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29 Aug2019

Wie führe ich ein nachhaltiges Leben?

Published by Die Weltwoche

Ratgeber für einen besonders umweltfreundlichen Lebenswandel haben Hochkonjunktur. Die meisten Tipps bringen der Umwelt wenig. Sechs Rezepte, die in die Irre führen – und eines, das tatsächlich funktioniert.

26 Aug2019

El electorado no vota por el cambio climático

Published by Milenio

El reconocido activista naturalista y defensor del cambio climático, David Attenborough, cree que los gobiernos deberían reconocer su fracaso a la hora de abordar el calentamiento global.

14 Aug2019

Pseudonaukowa histeria to nie jest dobra odpowiedź na klimatyczne wyzwania

Published by Listy z naszego sadu

Na rok przed kolejnymi wyborami prezydenckimi w USA gorączka wokół globalnego ocieplenia jest większa niż kiedykolwiek. Podczas gdy niektórzy politycy nadal utrzymują (niesłusznie), że to wszystko jest wymyślone, znacznie więcej polityków zapewnia (równie niesłusznie), że stoimy w obliczu zbliżającego się klimatycznego kryzysu zagrażającego naszej cywilizacji.

8 Aug2019

Vegetarianism as Climate Virtue Signaling

Published by Wall Street Journal

‘Eat Less Meat” is the typical headline used to present a new United Nations report on climate change released Thursday. The report correctly points to the need to improve global food systems, but pundits are fixating on the supposed need for people in rich countries to change their dining habits radically. This is an ineffective and unachievable policy response.

2 Aug2019

Pseudo scientific hysteria is the wrong answer to climate change

Published by New York Post

A year ahead of the US presidential election, exaggeration about global warming is greater than ever. While some politicians continue (incorrectly) to insist it’s made up, far more insist (also incorrectly) that we face an imminent climate crisis threatening civilization.

30 Jul2019

Don't let vegetarian environmentalists shame you for eating meat. Science is on your side.

Published by USA Today

Around the world, we’re being told to stop eating meat. Headlines, think tanks and activists all ask us to change our diet to combat climate change. The Washington D.C.-based World Resource Institute suggests that resource management will require Americans to cut their average consumption of beef by about 40%, and scientists from the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom just claimed that “a typical summer barbecue for four people releases more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than an 80 mile car journey." One of the professors points out that “the production of a 100g medium-...

3 Jul2019

Grön energi är svaret på klimatfrågorna

Published by Svenska Dagbladet

Extremvärmen har drabbat Europa och tragiskt nog kostat människoliv, något som nu blivit ett argument för mer kraftfull klimatpolitik. Tyvärr är det fel väg att gå – och det kan leda till fler dödsfall totalt sett.

14 Jun2019

No toda noticia alarmante es real

Published by El Universo

Probablemente usted haya visto los últimos titulares alarmantes: el aumento del nivel del mar debido al cambio climático podría obligar a 187 millones de personas a abandonar sus hogares por riesgo de inundaciones. No los crea. Esa cifra no es realista y ni siquiera es novedosa. Aparece en un nuevo artículo académico, cuyos autores la extrajeron de otro artículo publicado en 2011.

10 Jun2019

Bjorn Lomborg on the Costs and Benefits of Attacking Climate Change

Published by Econ Talk Podcast

Bjorn Lomborg, President of the Copenhagen Consensus Center, talks about the costs and benefits of attacking climate change with EconTalk host Russ Roberts. Lomborg argues that we should always be aware of tradeoffs and effectiveness when assessing policies to reduce global warming. He advocates for realistic solutions that consider the potential to improve human life in other ways. He is skeptical of the potential to move away from fossil fuels and argues that geo-engineering and adaptation may be the most effective ways to cope with climate change.

10 Jun2019

Theresa May is about to spend £1 trillion on a pointless policy. This climate madness has to end

Published by Telegraph

Chancellor Phillip Hammond was slapped down by Downing Street last week for warning that reaching net zero carbon emissions could cost the UK £1 trillion and require cuts to funding for schools, hospitals and the police force. Climate change needs a response, but Mr Hammond is right to highlight the cost – and in fact, he is likely to be underestimating the real price-tag. Almost all signatories to the Paris Agreement on climate change are failing to live up to their promises. This is nothing new, countries have been failing to deliver ever since the Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit was held back...