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17 Sep2014

The Economics of Violence

Published by Project Syndicate

What is the biggest source of violence in our world? With the brutal conflicts in Syria, Ukraine, and elsewhere constantly in the news, many people would probably say war. But that turns out to be spectacularly wrong.

17 Sep2014

How to Make the World’s Poor $500 Billion Richer

Published by TIME

There is a way to make the poor of this world $500 billion better off, but this solution is rarely discussed. This matters, because the international community is gearing up to produce the next set of development goals for 2015-2030, to continue the work of the Millennium Development Goals. $2.5 trillion in development aid plus unknown trillions from national budgets hang in the balance of these goals, so getting our priorities right is vital. Spending money on poorly chosen targets is a wasted opportunity to do much more good elsewhere.

19 Aug2014

The Trouble with Universal Education

Published by Project Syndicate

The UN has promised to achieve universal education since 1950, and currently contemplates this target for its 2015-30 development goals again. But with 60 million children still out of school, the international community should not simply postpone the same universal-education target until 2030. Instead, it is time to abandon this unrealistic goal in favor of an achievable, targeted, and cost-effective approach. New research for the Post-2015 Consensus shows that the best education target for the UN Sustainable Development Goals would be halving the proportion of kids not attending preschool...

14 Aug2014

Lomborg interview in Lifestyles magazine

Published by Lifestyles Magazine

The Green Monster - Bjorn Lomborg on the biggest environmental problem in the world. (Hint: It's not climate change.) Written by Kimberly Greene From LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE - SUMMER 2014 Download the entire article at the link below:...

12 Aug2014

Lomborg: Fracking räcker till framtiden

Published by Svenska Dagbladet

Bjorn Lomborg, 8 juni 2014 "Ryssland och Kina kom nyligen överens om ett 30-årigt avtal värt 400 miljarder dollar enligt vilket Gazprom ska leverera 38 miljarder kubikmeter naturgas årligen till Kina. Detta förvärrar EU:s energikris, men unionen förefaller blunda för den uppenbara lösningen – fracking – och blickar i stället nervöst på de marginella tillskott som förnybara energikällor utgör..."...

12 Aug2014

Lomborg: Nur Fracking hilft Europa gegen Putins Gasmonopol

Published by Die Welt

Nur Fracking hilft Europa gegen Putins Gasmonopol Erneuerbare Energien sind zu teuer, um unsere Energieversorgung zu gewährleisten. Schiefergas ist der einzige Weg aus der Abhängigkeit von Russland – und ist zudem noch gut für die CO2-Bilanz. Von Björn Lomborg, 09 Juni 2014...

12 Aug2014

Lomborg on smarter goals for the UN in media around the world

Subsequent to Bjorn Lomborg's article on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and New York Times ' reporting last month, media around the world have interviewed Lomborg on the Copenhagen Consensus Center's Post-2015 Consensus project. The newspapers of record in France and Norway, Le Monde and Aftenposten (on two full pages) both reported on Lomborg's efforts to prioritize global aid spending in the most cost-effective way. An interview with the world's fourth-largest news agency EFE is available both in Spanish (e.g. La Informacion ) and Catalan ( La Vanguardia ). Lomborg...

7 Aug2014

Lomborg dans Le Monde, « crée le buzz à New York » 

Published by Le Monde

L'ONU invitée à limiter ses Objectifs de développement durable pour 2030 LE MONDE | 02.07.2014 par Alexandra Geneste « L'ONU peaufine sa dernière folie des grandeurs. Alors que les Objectifs du millénaire pour le développement (OMD) arrivent à échéance en 2015, les négociations destinées à définir l'agenda « post-2015 » battent leur plein. Pas moins de 12 réunions ont déjà eu lieu depuis un an. La prochaine, prévue du 14 au 18 juillet, s'annonce cruciale... ...Le fait que l’initiative provienne de son fondateur, le statisticien Bjorn Lomborg , réputé...

5 Aug2014

Kulsort støtte

Published by Berlingske

Jeg har tidligere skrevet blogs om hvordan den voldsomme statslige støtte til vedvarende energi er ved at tage overhånd. Et godt eksempel er Spanien, der nu betaler mere i tilskud til vind-og solenergi, end landet bruger på videregående uddannelser...

4 Aug2014

Fight poverty, reduce pollution

Published by China Daily

China's impressive economic development has led to terrible outdoor air pollution. At the same time however, indoor air pollution has declined substantially, and fewer people now die from air pollution in China because of less poverty and access to modern energy. Lomborg writes in China's biggest English-language publication China Daily (500k+ copies) that with increased wealth, China can afford to protect more nature and reduce pollution...