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19 Jun2015

Pope Francis so right and so wrong in encyclical on climate change

Published by Herald Sun

The Pope derides those who have “blind faith” in technological advances as a solution to climate change. Instead, his encyclical declares that the world must stop consuming so much. That, he says, will help the poor people who stand to be affected most by global warming. That is troubling, because technical innovation is exactly what we need more of. Humanity’s answer to huge levels of famine wasn’t to insist we should eat less. The Green Revolution, one of the great achievements of the past century, saw scientific and technological advances dramatically increase the productivity of food —...

19 Jun2015

Wasting Food in a Hungry World

Published by Project Syndicate

One-quarter of all the food in the world is lost each year, owing to inefficient harvesting, inadequate storage, and wastage in the kitchen. Halve that waste, and the world could feed an extra billion people – and make hunger yesterday’s problem. The extent of food loss is particularly galling in view of a new global study on food security from the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization. According to the FAO, 57 developing countries have failed to achieve the Millennium Development Goal of halving the proportion of hungry people by this year. One in every nine people on the planet...

17 Jun2015

Opinion Journal: Bang for the Development Buck

Published by Wall Street Journal

Copenhagen Consensus Center Director Bjorn Lomborg explains how the United Nations can set rational goals for its next antipoverty agenda.

17 Jun2015

What Pope Francis should do to really help the poor

Published by USA Today

Pope Francis's concern for the poor is clear, so it is understandable that climate change is the topic of his forthcoming Encyclical — a Papal letter that is sent out to the world. Climate change will hit the most destitute people first and worst. But the Pope after his letter is officially published, he should tread carefully. The climate policies of today will do little for the poor.

3 Jun2015

Fed up with UK aid being frittered away? Here are 19 things it should really be spent on...

Published by The Telegraph

David Cameron will meet fellow world leaders at the G7 conference in Germany. There he has an opportunity to quadruple the reach of British and global aid without spending an extra penny. To do so, he must convince the G7 – representing the biggest global donors – to get serious about focusing on the smartest ways to spend aid money. In short, he needs to persuade them that the United Nations’ unwieldy list of 169 proposed “Sustainable Development Goals” needs to be slashed to just 19 effective development investments, covering three broad areas: people, planet and prosperity.

26 May2015

Ontwikkelingshulp kan veel effectiever worden als VN scherper kiezen voor doelstellingen

Published by Het Financieele Dagblad

In september zullen de regeringen van 193 landen in New York afspraken maken over ambitieuze, mondiale doelstellingen voor 2030. Deze doelstellingen bepalen waar de VN gedurende de komende 15 jaar $ 2500 mrd voor ontwikkelingshulp aan zal uitgeven.

25 May2015

Chytré rozvojové cíle

Published by Hospodarske Noviny

Během následujících 15 let vynaloží mezinárodní společenství 2,5 bilionu dolarů na rozvoj, přičemž bezpočtem dalších bilionů přispějí národní rozpočty.V září se představitelé 193 vlád světa sejdou v sídle Organizace spojených národů v New Yorku, aby se dohodli na souboru globálních cílů, na něž se tyto prostředky použijí. Jedná se o obrovskou částku, a proto je životně důležité, abychom dospěli k nejchytřejším možným rozhodnutím.

22 May2015

¿Cómo mejorar el mundo en 19 pasos?: Los consejos del Consenso de Copenhague

Published by Excelsior

CIUDAD DE MÉXICO, 22 de mayo.- Imagine entrar a un restaurante muy lujoso y encontrarse con un menú espectacular, lleno de platillos únicos y una gran selección de vinos importados. Pero inmediatamente usted se da cuenta de que en ese menú no vienen los precios ni los tamaños de las porciones. A menos de que tenga un presupuesto ilimitado seguramente va a sentirse incómodo ordenando ¿cierto? ¿Pediría un Filet Mignon? ¿Pediría una entrada? ¿Le alcanzaría el dinero para un postre? ¡Vaya predicamento!

22 May2015

19 objectifs de développement pour un monde meilleur d'ici 2030

Published by L'Express

Au mois de septembre, 193 gouvernements se réuniront à New York au siège de l'ONU afin de conclure un accord sur un panel d'objectifs ambitieux pour 2030. Durant les 15 prochaines années, ces objectifs orienteront la répartition des 2500 milliards de dollars alloués à l'aide au développement, sans oublier les innombrables milliers de milliards de dollars alloués aux budgets nationaux.

22 May2015

Smart Development Targets

Published by Project Syndicate

ABUJA, NIGERIA – Over the next 15 years, the international community will spend $2.5 trillion on development, with national budgets contributing countless trillions more. In September, the world’s 193 governments will meet at the United Nations in New York to agree on a set of global targets that will direct these resources. With so much at stake, it is vital that we make the smartest choices.