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25 Feb2010

2010 Febr op-ed: Climate Science or Climate Evangelism?

As George W. Bush and Tony Blair learned the hard way, the public does not take kindly to being misled about the nature of potential threats. A similar shift in global public opinion is occurring with respect to climate change, owing to a stream of revelations about climate scientists' sloppy, if not tendentious, practice.

22 Feb2010

Munk Debate on Climate Change

Lomborg participated in the Munk Debate in Toronto, Canada, on Dec 1 2009. ABOUT the debate: C02 levels in the atmosphere are climbing steadily higher. Some believe this is having a devastating effect on humans and nature, while others argue that the threat has been overstated. Is this the moment for a bold international treaty to curb carbon emissions? Or, are the social and economic costs of reducing C02 emissions too high in world where a billion people live on a dollar or less a day? Just days before the United Nation’s historic Copenhagen summit the Munk Debates will tackle one of...

10 Feb2010

Lomborg's article in Globe&Mail: Climate strategy on a road to nowhere

Published by The Globe and Mail

From Monday's Globe and Mail Published on Friday, Feb. 05, 2010 Bjorn Lomborg Climate strategy on a road to nowhere After a string of empty promises agreed to in Rio, then Kyoto, then Copenhagen, Canada needs a new approach in making meaningful change to emissions policy Like many countries, Canada has grappled with how to respond effectively to climate change. The federal government has reportedly contemplated both a cap-and-trade carbon emission reduction scheme and a carbon tax, while attracting environmentalist scorn for allowing the development of the oil sands production industry...

10 Feb2010

Lomborg in VEJA magazine

Published by Veja

Podemos fazer melhor O principal representante dos céticos diz que o combate ao aquecimento global tem de se basear em tecnologia, e não em mudanças no consumo. O cientista político dinamarquês Bjorn Lomborg, de 44 anos, não tem carro. Usa bicicleta ou metrô para se deslocar em Copenhague. Lomborg é um dos mais respeitados entre os pesquisadores céticos em relação aos efeitos catastróficos do aquecimento global. Seus livros e artigos provocam a ira de ambientalistas, mas seus argumentos afiados também são ouvidos com atenção pelos cientistas. Sua descrença se dá em torno da histeria criada...

10 Feb2010

Lomborg quoted on France24

Published by France 24

France24 has quoted from Bjorn Lomborg’s Le Monde op-ed in its coverage of the carbon tax debate. The link is below; the quote from Lomborg is in the second to last paragraph.

22 Jan2010

Book review about Global Crises, Global Solutions

Published by Oxford Prospect

By Nicholas Newman, Oxford Prospect. Increasingly, we are hearing the term that something must be done to solve the world’s almost never-ending ending crises. The media is full of pressing appeals that every problem is urgent and must be tackled immediately, with often little regard to the economic and social costs involved. Unfortunately, for policy makers, the real world of geopolitics and budgetary issues forces politicians to prioritise decisions. Often such policy decisions will be both tough to make and politically unpopular with the public at large. This book is designed as a set...

15 Jan2010

Lomborg in Hindustan Times

Published by Hindustan Times

6)Star Statistician: Bjorn Lomborg Why: He would have appeared on CNN’s “Larry King Live” by the time you read this. In the run up to Copenhagen, the professor at the Copenhagen Business School has written for Time, Newsweek and the Hindustan Times, and his views are sought by everyone from the Economist to the government of Mali, which wants him to advise them on how to spend money they might receive to tackle the effects of climate change. So the Playstation addict and author of two books (“Have you played Uncharted 2?” he asks a HT reporter, who hasn’t)...

12 Jan2010

Lomborg in Epoca-Entrevista

Published by Epoca

"Só vim trazer bom-senso" O economista cético dinamarquês não acredita que um acordo funcione contra o aquecimento global. Nem acha isso prioritário ALEXANDRE MANSUR, DE COPENHAGUE O dinamarquês mais famoso na área do meio ambiente que circula pela conferência do clima em Copenhague não acredita que um acordo resolverá o problema do aquecimento global. Nem que o clima seja uma prioridade para o mundo. Ao contrário. Para o economista Bjorn Lomborg, o prejuízo de começar a cortar as emissões à força seria maior que a ameaça climática. É por isso que ele afirma que os países não...

11 Jan2010

Lomborg's Skeptical Enviromentalist is among TOP 50 SUSTAINABILITY BOOKS

This unique title draws together in one volume some of the best thinking to date on the pressing social, environmental and ethical challenges we face as a society. These are the Top 50 Sustainability Books as voted for by the University of Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership’s alumni network of over 2,000 senior leaders from around the world. In addition to profiles of all 50 titles, many of the authors share their most recent reflections on the state of the world and the ongoing attempts by business, government and civil society to create a more sustainable future.

23 Dec2009

Financial Times: We should change tack on climate after Copenhagen

Published by Financial Times

By Bjorn Lomborg Published: December 23 2009 After 12 days of protests, posturing and seemingly endless palaver, the elephantine gath ering that was the Copen-hagen climate summit has laboured mightily and brought forth . . . a mouse. As vague as it is toothless, the accord on curbing greenhouse gas emissions that emerged from the Bella Centre this weekend imposes no real obligations, sets no binding emissions targets and requires no specific actions by anyone. (...)