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31 Mar2019

Problema real pero no el único

Published by El Comercio

Durante el último cuarto de siglo, el cambio climático ha recibido más atención –y generado más profecías catastrofistas– por parte de líderes políticos y religiosos, celebridades y miembros de la realeza que cualquier otro tema.

24 Mar2019

Prioritise the prevention of domestic violence

Published by Hindustan Times

The impact of domestic violence is vast, with costs for victims and society at large. New evidence points to additions that could be made to policies, by any government, to help reduce this cost and turn the tide on violence. This comes from India Consensus, a collaboration between Tata Trusts and Copenhagen Consensus.

22 Mar2019

El acceso a la energía

Published by La Tercera

Una de las historias de exito en materia de desarrollo que mas se pasa por alto es que la poblacion sin acceso a la electricidad ha caido por debajo de los 1.000 milliones, por primera vez desde que se inciaron los registros.

20 Mar2019

TB treatment: an investment on the future

Published by Deccan Herald

An election sharpens attention on how to ensure that the poorest in society benefit. As the next general election approaches, it is timely to focus attention on the challenge of Tuberculosis (TB) — a scourge affecting the poorest Indians the most — because its treatment is one of the most cost-effective transformative interventions that can be made. New research undertaken by India Consensus squarely places TB treatment among the top investments that India can make in order to help achieve the UN’s Global Goals.

15 Mar2019

The right way to deal with extreme weather

Published by New York Post

In setting out a plan to make Manhattan better prepared for extreme weather, Mayor Bill de Blasio is delivering a sorely needed message on climate change. Usually, when extreme weather like a hurricane hits, we hear the same old calls for drastic carbon cuts. Yet these are both ineffective and hopeless at helping victims of hurricanes.

15 Mar2019

Greta Thunberg, student protesters should demand better solutions to climate change

Published by USA Today

Around the world, thousands of children are striking for climate action. Spurred on by young Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, they want to convince adults to “panic.” The campaign is supported by adults who feel the same way: Thunberg has been welcomed to the World Economic Forum in Davos, has delivered a TedTalk, and has been lauded in Rolling Stone and The Guardian. Thunberg’s undeniable passion is directed at perhaps the only challenge in the world where a call for everyone to panic would be received with so little critical thought.

13 Mar2019

Overheating About Global Warming

Published by Project Syndicate

Across the rich world, school students have walked out of classrooms and taken to the streets to call for action against climate change. They are inspired by 16-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, who blasts the media and political leaders for ignoring global warming and wants us to “panic.” A global day of action is planned for March 15. Although the students’ passion is admirable, their focus is misguided. This is largely the fault of adults, who must take responsibility for frightening children unnecessarily about climate change. It is little wonder that kids are scared when grown-...

9 Mar2019

e-Mandis can help ensure that the future for Indian farmers is far brighter than ever before

Published by Economic Times

With general elections looming, national parties are setting out their competing visions for boosting India’s economy. Much of this agenda includes increasing farmers’ incomes. The agricultural sector is vital, and it is clear that reforming agricultural markets and setting up electronic mandis (e-mandis) would make a significant difference. In a world-first effort to help India undertake the important work of prioritising programmes that achieve the most good, NITI (National Institution for Transforming India) Aayog asked India Consensus to undertake a fast-track analysis looking at 100...

8 Mar2019

Fleischfrei essen rettet das Klima nicht

Published by Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Zur Rettung des Planeten auf Fleisch zu verzichten, ist nun der letzte Schrei. Eine kürzlich veröffentlichte Studie suggeriert, eine drastische Reduzierung des Fleischkonsums sei „unabdingbar, um eine Klimakatastrophe zu verhindern“, so der britische „Guardian“.

6 Mar2019

Os fingimentos sobre as alterações climáticas

Published by Jornal de Negocio

Em vez de forçar a implementação de energias verdes, atualmente ineficientes, os governos deveriam investir muito mais em investigação e desenvolvimento para torná-las mais baratas no futuro. Promessas bonitas são políticas fáceis, mas não ajudam o planeta.