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4 Aug2016

Nutrition - Small investments can make a huge impact

Published by The Daily Star

Bangladesh has made great strides in many areas, including poverty eradication and life expectancy. There are still many opportunities for investments that improve the nation's future and transform lives. Recently, a high-level team of prominent Bangladeshi development and economics leaders and a Nobel Laureate in Economics identified a prioritised list of such opportunities. They were tasked with answering the question: “What policies and investments would give Bangladesh the most impact for every taka spent?” My think-tank, the Copenhagen Consensus Center, commissioned teams...

2 Aug2016

The Alarming Thing About Climate Alarmism

Published by PragerU

Are droughts, hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters getting stronger and more frequent? Are carbon dioxide emissions, global temperatures and sea levels putting us on a path for climate catastrophe? Bjorn Lomborg, Director of the Copenhagen Consensus Center, breaks down the facts about the environment and shows why the reality of climate change may be very different from what you hear in the media.

26 Jul2016

Idiotisk at spilde milliarder på Tesla

Published by Borsen

Kære læser. Det er i strid med lov om ophavsret at kopiere og videresende artikler uden brug af det officielle link: Den nye Tesla er slet ikke det vidunder for miljøet, som alle går og tror KRONIK - Da Elon Musk præsenterede den nye Tesla 3, annoncerede en logrende presse, at den "verdensændrende bil" kunne "dominere" markedet. Inden for få dage havde.....

25 Jul2016

Bjorn Lomborg na stage

Published by

"Rozhovor s ekonomem a enviromentalistou Bjornem Lomborgem na MELTINGPOT v rámci Colours of Ostrava."...

21 Jul2016

Repensando las políticas de eficiencia energética

Published by La Nacion

Mejorar la eficiencia energética es una política de moda que promueven los gobiernos en todo el mundo. En los papeles, parece algo obvio: mejorar la eficiencia energética se vende como una medida que reduce costos, genera empleos y salva al planeta. Se gana por todos lados -y los medios suelen aportar su granito de arena al centrarse enteramente en todos los supuestos beneficios-. Pero la historia tiene otra cara -y es negativa. Después de invertir 240 millones de libras (316 millones de dólares), el Reino Unido puso fin el año pasado al financiamiento oficial de su programa insignia de...

21 Jul2016

Přehodnoťme politiku energetické účinnosti

Published by Hospodářské noviny

Zlepšování energetické účinnosti je módní politika, kterou podporují vlády celého světa. Na papíře to vypadá jednoznačně: zlepšování energetické účinnosti se vydává za opatření, které snižuje náklady, vytváří pracovní místa a zachraňuje planetu. Všude jen samé výhody, výhody a výhody – a sdělovací prostředky často pomáhají dávat na tento stav razítko, když se zaměřují výhradně na předpokládané plusy. Celý příběh však má i druhou – odvrácenou – stranu...

20 Jul2016

Es lohnt sich, die Energieeffizienzpolitik zu überdenken

Published by Project Syndicate

Die Verbesserung der Energieeffizienz ist ein Trend, der von Regierungen weltweit gerne unterstützt wird. Auf dem Papier wirkt es wie ein Selbstläufer: Die Steigerung der Energieeffizienz wird als kostensenkend, Arbeitsplätze schaffend und als Rettung unseres Planeten verkauft. Eine Win-win-win-Strategie – und die Medien tragen häufig dazu bei, die Sache zu besiegeln, indem sie sich einzig und allein den vermeintlichen Vorteilen widmen. Doch es gibt eine Kehrseite. Nachdem das Vereinigte Königreich 240 Millionen Pfund (knapp 288 Millionen Euro) für sein Vorzeigeprogramm zur...

20 Jul2016

Rethinking Energy-Efficiency Policies

Published by Project Syndicate

Improving energy efficiency is a fashionable policy that governments worldwide promote. On paper, it seems a no-brainer: improving energy efficiency is sold as cost-reducing, job-creating, and planet-saving. Win, win, win – and the media often help close the deal, focusing entirely on all the supposed upsides. But there is another side – a downside – to the story. After spending £240 million ($316 million), the United Kingdom ended government funding for its flagship energy-efficiency-loan program last year, after a scathing report from the National Audit Office showed...

20 Jul2016

We must focus on the UN goals that are the best value for money

Published by The Guardian

Ten months ago, world leaders gathered at the United Nations to adopt 169 targets that will shape much of the $2.5tn expected to be spent on development assistance over the next 15 years, along with many trillions of dollars of national budgets. This week government ministers return to discuss the implementation of the sustainable development goals, amid growing recognition of the challenges of pursuing so many well-meaning ambitions at once. During the drawn-out process in which donor and recipient nations, NGOs and advocacy groups struggled over which development goals would be given the UN...

18 Jul2016

U.N. Development Disconnects

Published by Wall Street Journal

Bjorn Lomborg stopped by the Wall Street Journal’s Opinion Journal to speak with Mary Kissel, WSJ Editorial Board Member. Watch the entire interview in which Bjorn discusses how the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Agenda could have the biggest bang-for-the-buck by spending just little bit more of the development aid on the smartest targets...