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20 Jul2017

California is handling climate change all wrong

Published by Los Angeles Times

Gov. Jerry Brown has won praise for promising that California will live up to the Paris accord despite President Trump’s withdrawal from the treaty. He also signed a climate deal with China last month, and has unveiled plans for a global climate summit in San Francisco next year. Earlier this week, California lawmakers voted to extend the state’s cap-and-trade program for another 10 years. The message is clear: With a few other states, California is going it alone — an approach that is popular locally and resonates with much of the world. But, while Brown should be commended for showing...

19 Jul2017

The pure cruelty of food aid cuts

Published by New York Daily News

Proposed cutbacks to nearly all nonmilitary spending in the Trump administration’s budget proposal have generated strong opposition from a range of groups. Cuts to teacher training and education grants agitate teacher unions; decreases to agricultural subsidies are criticized by congressmen representing farmers; disability advocates decry plans to tighten insurance criteria. One proposed cut does not have a powerful U.S. advocacy group fighting against it — yet the money is one of the best ways of helping improve the lot of humanity.

18 Jul2017

Learning from Malaria

Published by Project Syndicate

It is one of the best untold stories in the annals of development: great strides have been made against malaria, a disease that was once endemic across the world and, more recently, has remained the scourge of developing countries. Over the last 15 years, more than six million lives have been saved. Even better, the lessons of that success can – and therefore should – be applied to other great development challenges. Malaria is caused by a mosquito-transmitted parasite. Even in a mild case, the result can be fever, chills, flu-like symptoms, and anemia – especially dangerous for pregnant...

13 Jul2017

Paris não é a solução

Published by Negócios

Trump merece ser criticado por abandonar o acordo climático de Paris sem nenhum plano de acção alternativo. Mas, ignorando a realidade, o resto do mundo não está a fazer muito melhor. A decisão do presidente Donald Trump de retirar os Estados Unidos do Acordo de Paris deixa o país sem uma política para o aquecimento global. Isso é alarmante. Mas a resposta do mundo – redobrar os esforços, em oposição a Trump – também deve causar preocupação.

10 Jul2017

Heat-death hysteria: the wrong reason to fight climate change

Published by New York Post

Politically tinged coverage of summer temperatures offers a lot of heat but not much light. “Deadly heat waves becoming more common due to climate change,” declares CNN. “Extreme heat waves will change how we live. We’re not ready,” warns TIME. Some stories are more sensationalist than others, but there is a common theme: Dangerous heat waves will increase in frequency and ferocity because of global warming. This isn’t fake news. In fact, it’s perfectly true. But these stories reveal a peculiar blind spot in the media’s climate reporting. While “deadly,” “killer,” “extreme” heat waves gain a...

10 Jul2017

Priorizar para salvar vidas

Published by La Prensa

El papel de la OMS y de su nuevo líder debería ser mirar los titulares pasados y las tendencias cambiantes de los contribuyentes y la industria del desarrollo, y poner la atención en las áreas donde cada dólar aporte el mayor impacto. Es un trabajo duro el que le corresponde al nuevo director general electo de la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS). El exministro etíope de Salud y Asuntos Exteriores, Tedros Adhanom, tiene 4,500 millones de dólares al año para gastar, pero cuando usted está tratando de mejorar la salud pública en un planeta de 7,500 millones de personas, debe usarlo...

9 Jul2017

Mudar a narrativa sobre o Haiti

Published by Negócios

Priorizar os problemas e, em seguida, concentrar-se nas soluções mais eficazes, é uma narrativa que beneficiaria todos os países. Determinar prioridades, no que respeita à despesa, é difícil em qualquer país. Mas é especialmente desafiador no Haiti, onde, depois de anos de divisões políticas, um governo recentemente eleito está a ter dificuldades em impulsionar a economia e melhorar o bem-estar da população, vendo-se confrontado com as consequências prolongadas do terramoto de 2010.

7 Jul2017

Háčiky Parížskej klimatickej dohody

Published by SME

Parížska dohoda má mnohé problémy. Trump však nemá pravdu, keď od nej odstúpil. Environmentalisti zostali šokovaní, keď prezident Donald Trump stiahol USA z Parížskej zmluva, pričom niektorí vyhlasovali, že samotné prežitie našej civilizácie je ohrozené. Je však Parížska dohoda skutočne jediným, čo bráni našu planétu pred najhoršími klimatickými zmenami? Celkom určite nie.

6 Jul2017

Why Trump shouldn’t slash R&D funding

Published by The Boston Globe

President Trump recently hosted “Technology Week” at the White House, focusing on “modernizing government technology and stimulating the technology sector.” Behind this string of photo-ops is the unfortunate reality that Trump’s 2018 budget request has proposed the steepest funding cuts for federal research and development in US history. The proposed budget would reduce funding for the Agricultural Research Service in the Department of Agriculture by 26 percent, which would lead to the closure of 17 research centers.

3 Jul2017

Helping Haitian Children When It Matters the Most

Published by The Huffington Post

When a child is born, a clock starts ticking. Scientists have shown that half of a child’s intelligence potential is developed by the age of four. Early development makes a huge difference to life-long wellbeing. It is little surprise that distinguished economists who studied responses to Haitian challenges have focused attention on powerful investments that target children in infancy and in the womb. Haïti Priorise is a research project funded by the Government of Canada that has worked with more than 700 sector experts representing government, donors, think-tanks, universities and NGOs, and...