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7 Oct2008

Copenhagen Consensus 2008

Published by Copenhagen Consensus

Lomborg's Opening Speech at Copenhagen Consensus 2008 Lomborg's Closing Speech at Copenhagen Consensus 2008 Over two years, more than 50 economists have worked to find the best solutions to ten of the world’s biggest challenges. During the last week of May, an expert panel of 8 top-economists, including 5 Nobel Laureates, sat down to assess the research. The ranked list: A prioritized list highlighting the potential of 30 specific solutions to combat some of the biggest challenges facing the world. for more: go to

5 Aug2008

Denkverbote für Klimaforscher (ARD Video)

Published by ZDF

"Denkverbote für Klimaforscher - der Weltklimarat und seine unbequemen Kritiker" (in German)...

23 Dec2007

Cool It - The Skeptical Environmentalist's Guide to Global Warming out now

On September 4, Bjorn Lomborg's latest book 'Cool It' was released in the US. It will soon be available in the UK and the rest of the world. Buy on Amazon...

12 Sep2007

Politiken, Sept. 4 2007

Lomborgs kølige kamp mod dommedagsprædikanterne. Miljøforkæmpere har i snart 10 år forsøgt at fryse Bjørn Lomborg ud af debatten. Men han lader sig ikke kyse. I 'Cool it' gør han endnu et bravt forsøg på at mane til besindighed, før klimapanikken tager overhånd. Las hele anmeldelsen (PDF)...

12 Sep2007

Michael Crichton,

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Bjørn Lomborg is the best-informed and most humane advocate for environmental change in the world today. Full review (PDF)