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6 Aug2013

Rettung durch billige Energie, die jeder haben will

Published by Der Standard

2013-08-05 Die gegenwärtige Klimapolitik führt nicht zum Ziel, denn die Maßnahmen für den Umstieg auf erneuerbare Energien greifen zu kurz.

31 Jul2013

Only cheaper ‘green’ fuels will force changes in energy use

Published by Financial Times

Last week an extraordinary, scary story made climate headlines around the world: a melting Arctic could release an immense amount of methane that would dramatically increase global warming and cost the world a phenomenal $60tn. Fortunately, it is just a scare story. Of course, if you take an implausibly catastrophic event and run it through an implausibly pessimistic economic model, you can get headlines, but you don’t get good policy. The depressing reality is that current climate policies have failed. Yes, there is a climate problem, but we are throwing huge amounts of money at it to...

16 Jul2013

Britain's Gas Chance

Published by Project Syndicate

2013-07-12 The United Kingdom has been reluctant to join the hydraulic-fracturing (or fracking) revolution. Yet tapping the Bowland Shale could reignite the UK economy and deliver huge cuts in CO2 emissions.

15 Jul2013

Innovation’s vastly cheaper than green subsidies

Published by The Globe and Mail

2013-07-15 The U.S. Energy Information Administration recently published a report that estimates global shale gas resources. These findings may have a significant impact on energy policy in the future: Shale gas increases global resources of natural gas by a whopping 47 per cent. The shale gas revolution promises to be great news for the Canadian economy, but it is also good news for our climate.

14 Jun2013

Realistic remedies for the world - Clean, affordable energy - The rational approach

Published by Ezra Levant Show

2013-06-08 Check out these videos of Bjørn Lomborg on the Ezra Levant Show. Realistic remedies for the world Clean, affordable energy The rational approach Realistic remedies for the world Clean, affordable energy The rational approach

11 Jun2013

Abraçar uma árvore em chamas

Published by Negocios

2013-06-11 O que estamos prestes a fazer é diminuir a biodiversidade, desperdiçar água, encarecer os alimentos, e gastar muito dinheiro – tudo isso para cortar árvores e queimá-las, e possivelmente aumentar as emissões de CO2. Fomos criados para pensar e fazer melhor do que isto. Leia mais

3 Jun2013

Lecciones de la crisis energética en Panamá

Published by Panama America

2013-06-01 La crisis energética ha golpeado duro a Panamá. Con la sequía se produce menos hidroelectricidad y hasta las escuelas y universidades han sido cerradas en un desesperado (...)

3 Jun2013

Membakar Hutan demi Energi Hayati

Published by Koran Tempo

2013-06-03 Kita semua dibesarkan dan diharapkan mendaur ulang kertas demi menyelamatkan hutan Kita menerima e-mail yang tidak terbilang banyaknya yang memperingatkan Mohon perhatikan lingkungan sebelum mencetak Sesungguhnya pemahaman lingkungan itu dilahirkan bersama dengan seruan agar kita melestarikan hutan Tapi sekarang demi menyelamatkan planet bumi dari perubahan iklim pakar lingkungan mengusulkan. (...)

30 May2013

How to Spend $75 Billion to Fix the World

Published by Huffington Post

2013-05-29 By Bjørn Lomborg, in Huffington Post. The UN is pondering which goals to set for the next decades to advance human development and sustainability. A high-level panel including Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and UK Prime Minister David Cameron will be making their recommendations this Friday. They could get a treasure trove of ideas from some of the world's top economists. In a new book, these economists summarize humanity's smartest ideas and best investments. Given that we have very limited funds, we need to...

24 Apr2013

The End of the EU's Cap-and-Trade Affair

Published by Wall Street Journal

2013-04-21 For some time, a divorce has been on the horizon. For years these sweethearts have soaked up the limelight on the international stage, but the sordid reality has sunk in. On Tuesday, a vote in the European Parliament confirmed that the love affair between the European Union and its climate policy may be well and truly over. This could turn out to be very good news for the world's climate.