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6 Apr2009

Riscaldamento globale? I veri problemi del mondo sono ben altro!

Published by Legno Storno

Bjørn Lomborg, Excerpt from the book "Stiamo Freschi" I paesi del Terzo mondo hanno moltissimi problemi urgenti da risolvere, come per esempio quasi 4 milioni di morti per denutrizione, 3 milioni per l'HIV/ AIDS 2,5milioni per l'inquinamento dell’aria degli ambienti sia interni sia esterni, più 2milioni per carenze nutrizionali (ferro, zinco e vitamina A), quasi 2 milioni per mancanza di acqua potabile. Anche se il riscaldamento globale aggrava alcuni di questi problemi , è importante sottolineare che la loro vastità è probabilmente molto maggiore delle conseguenze del...

2 Apr2009

Op-ed: Hour of no power increases emissions

Published by The Australian

THIS Saturday, the World Wildlife Fund wants everybody on the planet to switch off their lights for an hour in a "global election between Earth and global warming", where switching off the lights "is a vote for Earth". In Australia, where Earth Hour started, it evidently enjoys strong support from politicians, celebrities, corporate backers and the public. The efforts this Saturday certainly will be well-intentioned. Many of us worry about global warming and would like to be part of the solution. Unfortunately, this event - as with many public proposals on climate change...

1 Apr2009

Lomborg is quoted in Fox about Earth Hour

Published by Fox News

Bjorn Lomborg said the event could actually increase emissions (...)

17 Mar2009

Climate change decisions should be based on science, not political activism

Published by The Guardian

Better to leave it off. Bjørn Lomborg: Stefan Rahmstorf is a respected climate change scientist but by labelling me a 'spin doctor' who 'fools the public' he shows weakness in his argument on sea level rises Bjørn Lomborg, Guardian, Monday 9 March 2009 12.58 GMT In an article in the Guardian last month, I criticised an effort by a group of scientists and activists to cast aside the consensus view of thousands of scientists from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The group is organising an emergency summit on global warming in Copenhagen this...

17 Mar2009

Bjørn Lomborg skal inspirere Bill Gates

Published by Berlingske

En af klodens rigeste mænd, Bill Gates, har inviteret danske Bjørn Lomborg til en snak om, hvordan man løser verdens problemer. Den danske miljø- og problemdebattør Bjørn Lomborg blev sidste år af det amerikanske magasin Esquire udnævnt til én af de 75 mest indflydelsesrige personer i det 21. århundrede. Nu skal han til møde med én af personerne i top fem, når det gælder indflydelse på verdens gang. Lomborg er blevet inviteret til Seattle for at mødes med Bill Gates, én af verdens rigeste mænd. (...)

17 Mar2009

Interview med Bjørn Lomborg - om indflydelse

Published by Venstres Ungdom

I Danmark har vi mange mennesker, som vi anser for at være indflydelsesrige. Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Mærsk McKinney Møller og Per Stig Møller kan blandt andet nævnes. Trods dette så har der i flere år i træk blot været én enkelt dansker på listerne over verdenens mest indflydelsesrige personer. Han er kendt for hans altid saglige og kritiske kommentarer, når der er debatter omkring global opvarmning. Os liberale har under slogans, som ”mest for vores penge”, nærmest taget ham til os, som et barn. Det er dog på af at han ikke vil bekende sin fløj, men i stedet er af den...

16 Mar2009

Global warming will save millions of lives

Published by The Telegraph

Dire predictions about climate change and health omit the cost of cold, says Bjorn Lomborg. By Bjorn Lomborg, 13 Mar 2009 Global warming will increase the burden on the British health system because more people will suffer from heat-caused illness. This was the message delivered to a conference in Copenhagen this week by Alistair Hunt, a researcher at Bath University. "I am trying to bring home the impact of climate change to everyone," he said. (...)

11 Mar2009

Lomborg quoted in The Weekly Standard

Published by The Weekly Standard

Obama's Global Warming Straddle (...) The skeptics may not be winning the debate in the media, but they're "winning the reality" according to Bjørn Lomborg, author of the bestseller The Skeptical Environmentalist. Lomborg points out that despite "tremendous amounts of worrying .  .  . if you look at actual reductions in CO2 over the last few years, nothing." Lomborg isn't opposed to government action, but he derides cap-and-trade regimes as a way for politicians to "put on a tax and get people to think it's a cool thing...

10 Mar2009

IQ2US debate about carbon emission on Youtube!

Published by IQ2US

The entire playlist: Carbon Emissions Debate can be found here. (2 of 14) MAJOR REDUCTIONS IN CARBON EMISSIONS ARE NOT WORTH THE MONEY DEBATE:BJORN LOMBORG (13 of 14) MAJOR REDUCTIONS IN CARBON EMISSIONS ARE NOT WORTH THE MONEY: CLOSING ARGUMENTS PT1 On BBC World News Channel: Verizon-FIOS: Channel 94 or 107 Optimum/Cablevision Channel 104 March 7: 2:10 am, 10:10 am, 3:10 pm, 8:10 pm (EST) March 8: 2:10 am, 10:10 am, 3:10 pm (EST)

5 Mar2009

Lomborg's op-ed in Forbes: Help the Poor with Free Trade

Published by Forbes

Help the Poor With Free Trade by Bjorn Lomborg, 02.25.2009 Forbes Magazine, dated March 16, 2009. On My MindIf you want to save the globe, start by increasing global trade. Hundreds of London's bankers joining the dole queue, America's corporate leaders pleading for a government handout: These are the vivid images of the financial crisis captured by the media. Victims in the developing world, by contrast, are easy to overlook. The planet's most burdened inhabitants will suffer once as their fragile economies contract, and again as rich nations pull up their drawbridges and retreat...