Lomborg interview in Tehelka magazine India

End of Kyoto would mean nothing for the climate

Dec 24, 2011
Shonali Ghosal

Q: You are known to be critical of the Kyoto Protocol. Does the Durban agreement offer more hope than Kyoto?

A: There’s virtually nothing but empty promises. The Kyoto Protocol will be a symbolic act to continue. As for the Green Climate Fund, they have provided the structure but there’s no money, which has always been the problem. The real meat of the Durban deal, the idea of getting a binding agreement in 2020, is basically just delaying tactics. They said that in 2007 with the Bali roadmap that they would have a deal in 2009 in Copenhagen, which they didn’t. They are just saying, “We didn’t do it in two years but we promise to do it in nine.” It requires a certain frame of mind to say that is a success. 

16 Dec 2011

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