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14 May2012

Copenhagen Consensus Conference 2012: The Expert Panel Findings

Published by Copenhagen Consensus

The goal of Copenhagen Consensus 2012 was to set priorities among a series of proposals for confronting ten great global challenges. A panel of economic experts, comprising some of the world’s most distinguished economists, was invited to consider these issues. The ten challenge papers, commissioned from acknowledged authorities in each area of policy, included nearly 40 proposals for the panel’s consideration. During the conference the panel examined these proposals in detail. Each Challenge Paper was discussed at length with its principal author, and the experts met in private...

30 Apr2012

Prioritas Millennium Development Goals

Published by Koran Tempo

2012-04-30 Dekade yang baru lalu ini kita telah menyaksikan kemajuan luar biasa dalam upaya menghadapi tantangan besar yang menghadang umat manusia Lihat saja keberhasilan melawan polio di India yang tampaknya tidak terpikirkan sepuluh tahun yang lalu Januari yang lalu menandai setahun sudah sejak terakhir dilaporkannya kasus polio di negeri itu Atau lihat juga kemajuan yang dicapai melawan malaria. (...)

26 Apr2012

Slate Copenhagen Consensus 2012: Big Problems, Big Solutions

Published by Slate

Big Problems, Big Solutions Bjørn Lomborg has a group of Nobel laureates working to solve climate change, war, hunger, and more. And he wants to know what you think. By Bjørn Lomborg Posted Thursday, April 26, 2012. COPENHAGEN—This decade has seen remarkable progress against humanity’s greatest challenges. Consider the declaration of victory over polio in India, which seemed impossible 10 years ago. January marked one year since the country’s last reported case. Or look at the strides made against malaria: Over the past decade, the number of cases has been reduced by 17...

18 Apr2012

Lomborg interview on Frank Beckmann show

Published by WJR AM 760 Detroit

NewsTalk WJR 760am April 18, 2012. Bjorn Lomborg, adjunct professor at the Copenhagen Business School, where he founded and directs its Copenhagen Consensus Center, author of The Skeptic Environmentalist and Cool it, regarding Germany and China cutting back on subsidies for green energy.

27 Mar2012

Lo que el viento se llevó

Published by El Tiempo

2012-03-27 Las medidas encaminadas a frenar el calentamiento planetario han despertado un profundo deseo a escala mundial de desplegar energía renovable. A consecuencia de ello, la utilización de turbinas eólicas ha aumentando diez veces en el pasado decenio y se ha promocionado la energía eólica como la más rentable oportunidad ecológica. Según Connie Hedegaard, la comisaria de la Unión Europea encargada de los asuntos relativos al clima, "los ciudadanos deben creer que (la energía eólica) es muy, muy barata". En realidad, esa afirmación es muy problemática. Si bien la energía...

23 Mar2012

Lomborg comments on the Energiaftale / Danish Energy Agreement

Published by Energyaftale / Danish Energy Agreement

Bjorn Lomborg comments on the Energyaftale / Danish Energy Agreement, can be read in English and in Danish in the attached file. DK 1) Man er meget glad for, at vindenergi kan komme op på næsten 50% af DKs elproduktion. Desværre er el allerede omfattet af EUs kvotehandelssystem, så når vi bygger en vindmølle mere, så bliver kvoterne blot billigere i resten af EU og co2-reduktionen er derfor nul. Det bliver blot billigere at fyre med kul i Ungarn og Portugal. (Dette gælder for en væsentlig del af aftalen, men ikke den hele — biobrændsel er ikke omfattet aftalen, og derfor er reduktionen...

19 Mar2012

Vítr coby velmi špatná volba

Published by Hospodářské noviny

2012-03-19 Snaha zastavit globální oteplování vyvolala celosvětově silné nutkání rozvíjet obnovitelnou energii. V důsledku toho se za posledních deset let desetinásobně zvýšilo využívání větrných turbín, neboť větrná energie bývá často vychvalována jako nejefektivnější zelená příležitost. Podle Connie Hedegaardové, komisařky Evropské unie pro otázky klimatu, by "lidé měli věřit, že (větrná energie) je velmi, velmi levná". (...)

16 Mar2012

Lomborg op-ed: Gone With the Wind

Published by Project Syndicate

COPENHAGEN – Efforts to stem global warming have nurtured a strong urge worldwide to deploy renewable energy. As a result, the use of wind turbines has increased ten-fold over the past decade, with wind power often touted as the most cost-effective green opportunity. According to Connie Hedegaard, the European Union’s commissioner for climate action, “People should believe that [wind power] is very, very cheap.” In fact, this is a highly problematic claim. (...)

26 Feb2012

Сонцето и Германија

Published by Utrinski

2012-02-26 Еден од најголемите експерименти во светот за јавната политика за зелена енергија се движи кон огорчен крај во Германија, со важни лекции за креаторите на политиката на други места. Германија некогаш се гордееше дека е „фотогалвански светски шампион“, делејќи дарежливи субвенции од 130 милијарди долари на граѓаните да инвестираат во соларна енергија. Но, сега германската влада ветува дека ќе ги намали субвенциите поскоро отколку што планираше и постепено ќе ја елиминира поддршката во наредните пет години. Што тргна во погрешна насока? (...)

24 Feb2012

Sables bitumineux: une étude critiquée. Lomborg interview in La Presse

Published by La Presse

Mathieu Perreault La Presse 24 février 2012 L'immensité des réserves de carburants fossiles est l'aspect qui a le plus retenu l'attention de Bjorn Lomborg, le célèbre statisticien danois qui a publié L'environnementaliste sceptique en 2001. «On voit noir sur blanc qu'il y a abondamment de carburants fossiles», dit M. Lomborg en entrevue depuis Copenhague. (...)