PL: Sukces upraw GM w Indiach


Zbyt często pozwalamy, by emocje wyparły fakty z wiadomości. Opieramy nasze opinie na nagłówkach, które przyciągają najwięcej uwagi, i kształtujemy najgłębiej żywione przekonania na kilku tylko bardzo nagłośnionych zdarzeniach. Na jednym z głównych uniwersytetów Nowej Anglii dyskutowałem niedawno o stanie świata i doszliśmy do żywności. Powiedziałem, że...


CL Lomborg: El mensaje unilateral no funciona


El mensaje unilateral no funciona

El calentamiento global es un problema importante, pero el riesgo es que se nos presente un mensaje unilateral ineficaz. Tenemos que abordar el fenómeno de forma inteligente y ayudar donde es realmente importante.

por Bjorn Lomborg - 07/04/2014 - 04:00

EL INFORME del Panel Intergubernamental de Expertos sobre el Cambio Climático (IPCC) de la ONU se publicó este 31 de marzo. Muchas respuestas de los medios de...


Lomborg: El mensaje sobre cambio climático no funciona

La Prensa Grafica,


El mensaje sobre cambio climático no funciona

6 de Abril de 2014 a la(s) 6:0 - Bjorn Lomborg

El informe del Panel Intergubernamental de Expertos sobre el Cambio Climático de la ONU se publicó este 31 de marzo. Muchas respuestas de los medios de comunicación rondan en torno a los efectos negativos del calentamiento global. Sin embargo, antes de leerlas, vale reconocer que proporcionan una versión parcial sobre este fenómeno...


India’s GM crop success


It's time to retire the myth that Bt cotton is to blame for farmer suicides in India. Opponents of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) claim that the proliferation of GM crops like Bt cotton has placed enormous...


Germany’s energy policy is expensive, harmful and short-sighted


Germany is a showcase for how-not-to in green energy. It is pumping hundreds of billions of euros into subsidies for ineffective and unreliable solar panels and wind turbines that leave poor people struggling to pay...


The Poverty of Renewables


MIAMI – According to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, “Climate change harms the poor first and worst.” This is true, because the poor are the most vulnerable and have the least resources with which to adapt. But we often forget that current policies to address global warming make...


Leder: Lomborg er færdig som skurk


Børsen, Denmark. 



NL: "Het klimaat is niet ons grootste probleem"

"Het klimaat is niet ons grootste probleem"


Door: Han van de Wiel

Bron: OneWorld

Hij gooit weer eens de knuppel in het milieuhoenderhok. In zijn nieuwste boek constateert Bjørn Lomborg dat we de belangrijkste wereldproblemen wel zo’n beetje hebben opgelost, en dat ontwikkelingslanden meer hebben aan kolencentrales dan aan zonne- en windenergie. Interview met een sloper van heilige klimaathuisjes.


Een lang,...


The Davos Apocalypse


FORT LAUDERDALE – At the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos last month, leading participants called for a rapid shift to cleaner energy to tackle climate change. There is something unsettling about the global power elite jetting into an exclusive Swiss ski resort...


FR: Quel état du monde en 2050?

Quel état du monde en 2050?

2014-02-13, BJORN LOMBORG 

La Tribune, France. 

Point par point, une évaluation de la situation de la planète et de ses habitants d'ici à 2050. Des raisons de ne pas sombrer dans le pessimisme... Par Bjorn Lomborg, directeur, Copenhaguen Consensus Center. 

Vivrons-nous mieux en 2050 que nos prédécesseurs en 1900 ? Le débat sur l'évolution du monde, que ce soit en bien ou en pire, n'est pas nouveau. Ce sujet a été...


Obama energy policy hurts African poor


Is it fair to use climate policies to keep poor people poor?

It is great to electrify Africa. But not with renewables.

If Obama spends the next $10 billion on gas electrification, he can help lift 90 million people out of energy...


Interview in Norwegian: "Mannen som advarer mot klimaporno"


Bjørn Lomborg advarer mot klima-alarmister og «vanvittige» subsidier til fornybar energi. Selv tror han teknologi og fakta vil seire over symbolpolitikk og følelser.

Les artikkelen...


Ökonomen, die die Welt retten wollen


Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Germany's newspaper of record, profiled Copenhagen Consensus and Dr. Lomborg in their series on economists influencing the global debate. The wide-ranging interview addresses both climate change and the approach of the Copenhagen Consensus Center to make the...


The Realism of Global Optimism


PRAGUE – Read a newspaper or watch the evening news, and the world always seems to be getting worse. One problem after another is put under a spotlight. The more death, destruction, and despair, the better. As one Danish journalism textbook puts it: “A good story is usually...


MX: Acceso a energía, problema medioambiental

Acceso a energía, problema medioambiental

2014-01-17, BJORN LOMBORG

Milenio, Mexico. 

Si queremos ayudar al mundo, lo primero es lograr que este recurso llegue a más población, y no solo en la minúscula porción de un panel solar, sino en la de los fiables y conocidos combustibles fósiles de bajo costo

¿Cuál es el mayor problema medioambiental del mundo? Muchas personas bienintencionadas apuntan a un calentamiento global, pero eso es totalmente...


HU: Hogyan költsünk el okosan 75 milliárd dollárt?

Bjørn Lomborg: Hogyan költsünk el okosan 75 milliárd dollárt?

2014-01-13, BJORN LOMBORG

Napi Gazdaság, Hungary

Hol használ legtöbbet a pénz, amit segélyre költünk? – teszi fel a kérdést Bjørn Lomborg, a Copenhagen Consensus Center igazgatója, a Copenhagen Business School professzora.

“A Copenhagen Consensus 50 világhírű közgazdásztól kérdezte meg, hol tehetnénk a lehető leghatékonyabban a legtöbb jót. A szakemberek közel 40 beruházási javaslatot vizsgáltak...


A Report Card for Humanity: 1900-2050


Will we be living better in 2050 than our predecessors did in 1900? The discussion over the state of the world, and whether things are getting better or worse, is not new. Scientists and philosophers have debated the topic for centuries. From Malthus to The...


Forbruget af biobrændstof er vanvid


2014-01-03, BJORN LOMBORG 

Børsen, Denmark. 

Den grønne drøm blev et mareridt, som miljøforkæmpere fortryder 



PT: O poder para desenvolver

O poder para desenvolver

2014-01-01, BJORN LOMBORG 

Jornal de Negocios, Portugal.

A pobreza está, neste momento, a matar milhões de pessoas com um maior impacto no PIB. E demasiadas pessoas, apesar de bem-intencionadas, não estão dispostas a reconhecer as prioridades para melhorar a vida das pessoas mais pobres.

As concessões são parte integrante das nossas vidas. Todos reconhecemos esta realidade dos nossos orçamentos privados. Para reparar o tecto,...


JP: 日本は世界の気候政策をより賢い方向へと先導している


2013年11月23日まで続いた第19回国連気候変動枠組み条約締約国会議と同様、過去20年にわたる国際的な気候変動の交渉は、基本的に何一つ成果を あげてきませんでした。しかしそこで日本は勇敢にも、非現実的な目標を捨てて、グリーン技術の研究開発に専念すると発表しましたが、これはもっと賢い気候 政策に向けたブレークスルーの始まりになるかもしれません。

Read the full article...


The great biofuels scandal

2013-12-17, The Telegraph

Last week, the EU missed an opportunity to end the most wasteful green programme of our time – one which costs billions of pounds annually and causes at least 30 million people to go hungry every year. By failing to agree a cap on the use of biofuels, the...


Lomborg gives keynote speech to UN


Before the UN sets the...


The Power to Develop


Trade-offs are an inherent part of life. We all recognize this from our private budgets. To fix the roof, we may have to accept a less extravagant summer vacation. When we pick a cheaper wine, we can splurge on dessert. 

Trade-offs also pervade environmental policy:...


The Poor Need Cheap Fossil Fuels


THERE’S a lot of hand-wringing about our warming planet, but billions of people face a more immediate problem: They are desperately poor, and many cook and heat their homes using open fires or leaky stoves that burn dirty fuels like wood, dung, crop waste and coal. About 3.5...


PA: Tifón Haiyan y cambio climático: el enfoque equivocado

Tifón Haiyan y cambio climático: el enfoque equivocado. Cuando un huracán golpea la rica Florida, hace un daño significativo, pero mata a pocas personas. Cuando golpea países pobres destruye la economía y mata a decenas de miles.

2013-11-30  BJORN LOMBORG 

La Prensa, Panama. 

El reciente tifón Haiyan fue terrible. Azotó a las Filipinas, matando a miles de personas, debido a la pobreza: viviendas precarias que fueron arrasadas, refugios inadecuados y...


Japan viser vei


De siste tyve års internasjonale klimaforhandlinger har stort sett ikke oppnådd noe. Japans modige annonsering om at de skroter deres urealistiske mål og fokuserer på forskning og utvikling av grønn teknologi, kan faktisk være begynnelsen på et gjennombrudd for smartere klimapolitikk...


UY: El crecimiento verde

El crecimiento verde 

2013-11-22. BJORN LOMBORG

El Pais, Uruguay.

Por primera vez, la reunión de líderes convocada por el ex presidente de los Estados Unidos, Bill Clinton, se realizó en América Latina. La Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), que se desarrolló en Río de Janeiro a inicios de diciembre, reunió a líderes de los sectores públicos y privados, así como integrantes de la sociedad civil, para abordar los temas que enfrenta la región. (...) 



Japan leads the way on a smarter climate policy


At last, a Plan B to stop global warming



The last twenty years of international climate negotiations have achieved almost nothing and have done so at enormous economic cost. Japan’s courageous announcement that it is scrapping its unrealistic targets and focusing instead on development of green technologies...


The Climate-Policy Trap


Today’s policies to combat climate change cost much more than the benefits they produce. Unfortunately, bad political choices often make these policies even less cost-effective.  Consider the European Union’s 20-20 policy, which targets a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions below...


Green Energy Is the Real Subsidy Hog


Subsidizing first-generation, inefficient green energy might make well-off people feel good about themselves, but it won't transform the energy market. Yet when inefficient green subsidies are criticized, their defenders can be relied on to point out that the world...


Let us talk about our future


What kind of Australia do you want in 2040? What kind of jobs will be available to the next generation? And how do you want your society to look in three decades?  It is a conversation conducted far too rarely, overshadowed by day-to-day policy battles and the...


How is the World Doing? A Global Scorecard, 1900-2050


One of the longest-running big picture debates is between optimists and pessimists  arguing the state of the world. Pessimists  have constantly painted a dystopian future from Malthus and Jevons to the 1972 book Limits to Growth. Optimists have cheerfully...


A Better World Is Here



What an increasingly wonderful world


Ignore the doomsters: on nearly every measure our planet is getting fairer, healthier and safer.

Read the article online: http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/opinion/columnists/article3898589.ece


DK: Myten om det ekstreme vejr


En af de mest vedholdende påstande i klimadebatten er, at den globale opvarmning fører til mere ekstreme vejrforhold. Vi hører det ustandseligt fra grønne grupper, og selv respektable medier som Scientific American er bukket under for presset til generelt at erklære, at »ekstreme...


Is the world getting better or worse?


FOR the past half century, a fundamental debate has raged between optimists and pessimists over the state of the world. Pessimists build their case on overpopulation, starvation and depletion of resources. Optimists stand for the infallibility of the market economy.



DK: Vedvarende energi gør verden fattigere

Vedvarende energi gør verden fattigere

2013-10-09, BJORN LOMBORG



Portrait: The Resilient Environmentalist


Australian science magazine COSMOS features a 5-page portrait of Bjorn Lomborg in its October/November edition.

Read more online or in the pdf below.


DE: Extrem viel Geld für wenig Effekt


Der neue Bericht des UN-Weltklimarates IPCC war nicht von Panik und Katastrophen geprägt, die leider vielfach die Klimadebatte dominieren und damit zu einer extrem kostspieligen, aber ineffektiven Politik führen. Das IPCC hat klargestellt, dass die globale Erwärmung real ist und...


Lomborg comments on IPCC report for TV and radio stations worldwide


Broadcasters around the world booked Bjorn Lomborg as a commentator on the new report the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released on September 27. Moreover, his press...


Climate Activists Need to Dial Back on the Panic


On Friday, the U.N. climate panel, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), produced its first overview in six years. It wasn’t about panic and catastrophe, which unfortunately has dominated our climate debate, leading to expensive but ineffective policies.

Read the...


BE: Niet twijfelen aan klimaatwetenschap, wel aan zeer duur nutteloos beleid


Waarom hebben paniek en catastrofe het klimaatdebat zo gedomineerd? En waarom zijn de oplossingen zo duur en zo ineffectief? Het wordt echt tijd dat we praten over wat er wél kan werken.

Lees meer ...


SE: Världen mår allt bättre


Swedish/Finnish Katternö journal features a 6-page cover story on Bjorn Lomborg.


DE: Es wird wärmer – ein bisschen. Na und?


Am 26. September wird der UN-Weltklimarat IPCC die Zusammenfassung seines jüngsten Sachstandsberichts – des fünften in 23 Jahren – präsentieren. Aufgrund zahlreicher undichter Stellen ist der Inhalt des...


Climate change is real, but we have time


With the first overview in six years from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), it is time to raise two big questions. Why have panic and catastrophe dominated the debate? And why have the solutions presented thus far been so expensive and ineffective? We...


It’s gone too far


The precautionary principle used to work. It was set out at the 1992 Rio Earth Summit, and stated that complete scientific evidence was not necessarily required in support of action on the most serious environmental threats. Unfortunately, since then, this well-...


Don’t blame climate change for extreme weather


One of the most persistent claims in the climate debate is that global warming leads to more extreme weather. Green groups and even such respectable outlets as Scientific American declare that “extreme weather is a product of climate change.” 

And the meme seems irresistible...


Global Warming Without Fear


MALMÖ – On September 26, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change will present the summary of its most recent assessment report, the fifth in 23 years. Although the IPCC is not perfect – it famously predicted that all Himalayan glaciers would be gone in...