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Is global warming just a load of hot air?

Climate change is clearly a burning issue, but who to believe? We spoke to three experts with differing views on the subject in an effort to determine what’s really going on.

Words: Jim Wake

According to Katharine Hayhoe, a climate scientist on the faculty at Texas Tech University, taking action to prevent a catastrophe as the Earth warms up is long overdue. 
If you talk to Benny Peiser, director of the London-based Global Policy Warming Institute, he’ll tell you we don’t know nearly enough about what is going on to embark on costly measures to cut CO2 emissions. 
Ask Bjorn Lomborg – who established his reputation a decade ago as The Skeptical Environmentalist with a book of the same name that made him a hero to the climate change doubters and a pariah among mainstream environmentalists – and he’ll say we’ve got a problem, but it’s not the most pressing, and the ways we’ve been going about solving it are all wrong.

So what are we supposed to believe? (...) 

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