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16 Feb2009

Kloden Sveder

Published by Dotminded

Ulrik Norup Jørgensen and Ilse Kristensen's book on climate change has been completed with Lomborg's contribution...

4 Feb2009


Argument Map of the article "Obama and Global Warming" Bjorn Lomborg on climate facts and policy priorities A diagrammatic representation in bCisive 2.0 Austhink Consulting created this logical model of the opinion piece by Professor Bjorn Lomborg. Such models make it possible to see what an argument is. They are called argument maps. Using such a map, those who disagree with Professor Lomborg can pinpoint precisely where and why. Those persuaded of the merits of his case will, equally, be able to account for precisely why. Lomborg Argument Map.pdf...

2 Feb2009

Safari i globalne ocieplenie

Published by Racjonalista

Autor tekstu: Bjørn Lomborg Tłumaczenie: Małgorzata Koraszewska W mowie inauguracyjnej Barak Obama obiecał ”odsunąć widmo ocieplenia planety”. W tym kontekście warto zastanowić się nad urywkiem z jego książki Dreams from My Father . Mówi on bardzo wiele o sposobie, w jaki patrzymy na problemy świata. (...)...

16 Jan2009

Lomborg will participate in the IQ2US debate on Jan 13 2009

Published by Intelligence Squared US

Intelligence Squared US debate series: Tuesday, January 13, 2009 Major reductions in carbon emissions are not worth the money Moderator: John Donvan Speaking for the motion: Bjorn Lomborg, Philip Stott and Peter Huber Speaking against the motion: L. Hunter Lovins, Oliver Tickell and Adam Werbach THIS EVENT WILL BE RECORDED FOR BBC WORLD NEWS. Panelists for the motion Bjorn Lomborg is the author of the bestsellers Cool It and The Skeptical Environmentalist. He was named one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine in 2004, one of the "50 people who could save the...

16 Jan2009

Vote results of the IQ2US debate

Published by IQ2US

Major reductions in carbon emissions are not worth the money - was the topic of the latest Intelligence Squared US debate (Jan 13). Bjorn Lomborg, Peter Huber and Philip Stott spoke for the motion. Though they started out with 16% for their proposal and 49% against ("major reductions in carbon emissions are not worth the money"), they ended with 42% for, 48% against - see attached chart. If you go to the website, click on past debates/downloads, and you can find there the full transcript of the debate and images, and from Jan 21 also the audio record...

23 Dec2008

What Polar Bears Can Teach Us

Published by Jewcy Magazine

Lomborg's article in Jewcy Magazine, Apr 22, 2008. What Polar Bears Can Teach Us About the Environment (Hint: It's Not What You Think) The threat of man-made climate change looms larger than any other problem facing the planet, so it's no wonder that the discussion about global warming has turned into a kind of choreographed screaming that drowns out the facts. Science unequivocally tells us that climate change is real and caused by man, but predictions of destruction on an epic scale don't stack up. Consider the plight of the polar bear - a pin-up ‘victim' of global...

23 Dec2008

Zielona pseudo-rewolucja

Published by Racjonalista

Autor tekstu: Bjørn Lomborg; Zielona pseudo-rewolucja Autor tekstu: Bjørn Lomborg Tłumaczenie: Małgorzata Koraszewska Postępująca światowa recesja zagroziła działaniu w sprawie globalnego ocieplenia. Jest to istotne, ponieważ za niespełna rok świat zasiądzie w Kopenhadze do negocjacji o traktacie mającym być kontynuacją nieudanego Protokołu z Kioto. Jednak w sytuacji, w której ludzie tracą pracę i dochód, natychmiastowa pomoc ekonomiczna wydaje się ważniejsza niż różnice temperatur za 100 lat...

23 Dec2008

Lomborg in the Daily Mail UK

Published by The Daily Mail

Lomborg's thoughts appear in the article Cash-strapped families face £1,000-a-year bill to help Government beat climate change (as if we didn't have enough problems); on the UK Government's decision to set a 80% cut in carbon emissions by 2050. The Government's climate change committee estimates this will cost 1-2 % of the GDP. At current values this is £24 billion - or £1,200 per household...

23 Dec2008

How to Think About the World's Problems

Published by Wall Street Journal

by Bjorn Lomborg, WSJ May 22, 2008 The pain caused by the global food crisis has led many people to belatedly realize that we have prioritized growing crops to feed cars instead of people. That is only a small part of the real problem... Read it online BL May 22 2008 WSJ How to Think About.pdf

23 Dec2008

The trillion dollar band-aid

Published by The Guardian

Björn Lomborg, Monday 15 September 2008 Solving climate change will be the most expensive public policy decision ever. Half-baked thinking won't fix it now. One commonly repeated argument for doing something about climate change sounds compelling, but turns out to be almost fraudulent. It is based on comparing the cost of action with the cost of inaction, and almost every major politician in the world uses it. (...)...