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30 Nov2009

Lomborg: Under heat, climate-change contrarian won't wilt

Published by The Globe and Mail

Interview with Bjorn Lomborg. John Allemang From Saturday's Globe and Mail Published on Friday, Nov. 27 2009 Under heat, climate-change contrarian won't wilt. The controversial Bjorn Lomborg doesn't deny global warming. But he believes it's ‘an incredibly bad deal' to spend so much money on cutting carbon emissions, he tells John Allemang. Former Danish statistics professor Bjorn Lomborg created a storm of controversy when he published The Skeptical Environmentalist , a 1998 work that was denounced by scientists for its cost-benefit critique of the Kyoto Protocol but...

18 Nov2009

Global Warming as Seen From Bangladesh

Published by Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal. BJØRN LOMBORG, Nov 9 2009. Global Warming as Seen From Bangladesh The following article is part of a series leading up to the December United Nations conference in Copenhagen on how ordinary people in different countries view global warming. When the monsoon rains come, Momota Begum and her husband and children must take turns sleeping in their tiny concrete house's one bed to escape the waste and human excrement that can wash in from outside. They live in a three-decade old refugee camp in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is run for Urdu-speaking people who found themselves on...

18 Nov2009

Lomborg in Corriere della Sera

Published by Corriere della Sera

«Allarghiamo le nuvole bianche sul Pacifico» Il progetto «L' operazione va fatta immettendo acqua di mare attraverso 200 navi senza equipaggio. Costo: 6 miliardi. Ma ogni euro speso ne farebbe risparmiare mille» Bjørn Lomborg - 44 anni, danese - è probabilmente l' esperto di surriscaldamento climatico più scettico rispetto alla strada presa dai governi per combattere l' effetto serra. Pensa che il taglio delle emissioni di anidride carbonica effettuato subito, «del 50, no del 60, no dell' 80 per cento come dicono rincorrendosi i governi, è per...

6 Nov2009

Lomborg: Climate Change and Malaria in Africa

Published by Wall Street Journal

WALL STREET JOURNAL By BJORN LOMBORG Climate Change and Malaria in Africa Limiting carbon emissions won't do much to stop disease in Zambia. NOVEMBER 1, 2009 When he first got sick, Samson Banda didn't realize he had malaria. Only after he came down with a serious fever did he end up at a clinic in the Bauleni slum compound in Lusaka, Zambia. The clinic has just a few nurses and staff with basic medical skills. Locals can wait for an entire day to be seen. Unchecked malaria is serious. Nine out of 10 of the world's annual one million malaria-caused deaths occur in sub-Saharan...

6 Nov2009

Bridging the Generation Gap on Climate -interview with Lomborg

Published by New York Times

By SEBNEM ARSU and JAMES KANTER Published: October 30, 2009 ...Bjorn Lomborg, a Danish political scientist who found fame as the author of the provocative book “The Skeptical Environmentalist,” said that by campaigning for swift agreement at a global climate conference in December in Copenhagen, the Elders risked backing expensive and ineffective solutions that might divert money from more effective measures to save lives and protect the planet. “I have no doubt the Elders care deeply about their grandchildren,” Mr. Lomborg said, “but we should be concerned about...

26 Oct2009

The View from Vanuatu on Climate Change

Published by Wall Street Journal

(...) Torethy Frank, a 39-year-old woman carving out a subsistence lifestyle on Vanuatu's Nguna Island, is one of those "innocent people." Yet, she has never heard of the problem that her government rates as a top priority. "What is global warming?" she asks a researcher for the Copenhagen Consensus Center. (...) Read it online BL 2009 Oct 22 WSJ Vanuatu

22 Oct2009

Los que terminarán con el cambio climático

Published by El Mundo

TENEMOS bien poquito de lo que presumir tras casi 20 años de esfuerzos por impedir el recalentamiento del planeta. Las promesas de reducir las emisiones de carbono que se hicieron en Río de Janeiro en 1992 no se han convertido en realidad. (...)

21 Oct2009

Lomborg interview at Barron's: A Smarter Approach to Climate Change

Published by Barron's

DANISH STATISTICIAN AND MORAL CRUSADER Bjorn Lomborg rarely misses an opportunity. Speaking by telephone last week from his apartment in Copenhagen, Lomborg told me about his recent initiative to get the world to deal sensibly with climate change. (...)

21 Oct2009

Emisje – szukanie winnych

Published by Racjonalista

Panika szerzy się wśród działaczy na rzecz drastycznych cięć emisji dwutlenku węgla. Zaczyna być oczywiste, że szeroko roztrąbione spotkanie w Kopenhadze w grudniu tego roku nie dostarczy wiążącej umowy międzynarodowej, która doprowadziłaby do istotnej zmiany w kwestii globalnego ocieplenia. (...) A BL 2009 Oct Racjonalista PL.pdf

12 Oct2009

Lomborg in the Russian Newsweek

Published by Newsweek

В начале сентября пятеро нобелевских лауреатов по экономике, объединившие усилия под крышей организации «Копенгагенский консенсус», огласили результаты исследования экономической эффективности разных методов борьбы с глобальным потеплением. BL 2009 Sept Russian NW-39-258.pdf