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18 Nov2022

Climate Change Debate: Bjørn Lomborg and Andrew Revkin | Lex Fridman Podcast #339

Published by Lex Fridman Podcast

Influential podcaster Lex Fridman has a great conversation with Bjorn Lomborg and veteran climate journalist Andrew Revkin (the New York Times' first climate reporter). They discuss both the impacts of climate change and how best to respond to it.

17 Nov2022

A priority order for our SDGs can prove effective and win followers

Published by Mint

Bjorn Lomborg writes in Mint with Bibek Debroy, the chairman of the Economic Advisory Council to the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. Together with Aditya Sinha they present a new research paper by Lomborg and Debroy. It argues for a number of amazing public policies for India, and they highlight four specific solutions that promise phenomenal benefits for every rupee spent: (1) Nutritional and health counseling, (2) family planning, (3) immunizations, and (4) agricultural R&D and certified seed production.

10 Nov2022

COP27: A Parade Of Climate Hypocrisy

Published by Forbes

Every year, global climate summits feature a parade of hypocrisy, as the world’s elite arrive on private jets to lecture humanity on cutting carbon emissions. The current UN climate summit in Egypt offers more breathtaking hypocrisy than usual, because the world’s rich are zealously lecturing poor countries about the dangers of fossil fuels—after devouring massive amounts of new gas, coal, and oil.

9 Nov2022

Lomborg on The Joe Rogan Experience

Published by The Joe Rogan Experience

Bjorn Lomborg was recently a guest on The Joe Rogan Experience, the most listened-to podcast in the world. He and Rogan discussed a host of topics related to climate change and environmental protection, as well as many other areas where we could do a lot of good in the world for surprisingly modest investments.

9 Nov2022

Wie gravierend wird der Klimawandel tatsächlich?

Published by Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Es ist leicht zu glauben, dass das Leben auf der Erde immer schlimmer wird. Die Medien berichten fortlaufend von Katastrophen und stellen erschreckende Prognosen auf. Angesichts der Flut von Unkenrufen über den Klimawandel ist es verständlich, dass viele Menschen glauben, die Welt würde untergehen. Tatsache ist, dass es zwar immer noch Probleme gibt, die Welt sich allerdings verbessert.

8 Nov2022

Hræsni ríku elítunnar og vestrænna leiðtoga

Published by Morgunbladid

Á hverju ári bjóða alþjóðleg­ar lofts­lags­ráðstefn­ur fram skrúðsýn­ing­ar hræsni þar sem elíta heims­ins kem­ur í einkaþotum til að út­deila visku sinni til mann­kyns um að draga úr kol­efn­is­los­un. Lofts­lags­ráðstefn­an í Egyptalandi í nóv­em­ber mun bjóða upp á enn meiri hræsni en vana­lega, vegna þess að hinir ríku í heim­in­um munu pre­dika ákaft yfir fá­tæk­ari lönd­um um hætt­una sem staf­ar af jarðefna­eldsneyti – eft­ir að hafa sópað að sér feiki­legu magni af nýju gasi, kol­um og olíu.

8 Nov2022

While Failing to Save the Planet

Published by Jordan B Peterson Podcast on YouTube

This is an audio version of the essay, what Bjorn Lomborg wrote with Jordan Peterson for The Telegraph, which was published right before the COP27 conference.

6 Nov2022

Cop27: va in scena la grande truffa dei paesi ricchi ai danni dei poveri

Published by Tempi

Ogni anno, ai vertici globali sul clima va in scena una parata di ipocrisia, con le élite mondiali che arrivano a bordo di jet privati per fare prediche all’umanità sul taglio delle emissioni di CO2. Il vertice sul clima di questo novembre in Egitto offrirà una dose di ipocrisia anche più incredibile del solito, perché i ricchi del pianeta offriranno ai paesi poveri fervorini sui pericoli dei combustibili fossili, dopo aver divorato nuove massicce quantità di gas, carbone e petrolio.

4 Nov2022

Climate Change and the Lancet’s ‘Heat Death’ Deception

Published by Wall Street Journal

As the United Nations’ annual global climate summit, COP27, nears, it’s important to look with skepticism at the academic reports many news outlets cite as evidence supporting radical climate policies. Too often, they use highly skewed data that seem to have been carefully selected to support aggressive environmental regulations. One recent and much-cited Lancet report appears deliberately deceptive.

4 Nov2022

Pushing the same old climate policies at COP27 is simply insane

Published by The Telegraph

Another global climate summit has ended in disappointment – this is hardly surprising, given that global leaders at COP27 in Egypt once again pursed the failed policies of the past decades instead of unleashing green energy innovation. Bjorn Lomborg wrote a long essay with Jordan Peterson for The Telegraph (also available here), which was published right before the start of the conference.