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12 Apr2018

Building India’s talent base

Published by The Hindu

When India found itself at the 103rd position in the recent World Economic Forum ranking of 130 nations on the preparedness of talent, it was just another indication of the skills challenge. In just five years, the government’s skill gap analysis report estimates that an extra 40 crore workers need to be skilled, reskilled or upskilled. The current official estimate is that slightly more than half a crore people are being trained annually. Policymakers are responding swiftly. But with limited resources and time, which skills policies will make the biggest impact? New research commissioned by...

4 Apr2018

El alto costo del abuso doméstico en el mundo

Published by Milenio

Los tiroteos masivos en Estados Unidos han impulsado a las fuerzas de seguridad y medios de comunicación a buscar patrones comunes, y uno de ellos ha sido que un número inquietante de perpetradores fueron previamente acusados de abuso doméstico

4 Apr2018

Bjørn Lomborg om den globale klimaløsning: “Det kommer aldrig til at ske”

Published by Raeson

"Tænk, hvis man endte med ikke at sætte et barn i verden, fordi man var sikker på, at det hele ville ende rigtig grimt – når sandheden er, at det højst bliver en lille smule værre i en i øvrigt meget, meget bedre verden”

4 Apr2018

Fighting TB matters since one case treated saves many others

Published by Hindustan Times

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set the impressive goal of eradicating tuberculosis (TB) in India by 2025. TB claims the lives of more than four lakh Indians every year. The prime minister has made it clear that now is not the time for the status quo to prevail. New economic evidence commissioned by India Consensus, a collaboration between Tata Trusts and the Copenhagen Consensus, shows that Prime Minister Modi is entirely right to focus on tuberculosis. In Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan, Tata Trusts and the Copenhagen Consensus have worked with hundreds of stakeholders to identify the best...

3 Apr2018

Identifying the policies that work best against child marriage: Empowerment of girls is the key

Published by Times of India

Despite significant progress against child marriage, it remains a huge challenge. Last year 320 lakh girls under 18 were married according to UNICEF estimates. The Supreme Court’s landmark ruling criminalising sex with a minor even within marriage forms part of a solid legal framework. But global experience shows that laws alone are not enough to entirely change practices and mores. New economic analysis can help speed progress. The negative consequences of child marriage include making girls less healthy and less educated, as well as being linked to more domestic violence. The Centre and...

17 Mar2018

EE.UU. se equivoca

Published by El Pais

La información del Washington Post, sobre la intención de Trump de pedir al Congreso que recorte un 72% los fondos de las energías limpias y los programas de eficiencia energética en su presupuesto de este año, no ha tenido el impacto mediático de lo que realmente significaría si se llevara a cabo.

15 Mar2018

A Trade War On the World’s Poorest

Published by Project Syndicate

US President Donald Trump’s steel tariffs have brought the prospect of a trade war closer to reality. The European Union warns that it has “a whole arsenal at our disposal with which to respond,” while China threatens “a justified and necessary response.” Economists, politicians, and public figures have all raised concerns about the threat of tit-for-tat trade barriers. But it is difficult to overstate the potential damage. New obstacles to free trade not only take us in the wrong direction; they also undermine the best opportunity to transform the lives of billions of the world’s poorest...

8 Mar2018

Hvis du har købt en elbil, føler du, det er okay at tage flyet til Hawaii

Published by Jyllands-Posten

Bæredygtige investeringer og elbiler er populære genveje til en grøn samvittighed, men det batter bare ikke i energiregnskabet, mener politologen Bjørn Lomborg, der gennem 20 år har set energidebatten køre i ring.

6 Mar2018

“Tagliare la CO2 costa e serve a poco”. Intervista a Bjorn Lomborg, ambientalista scettico

Published by Ottimisti & Razionali

Noto al pubblico come l’ambientalista scettico dall’omonimo fortunato titolo del suo best seller di 17 anni fa, Bjorn Lomborg non è un negazionista climatico ma piuttosto una voce dissenziente sulle politiche per mitigare gli effetti del riscaldamento climatico.

5 Mar2018

O regresso de um assassino esquecido

Published by Jornal de Negocios

Ao contrário de doenças como o Ébola ou o Zika, a tuberculose raramente faz manchetes. Deveria. Perante tudo o que sabemos sobre como prevenir e tratar a tuberculose e os poderosos argumentos para investir em esforços de erradicação, não há desculpas para o pesado número que continua a ter.