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22 Apr2019

UN ambassador can reset development agenda

Published by Boston Globe

America’s new United Nations ambassador, Kelly Craft, has an opportunity to help refocus global development efforts, using US clout to ensure every dollar spent does more to help people and the planet. Craft is taking her position at a pivotal time, four years after the ratification of the Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs, the development agenda up to the year 2030. With little more than one decade left, implementation desperately needs shaking up.

11 Apr2019

The World Bank Must Change Course

Published by Project Syndicate

The World Bank does a lot of important and effective work, especially in health and education, but its climate policies are poorly considered. The Bank’s new president, David Malpass, should refocus the institution on its core mission of eradicating poverty – including the energy poverty that wrecks so many lives.

10 Apr2019


Published by Finmag

Není divu, že se děti bojí. Část politiků a médií mluví o globálním oteplování dost vypjatým, „katastrofizujícím“ jazykem. A když už extrémní slovník nedokáže vybudit dostatečné vzrušení, musí se znovu přitvrdit a vyostřit. Pokud chceme něco s oteplováním dělat, zchlaďme nejprv hlavy.

9 Apr2019

Jak sobie radzić ze skrajnymi wydarzeniami pogodowymi?

Published by Listy z naszego sadu

Tworząc plan na lepsze przygotowanie Manhattanu na skrajne wydarzenia pogodowe, burmistrz Bill de Blasio wygłosił bardzo potrzebne przesłanie w sprawie zmiany klimatu. Zazwyczaj, kiedy uderza kataklizm, taki jak huragan, słyszymy te same stare nawoływania do radykalnych cięć emisji dwutlenku węgla. Niemiej jest to zarówno nieskuteczne, jak w żaden sposób nie pomaga ofiarom huraganu.

9 Apr2019

Globale Erwärmung – eine überhitzte Debatte

Published by Der Standard

Überall in der reichen Welt schwänzen Kinder die Schule und gehen auf die Straßen, um Maßnahmen gegen den Klimawandel einzufordern. Obwohl ihre Leidenschaft bewundernswert ist, ist ihr Fokus fehlgeleitet. Dies ist weitgehend die Schuld der Erwachsenen, die die Verantwortung dafür übernehmen müssen, dass sie Kinder unnötig mit dem Klimawandel ängstigen. Es ist kein Wunder, dass Schülerinnen und Schüler Angst kriegen, wenn Erwachsene ein derart schreckliches Bild der globalen Erwärmung malen.

31 Mar2019

Problema real pero no el único

Published by El Comercio

Durante el último cuarto de siglo, el cambio climático ha recibido más atención –y generado más profecías catastrofistas– por parte de líderes políticos y religiosos, celebridades y miembros de la realeza que cualquier otro tema.

24 Mar2019

Prioritise the prevention of domestic violence

Published by Hindustan Times

The impact of domestic violence is vast, with costs for victims and society at large. New evidence points to additions that could be made to policies, by any government, to help reduce this cost and turn the tide on violence. This comes from India Consensus, a collaboration between Tata Trusts and Copenhagen Consensus.

22 Mar2019

El acceso a la energía

Published by La Tercera

Una de las historias de exito en materia de desarrollo que mas se pasa por alto es que la poblacion sin acceso a la electricidad ha caido por debajo de los 1.000 milliones, por primera vez desde que se inciaron los registros.

20 Mar2019

TB treatment: an investment on the future

Published by Deccan Herald

An election sharpens attention on how to ensure that the poorest in society benefit. As the next general election approaches, it is timely to focus attention on the challenge of Tuberculosis (TB) — a scourge affecting the poorest Indians the most — because its treatment is one of the most cost-effective transformative interventions that can be made. New research undertaken by India Consensus squarely places TB treatment among the top investments that India can make in order to help achieve the UN’s Global Goals.

15 Mar2019

The right way to deal with extreme weather

Published by New York Post

In setting out a plan to make Manhattan better prepared for extreme weather, Mayor Bill de Blasio is delivering a sorely needed message on climate change. Usually, when extreme weather like a hurricane hits, we hear the same old calls for drastic carbon cuts. Yet these are both ineffective and hopeless at helping victims of hurricanes.