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17 Dec2008

Bardzo, bardzo sceptyczny ekolog

Published by Cywilizacja

The Polish Przekrój magazine conducted a long interview with Bjorn Lomborg in November. Protokół z Kioto to pomyłka, która będzie nas drogo kosztować, Al Gore buja w obłokach, a produkcja ekopaliw jest groźna dla środowiska – przekonuje Bjørn Lomborg* w wywiadzie dla „Przekroju”. UWAGA: Ta rozmowa może wam wybić ekologię z głowy.

16 Dec2008

Interview with Lomborg in TRIV

Published by Triv

Interview of February 2008

16 Dec2008

Lomborg in Slovak Trend Business Magazine

Published by Trend

Klíma je problém nie katastrofa - read the article in the biggest Slovak business magazine attached.

16 Dec2008

Interview with Lomborg - JoongAng, South Korea

Published by JoongAng Ilbo

After his WSJ article about President-elect Obama's future mission in the area of climate change, Bjorn Lomborg was asked by the JoongAng Ilbo newspaper to comment on making policies on climate change and on investment in alternative energy for the South Korean readers as well. JoongAng Ilbo is one of the 3 biggest newspapers in Korea. Nov 15, 2008

16 Dec2008

A Better Way Than Cap and Trade

Published by Washington Post

By Bjorn Lomborg, Thursday, June 26, 2008 The bitter arguments in the Senate this month over the Lieberman-Warner climate change bill, which would have required major emitters to pay for the right to discharge greenhouse gases, proved that climate change caused by humans has come to the fore of U.S. policy debates. (...)

16 Dec2008

Björn Lomborg: Europe's sceptical environmentalist

Published by Cafe Babel

An interview with Lomborg on Cafe Babel

16 Dec2008

Top scientist takes new tack on global warming

Published by Haaretz

By Zafrir Rinat, January 21, 2008, Haaretz One of the world's most influential environmental scientists is set to present a controversial argument here today against the focus on reducing greenhouse gases and favoring R&D and better planning for the results of global warming such as hurricanes. Professor Bjorn Lomborg argues that funds should be invested in research and development that in a few decades will spawn technology to produce clean energy that all countries can use. Until then, the focus should be on improving readiness for possible disasters caused by global warming...

16 Dec2008

Focus On Trade, Not Climate Change

Published by Forbes

Bjorn Lomborg, 12.15.2008 An economic argument against stricter caps on carbon emissions. While the world focused on United Nations-led discussions about climate change last week, international trade talks fell apart. The World Trade Organization head says progress on the Doha Round--negotiations to lower trade barriers--is stalled until well into next year...

16 Dec2008

«Al Gore difunde falsas evidencias»

Published by Publico

El autor de El ecologista escéptico, Bjorn Lomborg, propone en un nuevo libro acabar con Kioto y destinar el dinero a la lucha contra el sida y la malaria "El texto emplea la estrategia de aquellos que niegan que los judíos fueran seleccionados por los nazis para el exterminio". Así se despachaba la revista Nature en una crítica feroz al libro El ecologista escéptico, publicado en 2001. Su autor, el politólogo danés Bjorn Lomborg (Copenhague, 1965), está en España para presentar la secuela, En frío (ambos editados por Espasa), una guía que propone enterrar el Protocolo de Kioto y...

16 Dec2008

Chilling Effect - Global warmists try to stifle debate

Published by Wall Street Journal

John McCain, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton all promise bold action on climate change. All have endorsed a form of cap-and-trade system that would severely limit future carbon emissions. The Democratic Congress is champing at the bit to act. So too is the Climate Action Partnership, a coalition of companies led by General Electric and Duke Energy... WSJ Opinion Journal, JOHN FUND ON THE TRAIL