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20 Jul2021

The Net-Zero Debate Turns Orwellian

Published by Forbes

Our current climate conversation embodies two blatantly contradictory claims. On one side, experts warn that promised climate policies will be economically crippling. In a new report, the International Energy Agency (IEA) states that achieving net-zero in 2050 will likely be “the greatest challenge humankind has ever faced.” That is a high bar, surpassing World War II, the black plague and Covid. On the other side, hand-waving politicians sell net-zero climate schemes as a near-utopia that every nation will rush to embrace. As John Kerry, US President Biden’s climate envoy, told world leaders...

16 Jun2021

Climate change panic causes public distrust, bad decisions

Published by Fox Business Network

In an interview with Stuart Varney on the Fox Business Network, Bjorn Lomborg discusses these claims based on findings from his latest book False Alarm.* He argues that despite climate change, humanity will still be much better off at the conclusion of the century and presents smart strategies to tackle the problem.

3 Jun2021

Pressão pelo clima nos tribunais

Published by O Globo

Apesar da intensa preocupação com o clima, os eleitores têm mostrado baixa disposição para gastar os trilhões que permitiriam um corte drástico nas emissões de gases.

27 May2021

Wie Klimaklagen den Armen schaden

Published by Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Wohlmeinende Aktivisten versuchen, den Klimaschutz auf Kosten aller anderen erstrebenswerten Ziele zu erzwingen.

19 May2021

La política climática no debe forzarse en tribunales de justicia

Published by Milenio

Apesar de la intensa preocupación por el clima, los electores no han estado dispuestos a gastar los billones necesarios para reducir drásticamente las emisiones. Por ello, los defensores del clima han recurrido cada vez más a una nueva estrategia: forzar la política climática a través de los tribunales de justicia.

18 May2021

The courts are no place to combat climate change

Published by New York Daily News

Despite intense climate worries, electorates have been unwilling to spend the trillions needed to cut emissions dramatically. That is why climate campaigners have increasingly pursued a new strategy: forcing climate policy through courts. Across the world, the UN now counts at least 1,550 such climate cases in 38 countries and more than a thousand just in the U.S., often filed by young people invoking a fear for their future. Unfortunately, such cases undermine democracy, harm the poor and sidetrack us from smarter ways to fix the climate.

17 May2021

Klimaforkæmpere underminerer demokratiet til at gennemtvinge vidtgående klimatiltag

Published by Berlingske

Hvis vi ønsker at skære drastisk ned på CO2-udledninger, skal vi i højere grad satse på investering i grøn innovation, skriver Bjørn Lomborg.

16 May2021

A klímaperek a demokráciát ássák alá

Published by Portfolio

A klímaváltozással kapcsolatos súlyos aggodalmak ellenére a választópolgárok nem kívánnak ezer milliárdokat költeni az emisszió jelentős csökkentésére. Emiatt a klímavédelmi mozgalmak egyre inkább új stratégiát választanak: bíróságokon keresztül erőszakolják ki a klímavédelmi intézkedéseket. Szerte a világban az ENSZ legalább 1550 ilyen klímapert tart számon 38 országban, amelyeket gyakran a jövőjükért aggódó fiatalok indítanak. Sajnos, ezek a perek aláássák a demokráciát, ártanak a szegényeknek, és eltérítenek minket a klímaváltozás kezelésének okosabb eszközeitől.

26 Apr2021

Is Everything Better Than We Think?

Published by Jordan B Peterson Podcast on YouTube

Dr. Bjorn Lomborg and Jordan B Peterson discuss a variety of topics in the realm of climate change and worldwide problems. We examine the claims made in his latest book False Alarm. Throughout the episode we touch on sustainable development goals, prioritizing problems for the world, achieving the highest return on investment, the apocalypse lens we apply to many global issues, making the poor richer, innovation, adaptation, selling and marketing solutions, and much more.

25 Apr2021

Leaders ‘went out of their way to scare us’ at climate change summit

Published by Sky News

Environmental author Bjorn Lomborg says world leaders went “out of their way to scare us” at the recent climate change summit.“They both went out of their way to scare us, but also in some ways, it was a repeat of the last 30 years of climate policy,” Mr Lomborg told Sky News host Chris Smith. “Namely, let’s make grand promises for the future, and certainly in the past we’ve then seen, not much is going to happen”.