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2 Sep2010


Published by The Guardian

Bjørn Lomborg: $100bn a year needed to fight climate change Exclusive 'Sceptical environmentalist' and critic of climate scientists to declare global warming a chief concern facing world Bjørn Lomborg: the dissenting climate change voice who changed his tune With his new book, Danish scientist Bjørn Lomborg has become an unlikely advocate for huge investment in fighting global warming. But his answers are unlikely to satisfy all climate change campaigners

4 Aug2010

Lomborg in Newton

Published by Newton

Bjørn Lomborg Roma - Jacopo Prisco Bjørn Lomborg, danese, 45 anni, professore della Copenhagen Business School, ha le idee molto chiare sul riscaldamento globale. Ma sono in contrasto con quasi tutta la comunità scientifica: il suo libro del 2003, "L’ambientalista scettico", ha generato mille polemiche ed è finito nel mirino del Committee of Scientific Dishonesty, un organo del governo danese che supervisiona la correttezza della divulgazione scientifica. Inizialmente, Lomborg è stato accusato di pubblicazione di dati inesatti o manipolati, plagio e abuso del metodo statistico...

4 Aug2010

Bjorn Lomborg: la green economy

Published by La Repubblica

July 19, 2010 Economista, scrittore e direttore Business School Copenhagen La Repubblica.

4 Aug2010

CNBC's What The Future... with Lomborg

Published by CNBC

Research Files: A Chat with Bjorn Lomborg Part 1 of 6 As part of our research for WTF! we interviewed some of the most influential thought leaders we could find. We met up with Bjorn Lomborg for lunch. Video, 6 part episode

4 Aug2010

Lomborg in FOCUS

Published by Focus

Auf die Erwarmung cool reagieren Der danische Umweltforscher Bjorn Lomborg warnt vor einer dramatisierung der Folgen des Klimawandels.

4 Aug2010

Lomborg interview in Joongang Ilbo

Published by Joongang Ilbo

Lomborg interview in Joongang Ilbo

2 Aug2010

Lomborg in Le Figaro

Published by Le Figaro

Climat : l'avenir passe par les énergies vertes

2 Jul2010

Lomborg's op-ed in Telegraph

Published by The Telegraph

By Bjorn Lomborg 02 Jul 2010 The EU's response to global warming is a costly mistake. Europe's 20/20/20 policy will cost billions of pounds, but yield only tiny results, writes Bjorn Lomborg . European leaders have a lot to deal with. The financial crisis has prompted several national stimulus packages and a joint effort to keep Greece afloat, while the EU is in danger of being outstripped by other economies that are growing faster, producing more efficiently and at lower costs. One bright spot is that politicians remain committed to responding to global warming. Unfortunately, their...

1 Jul2010

Lomborg on BBC: What's up with the Weather? June 28

Published by BBC

June 28 8:30pm BBC1 We’re told another barbecue summer and droughts are on the way - but do you really trust the predictions any more? Despite governments, scientists and campaigners telling us the world's climate is changing, increasing numbers of us simply don't believe in global warming. After one of the coldest winters on record and a vicious row about the science behind climate change, Panorama goes back to basics and asks what we really know about our climate and how it will affect us. Panorama reporter Tom Heap speaks to some of the world's leading scientists on both...

1 Jul2010

Lomborg in Panorama Economy

Published by Panorama Economy

June 25, 2010: Frenate gli incentivi serve piú ricerca PROPOSTE Dopo il libro "L'ambientalista scettico", l'economista danese Bjorn Lomborg rilancia con un film anti Al Gore. Sostenendo che si sprecano enormi risorse per ottentere risultati minimi. Meglio investire in nuove soluzioni. di Stefano Caviglia (...)