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18 Nov2022

Climate Change Debate: Bjørn Lomborg and Andrew Revkin | Lex Fridman Podcast #339

Published by Lex Fridman Podcast

Influential podcaster Lex Fridman has a great conversation with Bjorn Lomborg and veteran climate journalist Andrew Revkin (the New York Times' first climate reporter). They discuss both the impacts of climate change and how best to respond to it.

8 Nov2022

Reinventing Climate Policy

Published by Jordan B Peterson Podcast on YouTube

This is an audio version of the essay Bjorn Lomborg and Jordan Peterson wrote for The Telegraph, which was published right before the COP27 conference.

4 Nov2022

Pushing the same old climate policies at COP27 is simply insane

Published by The Telegraph

Another global climate summit has ended in disappointment – this is hardly surprising, given that global leaders at COP27 in Egypt once again pursed the failed policies of the past decades instead of unleashing green energy innovation. Bjorn Lomborg wrote a long essay with Jordan Peterson for The Telegraph (also available here), which was published right before the start of the conference.

5 Oct2022

Svět se zbláznil, čeká nás chaos. Zelený diktát vítězí nad rozumem

Published by Finmag

Nůžky mezi světovou elitou a reálným světem se rozevírají čím dál víc. Zatímco většina lidí se stále vyrovnává s následky pandemie a řeší všeobecnou inflaci – především zvyšování cen potravin a energií – a obávají se recese, elita si štěbetá na konferencích v Davosu či Aspenu o dosažení uhlíkové neutrality, píše exkluzivně pro dánský statistik Bjørn Lomborg.

4 Oct2022

Facts On Hurricanes And Climate Are Blowing In The Wind

Published by Forbes

We are exposed to an ever-increasing torrent of alarming climate news, with pictures of extreme weather events and destruction delivered on an hourly basis. We should still pay attention — clearly, the warnings on hurricanes like Ian need to be heard.

29 Sep2022

La desconexión entre la élite mundial y la realidad podría llevarnos al caos

Published by Milenio

La desconexión entre la élite mundial y el mundo real crece día a día. La mayoría de la gente está agotada por la pandemia, las subidas de precios de los alimentos, de la energía y la inflación general, y preocupada por la recesión. Sin embargo, los voceros de las élites acuden a las conferencias de Davos o Aspen para declarar que nuestras mayores e inmediatas amenazas son el cambio climático, los desastres medioambientales y la pérdida de biodiversidad.

23 Sep2022

The Heat Is On: Bjorn Lomborg on the Summer’s Record Heat

Published by Uncommon Knowledge

Climate change is not the extinction-level event it is often characterized as. Still, it is a problem we need to address, focusing on smart, effective solutions. In his latest long-form interview on climate change and climate policy on Uncommon Knowledge (filmed at Stanford University), Lomborg discusses practical ways to lower our carbon footprint and emissions, pointing out why “carbon free by 2050” probably isn’t achievable without massive energy breakthroughs coming from green energy R&D.

5 Sep2022

How to Make the World a Better Place | Bjørn Lomborg and Ralph Schoellhammer | #285

Published by You Tube - Jordan B Peterson's channel

Climate-alarmist politicians and the “intellectual elite” prioritize a vague plan for saving earth over the lives of struggling people all over the world. Governments are being forced to press their citizens, straining already fragile economic and agricultural systems, in order to appease a green utopian vision. Bjørn Lomborg and Ralph Schoellhammer sit down with Jordan B Peterson to discuss the faults in this plan, and the people who are suffering because of it.

31 Aug2022

Elite disconnects on climate and prices could lead to chaos

Published by Financial Post

The disconnect between the global elite and the real world is growing by the day. Most people are worn down by the pandemic, food and energy price hikes and general inflation, and worried about recession. Yet the chattering classes are jetting into conferences at Davos or Aspen to declare that our biggest and most immediate threats are climate change, environmental disasters and biodiversity loss.

28 Aug2022

Così la nostra fissazione da ricchi per il bio e le rinnovabili alimenta il caos globale

Published by Tempi

La costosissima crociata anti-emissioni finisce per aggravare crisi come fame, povertà, energia. Proprio quelle che dovremmo affrontare per prime. Olanda e Sri Lanka moniti da non ignorare