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16 Sep2010

Lomborg's op-ed: Smarter Thinking on Climate Change

Published by Project Syndicate

COPENHAGEN – Politicians and commentators are understandably pessimistic about the chances of an international deal on carbon cuts emerging from the United Nations summit in Mexico this December. Nothing has been resolved since the Copenhagen climate talks fell apart last year. Fortunately, recent research points to a smarter way to tackle climate change. (...)...

16 Sep2010

Lomborg op-ed: Europe’s Determination to Decline

Published by Project Syndicate

SÃO PAULO – In a heroic case of finding a silver lining in the bleakest of all situations, the European Union climate commissioner has concluded that the global economic crisis and recession actually provided a lucky break for everyone. Commissioner Connie Hedegaard says that the slowdown in economic activity will make it easier for the EU to achieve its 2020 goal of ensuring that greenhouse-gas emissions are 20% below their 1990 level. In fact, Hedegaard believes that cutting emissions has become so easy that European leaders should be more ambitious and unilaterally aim for a 30%...

16 Sep2010

Lomborg's article in Esquire Magazine Middle East

Published by Esquire

WHATEVER HAPPENED TO Saving Planet? Global warming is not a current threat but a future one. It will cause more heat deaths, flooding and lower agricultural productivity in hot areas. But it will also result in longer growing seasons, more precipitation and fewer cold deaths in most places. Attempts to terrify people about climate change have backfired. Political posturing by celebrity activists and scientists has undermined years of important work on the matter.

10 Sep2010

Lomborg's newest op-ed in Globe and Mail

Published by The Globe and Mail

Sure, worry about climate change – but not too much by Bjørn Lomborg Exaggerated fear is no basis for making smart decisions about something as complicated as global warming For some years now, the debate over global warming has been dominated by fear. Understandably frustrated that their message might not be getting through, climate activists have been ratcheting up the rhetoric to the point where one could be excused for wondering whether they are quoting from scientific journals or the Book of Revelations. If nothing is done, we’ve been told, global warming would soon destroy...

8 Sep2010

Lomborg interview with La Stampa

Published by La Stampa

IL PIU’ FAMOSO «AMBIENTALISTA SCETTICO» CHIEDE UN FONDO DA 250 MILIARDI: SERVE A SVILUPPARE LE NUOVE TECNOLOGIE VERDI "Anche la mia verità è scomoda" Lomborg: divento attore contro Al Gore per sconfiggere l'effetto serra GABRIELE BECCARIA Pronunciate il nome Bjorn Lomborg e ogni ecologista politicamente corretto seppellirà lui - e voi - di improperi. Ma lo scienziato più odiato dai verdi ha preparato una sorpresa. E’ un libro e si intitola «Smart solutions to climate change», soluzioni intelligenti al cambiamento climatico. Professore, finora...

2 Sep2010


Published by The Guardian

Bjørn Lomborg: $100bn a year needed to fight climate change Exclusive 'Sceptical environmentalist' and critic of climate scientists to declare global warming a chief concern facing world Bjørn Lomborg: the dissenting climate change voice who changed his tune With his new book, Danish scientist Bjørn Lomborg has become an unlikely advocate for huge investment in fighting global warming. But his answers are unlikely to satisfy all climate change campaigners

2 Jul2010

Lomborg's op-ed in Telegraph

Published by The Telegraph

By Bjorn Lomborg 02 Jul 2010 The EU's response to global warming is a costly mistake. Europe's 20/20/20 policy will cost billions of pounds, but yield only tiny results, writes Bjorn Lomborg . European leaders have a lot to deal with. The financial crisis has prompted several national stimulus packages and a joint effort to keep Greece afloat, while the EU is in danger of being outstripped by other economies that are growing faster, producing more efficiently and at lower costs. One bright spot is that politicians remain committed to responding to global warming. Unfortunately, their...

31 May2010

Lomborg's article in New Statesman

CLOUD CONTROL Drastic and immediate cuts in carbon emissions, as advocated by most of the green lobby, are an expensive way of doing very little good. They would reduce growth and especially hurt the world’s poor. But there is another, better way There is a disturbing tendency among many in the climate debate today to deride as "deniers" anyone who does not advocate making huge and immediate carbon cuts. The framing began nearly a decade ago with discussions about the science of climate change. People who questioned the link between carbon emissions and warming were branded...

18 May2010

Lomborg on BigThink: Our Responsibility to Adapt

Published by Big Think

Our Responsibility to Adapt BJØRN LOMBORG Balancing People, Planet and Profit: The Future of Business Sustainability What is sustainable business? Over the next three months, we will be sharing insights from some of the world's leading thinkers and policy makers on what sustainability means and how we should approach the key environmental, economic and societal challenges we face today. Dive in and join the debate...

26 Apr2010

Lomborg's op-ed in USA Today: Earth Day: Smile, don't shudder

Published by USA Today

Earth Day: Smile, don't shudder By Bjorn Lomborg USA Today, Apr 21, 2010 Given all the talk of impending catastrophe, this may come as a surprise, but as we approach the 40th anniversary of the first Earth Day, people who care about the environment actually have a lot to celebrate. Of course, that's not how the organizers of Earth Day 2010 see it. In their view (to quote a recent online call to arms), "The world is in greater peril than ever." But consider this: In virtually every developed country, the air is more breathable and the water is more drinkable than it was in...