are drawing links between climate change and hurricanes. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, for example, warns, “This is what climate change looks like.” Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders one-ups that, tweeting: “Hurricane Dorian has everything to do with climate change, which is the existential crisis of our time.”

29 Aug2019

Wie führe ich ein nachhaltiges Leben?

Published by Die Weltwoche

Ratgeber für einen besonders umweltfreundlichen Lebenswandel haben Hochkonjunktur. Die meisten Tipps bringen der Umwelt wenig. Sechs Rezepte, die in die Irre führen – und eines, das tatsächlich funktioniert.

27 Aug2019

Family planning programmes for India

Published by Deccan Herald

At the heart of the new government's agenda is the question of how to ensure that India grows as strongly and as sustainably as it possibly can. There are different visions of how to achieve this, but one thing is certain: India has the potential to reap dividends from its major demographic transition. This transition is without comparison in the world. The working-age ratio in India's population is projected to increase from 64% in 2013 to 69% in 2040 – an addition of more than 300 million adults of working-age population.

26 Aug2019

El electorado no vota por el cambio climático

Published by Milenio

El reconocido activista naturalista y defensor del cambio climático, David Attenborough, cree que los gobiernos deberían reconocer su fracaso a la hora de abordar el calentamiento global.

23 Aug2019

Die Ernährungsrendite

Published by Börse Online

Ein neuer Bericht der Vereinten Nationen warnt davor, dass die Zahl der Hungernden im Jahr 2018 weltweit zum dritten Mal in Folge gestiegen sei und nun bei über 820 Millionen liege. Und rund zwei Milliarden Menschen - über ein Viertel der Weltbevölkerung - habe keinen regelmäßigen Zugang zu sicheren, nahrhaften und ausreichenden Lebensmitteln. Diese stillen Todesfälle und das stille Leiden erregen nicht die Aufmerksamkeit der Welt wie die vergangenen Hungersnöte. Sehr zu Unrecht. Obwohl wir Fortschritte bei der Bekämpfung des Hungers gemacht haben, gibt es einen überzeugenden Grund, noch mehr...

19 Aug2019

The Danger of Climate Doomsayers

Published by Project Syndicate

Most people on the planet wake up each day thinking that things are getting worse. It is little wonder, given what they routinely read in the newspaper or see on television. But this gloomy mood is a problem because it feeds into scare stories about how climate change will end in Armageddon. The fact is that the world is mostly getting better.