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26 Jun2021

Climate change coverage ignores heavy impact of heat on cold deaths

Published by USA Today

Lomborg points out that almost everywhere cold deaths outweigh heat deaths. Fortunately, heat deaths are declining in countries with good data, likely because of ever more air conditioning. This is abundantly clear for the United States, which has seen increasing hot days since 1960 affecting a much greater population. Yet, the number of heat deaths has more than halved.

18 Jun2021

Contradicciones en la lucha contra el cambio climático

Published by Milenio

Nuestro actual debate sobre el clima engloba dos afirmaciones descaradamente contradictorias. Por un lado, los expertos advierten que las políticas climáticas prometidas serán económicamente devastadoras. En un nuevo informe la Agencia Internacional de la Energía (AIE) afirma que alcanzar el nivel cero en 2050 será probablemente "el mayor reto al que se haya enfrentado la humanidad". Se trata de una vara muy alta, que supera a la Segunda Guerra Mundial, la peste negra y la pandemia de la Covid-19.

17 Jun2021

Enough with the net-zero doublethink

Published by Financial Post

Our current climate conversation embodies two blatantly contradictory claims. On one side, experts warn that promised climate policies will be economically crippling. In a new report, the International Energy Agency (IEA) states that achieving net-zero in 2050 will likely be “the greatest challenge humankind has ever faced.” That is a high bar, surpassing the Second World War, the black plague and COVID. On the other side, hand-waving politicians sell net-zero climate schemes as a near-utopia that every nation will rush to embrace. As U.S. climate envoy John Kerry told world leaders gathered...

17 Jun2021

De to store påstande i klimadebatten er som orwellsk dobbelttænkning

Published by Berlingske

Som de fleste store udfordringer, menneskeheden har stået over for, løser vi dem ikke ved at gennemtvinge endeløse afkald, men gennem innovation. Problemet med coronavirus løses med vacciner, ikke med evindelige nedlukninger. For at tackle klimaet skal vi øge vores investering i grøn energi-innovation drastisk, skriver Bjørn Lomborg.

16 Jun2021

Climate change panic causes public distrust, bad decisions

Published by Fox Business Network

In an interview with Stuart Varney on the Fox Business Network, Bjorn Lomborg discusses these claims based on findings from his latest book False Alarm.* He argues that despite climate change, humanity will still be much better off at the conclusion of the century and presents smart strategies to tackle the problem.

12 Jun2021

A koronavírusnál is nagyobb válság várna ránk? Áldozatok nélkül is elkerülhetjük a sosem látott problémát

Published by Portfolio

Napjaink klímavédelemről folyó diskurzusában két, egymásnak igencsak ellentmondó állítást is megfogalmaznak. Egyfelől szakértők arra figyelmeztetnek, hogy a beígért klímavédelmi intézkedéseknek súlyos gazdasági káruk lesz. Egy új jelentésben a Nemzetközi Energia Ügynökség (IEA) azt állapította meg, hogy a nettó zéró széndioxid-kibocsátás 2050-re történő elérése valószínűleg „az emberiség legnagyobb kihívása lesz, amivel valaha is szembesült”. Ezzel igen magasra tették a lécet felülmúlva a II. világháború, a fekete pestis és a koronavírus jelentette problémákat.

3 Jun2021

Pressão pelo clima nos tribunais

Published by O Globo

Apesar da intensa preocupação com o clima, os eleitores têm mostrado baixa disposição para gastar os trilhões que permitiriam um corte drástico nas emissões de gases.

28 May2021

A plot against the poor: Beware the carbon tariffs that’ll act as back-door protectionism for rich countries

Published by Times of India

To tackle climate change, rich nations are promising to end fossil fuel use in 29 years. As this becomes excruciatingly costly, the G7 is now thinking about making the world’s poor pay for it. That’ll go badly. The rich world has seen an incredible development on the back of enormous increases in mostly fossil fuel energy. A couple of hundred years ago, the most available powers came from backbreaking human work. Even by the end of the 1800s, human labor made up 94% of all industrial workers in the US. Today, it constitutes just 8%. If we think of the energy we use in terms of “servants”,...

27 May2021

Current climate policy is 'wishful thinking'

Published by Sky News Australia

In an interview on Sky News Australia, Bjorn Lomborg points out that "the current way we tackle climate policy is really wishful thinking". "It's spending large sums of money in cutting very little emissions, mostly in rich world countries. This is not going to fix global warming, it is going to harm the poor, both in the rich world and poor world. "Really it's going to undermine the ability to actually fix climate change while of course fixing all the other problems in the world."

27 May2021

Wie Klimaklagen den Armen schaden

Published by Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Wohlmeinende Aktivisten versuchen, den Klimaschutz auf Kosten aller anderen erstrebenswerten Ziele zu erzwingen.