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16 Jan2018

Kronik: Unge stemmer i Bangladesh fremlægger deres støtteprioriteter

Published by Borsen

Hvis vi skal få mest muligt ud af pengene til udviklingsstøtte i Bangladesh, skal vi være opmærksomme på, hvordan lokalbefolkningen ser problemerne Bangladesh er et af de lande i verden, der er mest klimaudsatte. Ændringer i klimaet vil sandsynligvis...

8 Jan2018

Himmelen ramler ikke ned

Published by Ny Tid

Mennesker tiltrekkes av dårlige nyheter. Mediene reflekterer og former denne preferansen når de fôrer oss med elendighet og panikk. Lange, langsomme, positive trender når ikke frem til førstesidene eller samtalene ved kaffemaskinen. Så vi utvikler besynderlige misoppfatninger, og den fremste blant disse er ideen om at det meste går galt.

4 Jan2018

Climate-Change Policies Can Be Punishing for the Poor

Published by Wall Street Journal

Freezing temperatures in the U.S. Northeast have pushed up heating costs, creating serious stress for many Americans. Although the rich world’s energy poor are largely forgotten in discussions about climate policies, they bear an unfair burden for well-meaning proposals. That reality is being laid bare this icy winter as energy and electricity prices surge. When we think about energy poverty, we imagine a lack of light in the world’s worst-off nations, where more than one billion people still lack electricity. This is a huge challenge that the world can hope to address as it reduces poverty...

23 Dec2017

Tecnología contra la pobreza

Published by Milenio

Entre las opciones de gasto para los gobiernos de las naciones más pobres, poner en marcha la revolución tecnológica puede parecer al principio una prioridad menor. Si lo comparamos con la situación crítica de la infraestructura, la atención sanitaria o las escuelas, el acceso digital mejorado y la reducción del tiempo de espera para obtener certificados de nacimiento se sienten como lujos que deberían postergarse, o quizás dejarse a la iniciativa privada. Pero hay razones para reconsiderar esto.

20 Dec2017

A Climate Cure Worse than the Disease

Published by Project Syndicate

Two years after the Paris climate agreement was signed, the French capital this month again attracted the world’s good and great, who gathered for President Emmanuel Macron’s One Planet Summit. In turns blasting US President Donald Trump for withdrawing from the Paris accord and telling each other that it remains on track, politicians formed a self-congratulatory huddle with celebrity campaigners and business leaders. We should treat such smug bonhomie with caution. Goodwill isn’t enough to stop climate change, and history is littered with well-meaning policies that turned out to be unhelpful...

12 Dec2017

Innovation needed to fight climate change

Published by China Daily

The follow-up meeting to the 2015 Paris climate accord on Dec 12 will be slightly less impressive than the original. Having dumped the Paris Agreement, US President Donald Trump is going to skip, and China and India are sending ministers instead of their leaders. But we will hear the same defiance coming from Paris as we have heard for the past two years: the Paris Agreement will continue, even without the US. That seems hardly the point, though. The Paris Agreement is supposed to respond to global warming-and its ability to do so has always been overstated. Despite claims it will keep...

1 Dec2017

Watch out for flawed arguments about climate change and hurricanes

Published by Chicago Sun Times

In the wake of Harvey, Irma and Maria, there is intense pressure to use hurricanes to galvanize support toward carbon emissions cuts. This is unfortunate. The pundits have convinced more than half of Americans of something that is factually wrong. Hurricane Harvey had no sooner struck in August of this year than the pundits jumped in: A Politico commentator wrote, “We knew this would happen, decades ago.” Joe Romm at ThinkProgress warned ominously, “Harvey is exactly the kind of off-the-charts hurricane we can expect to see more often because of climate change.”

29 Nov2017

Klimaplaner spænder vognen for hesten

Published by Jyllands-Posten

Den amerikanske præsident Trumps beslutning om at trække landet ud af Paris-aftalen medførte en resolut reaktion fra andre verdensledere: Aftalen ville fortsætte uden USA. Men truslen mod klimasucces kommer ikke blot fra, at Trumps Hvide Hus ignorerer klimaændringer. Den kommer også fra de ledere, der stadig er med i Paris-aftalen, som nægter at se i øjnene, at de støtter en fejlslagen politik. Paris-aftalens værdi har altid været overdrevet. På trods af retorik om at holde temperaturstigninger på 2 eller endda 1,5 grader celsius anslår FN’s organ, der står for traktaten, at hvis hvert eneste...

22 Nov2017

The R&D Road to Development

Published by Project Syndicate

When famine strikes, governments and international donors step in with life-saving aid. And rich countries give more than $130 billion each year not only to feed the starving, but also to build crucial infrastructure and reduce gaps in access to education, health care, and clean water and sanitation worldwide. All of this is vitally important. But one of the most powerful investments the development community could make is not in today’s problems, but in research that will address tomorrow’s challenges. A dollar spent on research and development has been shown consistently to deliver some of...

21 Nov2017

Development talks - Fighting poverty in the most effective way

Published by Sida Sverige

"In 2017, Sida - Styrelsen för Internationellt Utvecklingssamarbete will spend around 20 billion SEK on aid, with the mission to reduce poverty and help people to improve their lives. Different kinds of interventions are funded to reach this goal, but how do we know that poverty is being fought in the most effective way? What drives the decisions leading up to what to prioritize, and how can we ensure more "bang for the buck"?" This the was the topic of a talk given by Bjorn Lomborg for Sida in November or 2017.